Daily gleeful at renewed prospect of reining in Sheriff Arpaio

It’s expected that illegal aliens will get softer treatment under the Obama administration’s Justice Department, according to a report in the daily.

Eric Holder, formerly a deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration and President-elect Obama’s appointee to lead the U.S. Justice Department, has a track record of investigating “racial-profiling.” These are the unfounded allegations leveled at Sheriff Arpaio’s neighborhood crime suppression sweeps.

Holder played a key role in the Justice Department’s investigation of the New Jersey state police in the late 1990s that alleged officers were disproportionately stopping Blacks for minor traffic stops to look for drugs.

During a Senate subcommittee hearing involving the investigation, Holder, who is Black, and the son of an immigrant from Barbados, said he had become particularly sensitive to complaints of racial profiling after New Jersey police searched his trunk for guns when he was a college student. He said he believed the incident stemmed from racial profiling.

Sheriff Arpaio said he is not concerned that his office could face greater scrutiny under the Obama administration.

“I don’t care,” Arpaio said. “I feel very comfortable with the way we do things. . . . I have confidence in my deputies, and nothing is going to change. I am going to continue my operations even though the administration is going to change.”

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3 Responses to Daily gleeful at renewed prospect of reining in Sheriff Arpaio

  1. Sam says:

    What is it about the word “Illegal” that the AZ Republic and Liberals don’t understand?

  2. Jason says:

    A nation that has no enforceable borders is not a nation. Our ridiculously porous southern border is a red carpet area for illegal traffic, including terrorists, into our country. For God’s sake…this must be stopped.

  3. Kate says:

    Sheriff Joe has the best and fairest system in the country, which is why his and Russell Pierce’s efforts are being copied across the country. The Sheriff has had a ton of scrutiny from our local illegal alien hand-holders. Don’t see how B.O. could top that; and the troops/grassroots would rally for Sheriff Joe as always if he tried.