Dist. 11 Chairman Rob Haney responds to challenger Steve Tully

Refutes unfounded criticism

In his letter soliciting support to unseat me as District 11 chairman, Steve Tully states that the Republican message is not attracting voters. I would counter that the message is not the problem – the messenger is. National Republican leadership carried an incoherent, muddled message into the election to appeal to moderates, Independents and Democrats, and we lost big time.  Statewide, our Arizona candidates who carried a succinct, traditional Republican message won overwhelmingly.

I agree with you, Steve, that the perceived differences between the parties have diminished. But this is because some national Republican leaders have taken a radical turn to the left. Under Sen. McCain’s leadership we have had:

  • Campaign Finance Reform: loss of our 1st amendment freedom of speech rights
  • Attempt to close gun shows: loss of our 2nd amendment right to bear arms
  • Opposition to Federal Amendment to protect marriage
  • Amnesty for illegals, including Social Security and welfare benefits
  • Close Gitmo, allowing terrorists to use U.S. courts
  • Voting against tax cuts
  • Support of federal billions to kill human embryos for experimental research
  • Insured continued Democrat filibuster of Supreme Court Justices (Gang of 14)
  • Campaigned with Napolitano in opposition to AZ Voting Rights act (Prop. 200)
  • Opposed drilling for oil in the U.S., resulting in inflation, loss of jobs and blackmail from OPEC
  • Support for Al Gore’s Global Warming (now Climate Change because GW is proving to be false)
  • Advocacy of huge new government agency for Cap & Trade Climate Change Administration
  • Refusal to defend our southern border from invasion
  • Failure to mention, much less stop, incursions into U.S. by Mexican military

(Funding for first two indented items was provided by far-left billionaire George Soros)

These are but a FEW of the MAJOR items that have polarized the Republican party because our national leadership has pushed for their adoption. You pass these off as few and minor.

We can be sure the Democrats will not speak against these positions because these are their positions. Since you advocate for silence on this betrayal, Steve, who is left to oppose these policies? I do not accept your acquiescence on issues of such vital importance. We must speak against the abandonment of Republican principles. Democrat politicians will not change as a result of our criticism. We can only hope to change Republican politicians by reminding them to return to representing their constituency, not to form alliances with Democrats in a bipartisan march to the left.

Steve, you appear very concerned about Republicans regaining lost offices. I am more concerned that when they do regain office it will not be to continue Democrat policy. Republicans voting as Democrats with Napolitano took Arizona from a surplus to a debt of at least $1.2 billion.

In your letter you wrote about welcoming ALL Republicans. Does this include the 1,000 on the site “Republicans for Janet” including 9 PCs from District 11? At least three of these PCs were McCain staffers: Wes Gullet, Bettina Nava, and Max Fose. If these are the Republicans you lament losing, I say good riddance. Better that, than destroy our party from within. I do not believe these PCs should be made to feel welcome at Republican meetings, but rather should be asked to resign from their PC office.  Steve, you will recall that is exactly what I did and in response they applauded and cheered for themselves.

I will continue to defend principled Republican politicians, as I have done in the Maricopa County Leadership meetings, advocating resolutions in defense of Republican leadership attacks on Representatives Russell Pearce, Sam Crump and Representative-elect Carl Seel.

You can count on the fact that I will continue to work to uphold the Republican principles manifested in our party platform.


Rob Haney

26 Responses to Dist. 11 Chairman Rob Haney responds to challenger Steve Tully

  1. Kathy says:

    Mr. Haney – you nailed it!

  2. DeAnn says:

    Way to go Rob! I am sick of the “Republicans for Janet” people. I wish they would be honest and change their party.

  3. Dave K. says:

    I heartily concur. I cannot tell you how sick I am of hearing about “bipartisanship”. That’s just another variation of “not a dime’s worth of difference …”. If people truly wanted bipartisanship, why bother joining a political party at all?

    After working polls and walking precints for the GOP in the election past, I am throughly sick of having to guarantee GOP voters that the Republican candidate I was asking them to cast a vote for was truly a Republican, and not just another Dem in GOP clothing, as so many of them were worried about.

    This is not caused by the GOP being too far right, as many in the so-called “mainstream” have droned on about for far too long. It’s caused by people caling themselves Republicans that have no business doing so.

    Yes, it’s true, the Great Communicator said that we should not speak ill of fellow Republicans. I don’t recall him saying any such thing about impostors.

  4. John Q. Public says:

    Great letter, Chairman Haney. You tell it like it is. We need more like you, sir. Thank you for your service on behalf of the Republicans in the state, the county and your own district. I wish I lved there.

  5. 'ya-betcha! says:

    You are sooooo correct, Rob Haney!!

  6. Jeff Richards says:

    As soon as I send this link to 1000 of my closest friends I’ll come back and comment.

    Amen Chairman Haney!

  7. Tony says:

    It seems obvious to me that “Republicans” such as Tully, who want to pander to people who reject conservatism, are the ones responsible for the mess the GOP finds itself in at present. It’s time to get back to Republican roots, and Mr. Haney is on the money with this response.

  8. Matt Tolman says:


    I agree 100%

    Former Chairman LD18

  9. BOB HARAN says:

    Wow, and I thought I could make a case against McCain. With a record like that McCain could have got the nomination, of the Democratic party. I’m a big tent Republican, I want my party to win, but there is a limit to how far off the reservation one can go, McCain went there a long time ago.

    Rob’s letter in response to Tully is, of course, very good. There is an important message in his letter that I think is being overlooked however, and it represents a major problem our party is facing. If all we stand for is getting elected, then we stand for nothing and don’t deserve election. When a political party conducts itself more like a corporation, with control coming from the top down instead of from the grassroots up, it eventually only stands for winning elections and nothing else and is no longer a political party but a business entity doing the bidding of it’s corporate sponsors.

    I think that Rob Haney is representing the Republican party and Steve Tully is representing GOP, Inc.

    LD 6

  10. RINO Hunter says:

    What do you call a person that supports the Democratic Party agenda; advocates for Democratic candidates, hides behind self proclaimed “republican” lobbyists / consultants and lives in a Republican district?….

    A) Independent
    B) R.I.N.O.
    C) Democrat
    D) Corruptionist
    E) All the Above

  11. The Word says:

    Democratic woodshed trumps Republicans’ “Big Tent” 2006 and 2008. Game, set, match. Discussion over.

  12. […] Dist. 11 Chairman Rob Haney responds to challenger Steve Tully … You can count on the fact that I will continue to work to uphold the Republican principles manifested in our party platform. Sincerely,. Rob Haney. This entry was posted on November 20, 2008 at 3:50 pm and is filed under Elections, … […]

  13. John Corderman says:

    Chairman Haney has done a superb job as Chairman of District 11, and I agree completely with his response to Mr. Tully’s letter. I would further state that since mid-September, all Americans have witnessed an utter failure of leadership in response to the economic events that are occurring, which were also predicted by Conservative Republicans. I would also remind my fellow Republicans that we are losing elections because we have a part-time Republican President who has advocated for, and seen to, the creation of the largest and most destructive Federal expansion of power seen since the Great Society and the New Deal in the Department of Homeland Security and in programs like No Child Left Behind, which are demonstrable disasters.

    Conservatives are now going to push back and retake our leadership–all of this for the good of our national future and in preservation of the Constitution and all of the Individual Liberties contained therein. We don’t need Melba-Toast Republicans, we need Conservative Republicans who will stand firm and be vicars for conservatism. Let District 11 Republicans maintain and expand on the excellence and advocacy that Chairman Haney and his leadership group bring by re-electing them.

    John Corderman
    Precinct Committeeman
    Orangewood Precinct

  14. Jeffrey G. says:

    Lead, follow or get out of the way!

    We have followed the Democrats and emulated their policies. We have abdicated our leadership in the promotion of conservative principles, for the failed notion that we needed to “get along” in order to get anything done. We have gotten out of the way and let socialism take the stage.

    And now we conservatives are told, by so called “moderates” within our Grand Old Party, that we must further capitulate because the voters have spoken.

    Indeed they have; however Steve and others attribute the wrong cause, and therefore conclude the wrong affect!

    Conservatism works every time it is offered; because at its core – it empowers Americans to do what they do best; solve their own problems set their own direction. It’s called: Liberty. Our Republican problem is we have not been offering conservatism to the electorate!

    This LD11 PC will be voting for Rob as he tries something new: Lead with conservative principles and find candidates that will offer such to the voters!

  15. nightcrawler says:

    With this difficult economy it a great to see the District 11 Kool Aid stand brimming at the seams with customers. These comments are so sickly sweet they make the reader search for the nearest bucket.

    I can’t tell if Haney was writing the letter to McCain or Tully. In the end, results speak louder than words and once again District 11 came up short in electing Republicans despite a voter registration advantage. Husband couldn’t even get elected as a PC. All is not so peachy in the land of the emperor and has many minions.

  16. Ed & Ceil Parker says:

    Rob is absoutely correct! Those “Republican radicals” (and you know who our are, so do we) are the problems the Republican Party ran into during this last election….. unless we get rid of them, there won’t be a Republican Party as we knew it!

    Hang in there Rob…. with you all the way….

    Ed & Ceil

  17. GOPmaven says:

    Hey, Haneyites….Steve Tulley is no RINO. He may not be part of your club, and he may not take delight in issuing scathing, pompous attacks, but that does not make him less conservative. It only makes him like most rank and file Republicans. He has a public record of conservatism. He’s actually had to implement it, not just shout about it.

  18. Sandy Doty says:

    There never has been a Republican District Chairman who worked harder than Rob Haney to exemplify the conservative principles of the Party. But it is impossible to overcome the distaste of many Republicans who feel that the Party has left them without a base because of the actions of moderate advocates like McCain and Tully. When a voter gets mad at their Party, that’s when votes get lost. Only by giving them a clear message and living it can we hope to regain these disenfranchised and disenchanted voters. Votes lost in this election are not Rob Haney’s fault. That is the fault of all the Janet supporters and those who get elected under false colors. Conservative values win every time! Even the Dems recognize that–more of their candidates are running under the conservative flag–and winning because of it.

  19. Tony says:

    Hey, GOPmaven…as to Tully saying “you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,” my six-year-old daughter has a question that makes sense to me: “Who wants more flies?”

    Time to get back to conservative roots, not to suck up to people who want to do away with conservatism, sorry.

  20. Richrd Hanson LD7 says:

    Great letter Rob.The Republicans that were true to our platform won.The Arizona Legislature is a great example,we now have more conservatives for the coming year.Keep up your good work.

  21. Michael L. Clancy says:

    Rob Haney is a work horse for consertive values. He knocked on my door four years ago and awakened my wife and me to the dilution and distruction of our conservative core. I will follow Rob and give every ounce of my energy to support him. I only hope that I can measure up to his example. God bless him for his leadership and dedication.
    Signed, ( proud veteran and conservative business owner & native)

  22. Charlene Hanson-LD7 says:

    Rob, Your letter was correct and to the point. You are one of the best chairman a district could have. Your dedication over the years to the Rep. party has been great. Keep up your good work.

  23. Heidi Petterson says:

    As a District 11 PC I was very disheartened by Steve Tully’s letter. I fully agree with Mr. Hainey and hope we can rise up to be a BETTER Republican party, not returning to the Reagan era but at least returning to the values President Reagan supported. I believe a large reason Mr. Barak ‘socialist’ Obama will be taking the presidential seat in January is because so many true Republican’s were angry with the choice of McCain. I voted for Mr. McCain but only to vote for Sarah Palin and against Mr. Obama! We must return to the values so many are shirking! Our country is in a dangerous place and it will be even more over the next couple of years. I will absolutely support Chairman Hainey in District 11!

  24. GOP Haven says:

    Yes, GOPMaven, Steve Tully has a good conservative vote record for the most part while in the legislature. It gets dicier than that. I heard that in the 2006 LD 11 election of officers, Tully assured Haney that he had his support several weeks before the election. However, within 10 days he called back (who got to him?) and reversed that decision. Great that he had the decency to call Haney back and tell him directly of his reversal; but shortly after, Tully’s name appeared on the infamous “Gang of Ten” letter that spoke against Haney’s slate. With Tully being a former McCain staffer, and Symington being McCain’s candidate, I think I smell which rat.

    So, GOPmaven, it’s not a question of Tully being a RINO. Apparently, the question is “which conservatives will buckle under pressure from the top?’ And, real conservatives always support Sheriff Joe and Andy Thomas on the border issues.
    McCain and his supporters always manage to turn a very blind eye to that.

    Perhaps the bottom line in this election is how does McCain get his people in 2009 GOP leadership slots to support his so-called ‘comprehensive immigration’ bill that he plans to bring back next year? Most of the district chairs, county chairs and, of course, AZGOP Chair, Randy Pullen, led the valiant and very successful charge against it in 2007.
    Real men tell it like it is….enough said.

  25. Tony says:

    Well, the screamers and whiners were in force on Tully’s side. If he were to win, yep, that would really fix District 11, being loaded by these people, who, like Symington, apparently only show up at a District 11 meeting every two years to put up yet another RINO as a candidate. And then — poof, they’ll be gone again, just like Symington was after he bit the dust in the last election.

    My, those people really care, don’t they?

    Best of luck to Rob. And to those Tully supporters, who only want rules applied to the other side, go away. Again. Someday perhaps you’ll feel a sense of shame, but listening to you all scream and cry at the meeting tonight, I somehow doubt that day’s a long way down the road.

  26. Tony says:

    In above post, “doubt” should have read “think.”