Problems piling up for John Huppenthal

Chandler police are recommending that city prosecutors charge state Sen. John Huppenthal (R Dist.20) with two misdemeanor counts of theft and cutting down a campaign sign critical of him.

Democrats are calling his actions in pulling out a sign critical of him and his ensuing confrontation with a 78-year-old Democrat activist on Election Day, “incredibly disturbing.”

The woman, Ruth Levin, claims he forcefully yanked the sign out of her hands, a charge he denies. Huppenthal says he had permission to remove the sign, which he contends contained lies about him.

Sen. Huppenthal has won reelection for the past 16 years, and beat his Democratic challenger Ted Maish 56.2% to 43.8% on November 4th.

The East Valley Tribune carries the entire story.

7 Responses to Problems piling up for John Huppenthal

  1. ron says:

    Yup, those 78 year olds can be pretty threatening… :)

  2. Eager One says:

    These charges are the height of partisan foolishness. The Democrats will do anything to keep this ridiculous ball rolling.

  3. Evan says:

    If the allegations are true, let Huppenthal pay the penalty. It already sounds like he admits to rudeness. If what I read is true, the apartment manager told Huppenthal “I don’t care what you do.” Of course, the D’s are going to make as much of it as possible. So would the R’s. Let’s hope we can soon stop using Republican, Huppenthal, knife and seventy-eight year-old woman in the same sentence.

    Contrary to what the birdcage liner is pushing, I want the legislature to take up and pass a pay-day loan bill. It’s legal, competitive free enterprise. We don’t need to be voting on a relatively benign choice our neighbors have. You can buy a toaster for $15 or, you can buy a $100 loan for $15. The only thing worse than being willing to borrower at usurious rates would have to be your neighbors telling you what you are allowed to do.

    But, neither should we be too quick to undo the will of the voters. For this reason alone, the legislature should not change it.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    You’ve obviously never met my mother-in-law!

  5. Rep Party Watcher says:

    Maybe the time has come to do what Scottsdale does and do away with the sign clutter altogether. It will hurt the corplast industry for one election cycle, but think of the savings.
    Candidates could actually use the thousands of dollars to do more mail and calls. They may actually walk. The “independent” expenditure folks would have to find a real way to proport their lies.
    The sign hucksters would have to get a real job.
    As for Huppenthal, there are rules to the game. First, the DeSimone rule. Don’t beat your spouse (followed by the Sheriff Joe rule that he’ll arrest you if you beat your dog or leave it in a patrol car). Now the third rule. Never, never gang up on little old ladies, regardless of their brand of tennis shoes.
    Sure, the signs hurt and they are nasty – which gives rise to ban all of them all over. Plus, the darn things don’t recycle.

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  7. Time says:

    His opponents can’t stop deceiving. Huppenthal had explicit permission even if the dems have succeeded in scaring the apartment manager into reneging. Huppenthal had possession of the sign when the lady got a hand on it. He kept going. Never touched her. The elderly lady committed assault twice, first in grabbing at the sign, second in opening his car door. She committed petty theft in stealing stuff out of his car.