Taking on Robert Robb: Slade Mead perfects slight of hand

Misdirection, steal, simulate, ditch, switch

Slade Mead, a party-switch hitter, who served a single term in the Arizona senate as a Republican, before transmogrifying into his persona as a very left-leaning Democrat, has written an odd My Turn article in the Arizona Republic. He uses the space to take a scythe to Robert Robb, one of the rare conservative voices in the daily newspaper. What he uses is the old slight of hand trick, to achieve his complex deception.

Alright.  Robb actually takes a Libertarian stance on most issues, but that is still a world apart from the skewed Mead posture.

The issue is state budget cuts, which Robb contends in his recent column (Cities, counties outdo state at cost-cutting, Nov. 14,) are not as deep as they could be. Mead goes through a series of contortions in order to provide cover for his old splurging buddy, Janet Napolitano.

Mead could start by addressing this needless expenditure, undertaken during her self-imposed hiring freeze.

It’s good to be Queen.

5 Responses to Taking on Robert Robb: Slade Mead perfects slight of hand

  1. Kim says:

    Slade Mead? I thought he was the hero of a romance novel.
    …and Slade came galloping up on his white steed to grab the distressed damsel and carry her off to live in a Democrat tower, while crafty elves held her captive by binding her with golden chains which they woven on enchanted looms.

  2. Orion says:

    If only, Kim. Slade Mead is a devious plotter of political machination. He was a democrat when he ran as a republican in his old district. Fortunately, the people were not fooled and John Huppenthal beat him in his next election. That is why Mead is constantly going after Huppenthal. He makes sure his old wounds stay fresh by continually pouring salt on them himself.

  3. Stanford says:

    Mead has difficulty dealing with a mind that thinks logically — hence the animosity towards Robert Robb.

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Great explanation of the subtitle in the “sleight of hand” link!! Really enjoyed it. Good work, guys.

  5. Ron says:

    Nobody takes Slade Mead seriously. At least no one who knows him!