And so it begins….

Fear mongering at its best

The daily has been on a constant roll extolling the wonders of the likelihood of Gov. Napolitano’s appointment to the Obama Cabinet as Secretary of Homeland Security. Yet the underlying fear of what lies ahead with an accomplished Republican Governor Jan Brewer replacing Democrat Napolitano is palpable. Couple that prospect with the certainty of a Republican majority in both chambers of the state legislature, and you’ve got an acute case of Dem terror.

Today we are treated to a spate of dismay within the education community implying that a change in leadership will ensure illiteracy and lowered educational standards. After all, as the daily tells us Napolitano’s time in office enhanced her reputation as the “Education Governor.”

The newspaper does admit that despite her efforts….she will leave the state still nearly last in the country for K-12 funding, with a high-school graduation rate of 70 percent and state universities burdened with students unprepared for college work  

But, according to the opening line of the article, Napolitano did give about a million Arizona elementary school children a free storybook.

That they may never be able to read and comprehend it, is beside the point.

(This brief article from the Goldwater Institute is topical.)

7 Responses to And so it begins….

  1. Marianne says:

    “Free” storybooks for grade-schoolers ? Did Napolitano pay for them herself?

  2. RA says:

    C’mon, this was money spent to build reputations, not educations.

    As far as “state universities burdened with students unprepared for college work” (the newspaper quote) the state universities frankly do a poor job with students that ARE prepared and it’s these state universities that mostly “feed” the K-12 public schools – and after many years and millions in taxpayer dollars we are now the Appalachia of the 21st century. Remember that the paper also ran a story three years ago about the shocking levels of cheating at ASU – which doesn’t just “happen” without an administration and faculty to support it.

  3. Night Owl says:

    “Education Governor” my foot! Arizona public schools are a miserable failure. Why do you think vouchers are at the top of so many parent’s lists? Charter schools have flourished here because of the abysmal rankings.

  4. CrackleGator says:

    “Rear mongering at it’s best” should be at its best. The the possessive pronoun its takes no apostrophe the same way his or hers does not. The word “it’s” is a contraction of it is.
    The apostrophe is one of the most difficult punctuation marks to master. Just look above to Night Owl’s faux pas: “so many parent’s list.” Night Owl meant to pluralize parents, but the form he/she left us with is singular, in other words, so many lists of PARENT. Should be parents’ lists.
    Just a friendly note to the editor.

  5. CrackleGator says:

    And is usually the case, when a person sticks his head out to help, he gets it chopped off. I very seriously typo’d my correction in duplicating “the.” Now I am in the same boat as everyone else. HELLLLLP.

  6. seeingredaz says:

    Ah, CrackleGator, not to worry about typos. We all make them — as you so correctly pointed out. And as you can see, the offending apostrophe has been banished to the land of errant punctuation.

    Now if we may be so bold as to correct the corrector: It is not “Rear” mongering at its best, rather “Fear” mongering…..

    Actually, we appreciate good proofing. Sometimes our fingers outpace our brains. Thank you for being a skillful editor.

  7. RA says:

    I like this (perhaps unintended) neologism “rear-mongering” – the paper has promoted and sold a lot of asses that are what they are by virtue of party affiliation or intelligence or both.