Putting Phil Gordon in perspective

(We were using a snappy photo of Mayor Phil Gordon here, taken by AZ Republic photographer Jill Richards.  Although we credited the photo to Ms. Richards, she has asked us to remove it.  We have complied.) 

He’s no less a problem but at least he doesn’t wear heels

Gender-fluid is a term you might not have heard before. But that’s actually the term used to describe the newly elected transgender mayor of Silverton, Oregon, a suburb on the outskirts of Portland.

Stu Rasmussen, 60, served two consecutive terms as Silverton’s mayor, in 1988 and 1990, when he still dressed exclusively as a male.

Seattle News station KOMO has the story.

Phoenix’s own Sanctuary City Mayor, Phil Gordon, previously described as disheveled, has recently been depicted as metrosexual — whatever that is.  In fact, his fawning press corps down the street at the Arizona Republic even ran an obsequious promo piece on the newly emerged Glam Man Phil, titled Flashy Gordon. Reporter Jaimee Rose breathlessly touted his new look — down to naming his stylist, the brand of hair gel he uses, the Justin Timberlake endorsed jeans he wears, the clothing boutiques he frequents and the custom tailor he employs.

Rose actually wrote this memorable line: “…the town is atwitter over his new sartorial glow.”

Your faithful editors at Seeing Red AZ conferred on this weighty subject over our mid-morning snack of Perrier and pâté and concluded that being “atwitter” is, [quoting president-elect Obama], “above our pay grade.”

We’ve even been known to wear Top-sider deck shoes, Docker khakis and Phoenix Suns baseball caps.

13 Responses to Putting Phil Gordon in perspective

  1. Maggie says:

    Hey, you guys left out the Pravda shoes he wears. Whoops! I meant Prada. With liberal Gordon, maybe Pravda is a better description!

  2. Vince says:

    I know I’m giving away my age, but the mayor looks a lot like Larry Parks playing Al Jolsen in the Jazz Singer.

  3. Robert says:

    This could be funny if weren’t so tragic. I missed the eulogy from sanctuary city phil for Officer Shane Figueroa’s death on Oct. 25 at the hands of one of Gordon’s protected illegal aliens.

  4. Sam says:

    What an excellent point. Gordon in his slick new duds was MIA when it came to this tragedy. Officer Figueroa’s death was needless. Was he just the victim of another “good ” person coming here in violation of our laws to break more laws? Sadly, this one left a young family torn asunder and a baby girl who will never know her father.

  5. KATHRYN K says:


  6. Charlie Conservative says:

    Mayor Phil is as metro-dapper as is Mayor Gavin in San Fran, but he is likewise metro-evil in his policies and metro-disasterous are the consequences.

  7. ron says:

    Who you all going to vote for in ’10?

    Greg Stanton?

    Claude Mattox?

    Tom Simplot?


  8. Republican in LD-6 says:

    How does an article about how Phil Gordon has improved his style conclude with attacks on his dubious approach to illegal aliens? Sometimes, I think we just pile-on for the sake of piling-on.

    The newspaper article was fluff and everyone, even Gordon, knew it. The death of another police officer at the hands of an illegal alien, truly tragic, is not related.

    I wonder, are some of us still out on the playground in grade school where we are critical of the shoes someone wears in order to malign their character because we hate them for something else? I read this posting yesterday and decided it was foolish. I read the comments and decided we all need to stop and think.

    Gordon is wrong on illegal immigration. Gordon is wrong on light rail. But, those things have nothing to do with how he dresses.

  9. ron says:

    R in LD-6 –

    It was a slow news day for somebody :)

    good points.

  10. RA says:

    “A-twitter” is not far removed from “a twit.”

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