Steve Tully tries McCain approach in quest for LD 11 top post

Risky strategy since McCain didn’t even carry his home precinct during presidential bid

This missive has been hitting mailboxes:

Dear Fellow Precinct Committeeman:


I am running for the Chairmanship of District 11 and I want your vote.

The Republican Party and its message of smaller government, low taxation, personal responsibility, a strong national defense, and respect for human life are not attracting voters in sufficient numbers to allow us to enact policies consistent with our principles. We are getting out registered nationally and locally at astounding rates. We are being out fund-raised and out spent by a factor of four to one. Even more worrisome is that registered Republicans are voting for Democrats in large numbers. Both Harry Mitchell and Gabrielle Giffords are holding Republican majority seats. In District 11, a Democrat, Eric Meyer, received the most votes for the House of Representatives on his first run for the office.

Nationally a large part of the reason for our failure is that too many Republicans have stopped standing firm for fiscal responsibility, low taxation, and reduced regulation. As a result the perceived difference between the parties has diminished. But that is not the only reason for our recent retreat.

Another reason that voters are abandoning us is that in recent years Republicans have spent too much time and effort concentrating on the few matters that divide us, and insufficient time concentrating on the multitude of issues that separate us from the Democrats. This country just elected a President that believes it is the government’s job to “spread the wealth around”. It’s astonishing. We must fight back.

In order to fight back we must once again attract people to the party. And in doing that we will attract more flies with honey than vinegar. In District 11, we start that process by making ALL Republicans welcome. All Republicans need to be allowed and encouraged to participate and help the cause. We need to remember Ronald Reagan’s famous 11th commandment and stop spending our precious time denigrating our own party members and representatives.

I promise you that if elected District Chairman I will keep the meetings short, informative, and positive. I firmly believe that if we spend more time smiling before Election Day, we will find we spend a lot more time smiling after Election Day.

I have appreciated the support you have given me in the past when I had the honor of representing District 11. I would appreciate your vote now for Chairman of Republican Legislative District 11. If you have any questions please call me.


Steve Tully

NOTE: Although the former McCain staffer included his home address along with work and cell phone numbers, we have omitted them in the interest of privacy. The Seeing Red AZ audience is considerably larger than his intended recipients of District 11 precinct committeemen

13 Responses to Steve Tully tries McCain approach in quest for LD 11 top post

  1. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    This letter doesn’t engender a sense of purpose and adherence to the GOP platform. It sounds more like a message of capitulation to the left. We lost. Our message didn’t resonate. Let’s sound more like the other side. No thanks, Mr. Tully.

  2. Calypso says:

    It’s all too clear that the “moderates” will try any ploy to unseat the current district officers. Steve Tully is a shill for that pack. Look what they tried to carry off during the primary election. They went all out to oust long-standing and active Republicans from their precinct committeemen positions and replace them with people who had no idea of what the job entailed but would follow directions given them by the RINOs — who desperately want to seize control and make the Republican party resemble the Democrats.

  3. Fooled Twice says:

    Glad I don’t live in a district with this type of lukewarm campaign going on. I’m a committed conservative and that’s the type of party leadership I support.

  4. Sideliner says:

    How often does Steve Tully attend these meetings he now wants to lead?

  5. Lori says:

    ALL Republicans are welcome to the District 11 meetings. Nice try Mr. Tully–you’re not fooling us. The conservative platform Republicans ARE the welcoming bunch. Come to the LD-11 meeting sometime and you will know a lot more about which you speak. If you’re looking for a group that talks a lot more like Democrats–they have a District Meeting you may be more at home with.

    When elected officials govern by the Republican platform principles they win reelection. Isn’t that a coincidence?

  6. nightcrawler says:


    What district are you referring to ? Seems like your post is missing a piece.

  7. Rich Jenkins says:

    LD-6 is looking to replace a moderate Chairman and Secretary with dependable platform Republicans. The vote is next Monday, 11/24. This is LD-6 Republican Committee Chairman Braswell who makes campaign contributions to Dem Kyrsten Sinema and Dem Jackie Thrasher. The LD-6 Chairman who tried to shut down a candidates forum earlier this year. The Chairman who was described in previous Seeing Red AZ articles here

    and here

    Our embarrassment over every LD6 communication originating from the nudist colony guy, Kraus, is soon to come to an end.

  8. azmesan says:

    Mr. Tulley

    You are correct the people are upset with the party, but not for the reasons you point out. It is because our state delegation has blurred the line between what a Republican is and what a Democrate is.

  9. Keen Observer says:

    Small correction Steve. Well, maybe to Adam Driggs it is not so small. I have been reading for a week that Driggs actually was ahead by a couple hundred votes.

  10. BOB HARAN says:

    I’m somewhat suspicious of Mr. Tully’s run for Chairman of District 11. First, because of his former connection with McCain and, second, because of the all out effort by some kool-aid drinking, establishment subservient, Republicans, determination to oust the current chairman, Rob Haney.

    Rob Haney’s position on the issues is right on target, especially the sanctity of human life, illegal immigration and McCain. I believe he also understands that control of a political party should come from the grassroots up and not from the top down. I think Tully represents those who believe in top down control. I may not have always agreed with Mr. Haney’s tactics however, purging the party of moderates is not the way to hold the majority, thou I agree that true social and fiscal conservatives should lead the party.

    What I can’t see, is a good reason to replace Haney as Chairman of District 11, the fact is, he has been a good district chair and conservative leader. Most of the opposition to Haney is based on his opposition to McCain. Many people in the GOP have had problems with McCain, including myself. What McCain supporters have not taken into consider is that Haney and those of us who found it difficult to support McCain, showed party loyalty, and become silent once he become the presumptive Republican nominee. Many a McCain supporter however, never ceased to attack us during the presidential campaign.

    Rob Haney has become a strong voice for grassroots Republicans and therefore, thou I like Steve Tully, I would support the re-election of Rob Haney for Chairman of District 11, the party needs him.

    LD 6

  11. Frankly Speaking says:

    I am more than “somewhat” suspicious of Tully’s motives. He was a carefully selected recruit. As a former legislator, do you think he might be able to pull off what a former governor (Symington) could not: Beating the political whirlwind Rob Haney?

    There is nothing like this Haney. I wish my district had him. We need to clone him and send him out to every GOP district nationwide.. Haney is a strong conservative who works the district and knows his PCs. I’d put my money on him any day of the week. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has. He has made an auto-dialer call endorsing Chairman Haney and his team. When I heard it, I was delighted!!

  12. Don Hesselbrock says:

    I have always personally liked Steve Tully, which is why I regret his decision to be the latest moderate entry to attempt to knock off a true conservative leader like Rob Haney. We have seen these people before, when they supported Janet against Len Munsil. Then they supported Mark Anthony DeSimone ( a real family man) against me two years ago, with their phony smoking proposition, which fed $8.7MM into Mark’s campaign effort. It’s hard to believe they care about the Republican Party, when they have a history of supporting Democrats against good conservarive Republicans. Now they want to use Steve Tully, since they can’t run a Democrat this time, to defeat a strong leader like Rob Haney. I don’t thik so. I’m with Rob!

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