Sprouling unravels

Try to imagine election night festivities at Nathan Sproul’s

Uh, oh. Looks like this one is tanking, too. Dang! I thought after the Kevin Gibbons fiasco, we’d have a change of luck. With a name like Tim Bee I’d expected we’d bring in some honey. He’s going down. Wow! Dang!
And would you believe that marriage amendment is passing! Gawl-lee. It was in the toilet when I ran it last time around.

Proposition 102, protecting traditional marriage, easily passed on Tuesday with a resounding 56.5 – 43.5 vote. In 2006 with Sproul running the campaign, Arizonans rejected the measure 51.4 percent to 48.6 percent, making this only state in the nation where an initiative to ban same-sex “marriage” failed during that cycle.

But I just know we’ll strike pay dirt with Proposition 202. That one has the made-to-order name that will surely fool those nitwits coming out to vote. When they see a measure titled, Stop Illegal Hiring, they’ll think that’s what it actually means. Heh, heh. We’ve got that one in the bag!

The deceptively named Stop Illegal Hiring was soundly defeated 59.1 – 40.9  in a stunning election upset this week, indicating a major victory for enforcement. Once again, the voters were not Sprouled.

Dang! And we seriously outspent the opposition.


Many thanks to our eagle-eyed reader “Observer.”  The Secretary of State’s committee lookup for Proposition 105 provided some interesting information. Listed as the chairman of Majority Rules – Let the People Decide In Favor of Prop 105 is none other than Jason LeVecke, owner of Carl’s Jr. and Pizza Patron. LeVecke, along with Marion “Big Mac” Magruder and other open borders proponents, pumps big bucks into any issue that will maintain the flow of the easily exploitable illegal labor preferred for their workforce. The measure tanked at the polls.

And wouldn’t you know, the address listed for the committee: 80 East Rio Salado Parkway Ste 814, Tempe AZ 85281 is none other than Lincoln Strategy Group — previously known as Sproul and Associates.  That’s the ubiquitous Nathan Sproul.

The game is called “connect the dots.”

4 Responses to Sprouling unravels

  1. Observer says:

    Don’t forget 105!! Nathan Sproul also ran the 105 proposition, which went down hard.

  2. BOB HARAN says:

    I know a campaign Nathan Sprawl can easily win. If he manages a campaign to get himself elected village idiot, I know he can certainly win. Nathan Sprawl couldn’t organize a two car funeral. If Nathan were a good Republican, he would help us out by working for the Democrats, he’s just another political mercenary who will do anything for money. Bye, Bye, Nathan, you won’t be missed.

    LD 6

  3. Mike says:

    Sproul is all over — not unlike dog doo. He is every bit as rank.

  4. Calypso says:

    Isn’t that guy better known as Anything -For-A-Buck-Sproul? We all want to have success in our chosen fields, but Sproul has no principles, Huge difference.