Another gift from our neighbors

Doctors at Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center were startled to find the culprit causing numerous and serious medical problems for a Phoenix woman. Her physicians suspected a brain tumor, but discovered instead a parasitic worm eating her brain.

“We’ve got a lot more cases of this in the United States now,” said Raymond Kuhn, professor of biology and an expert on parasites at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. “Upwards of 20 percent of neurology offices in California have seen it, ABC News reports.

According to Kuhn, who has traveled to study this parasite, cysticercosis is a big problem in some parts of Latin America and Mexico where health codes are hard to enforce and people may frequently eat undercooked pork.

Kuhn said that as people travel across the border with Mexico, so does the tapeworm. One person infected with a parasite, who also has bad hand washing habits, can infect many others with eggs.

“These eggs can live for three months in formaldehyde,” said Kuhn. “You got to think, sometimes, a person is slapping lettuce on your sandwich with a few extra add-ons there.”

All the more reason to check the restaurants you frequent for their participation in the federal E-Verify program.

And remember this outbreak that closed Valley swimming pools last summer?

6 Responses to Another gift from our neighbors

  1. Robert says:

    Tell me again John Shadegg…about how desperate we all are for a guest worker program.

    All you xenophobes and intolerant patriots listen up: Juan Shadegg has a tapeworm with your name on it.

  2. Kathy says:

    Hey – McCain & Obama have an agreement on an new immigration program – AMNESTY – infecting legal citizens, doing jobs Americans won’t do hey John.

  3. Calypso says:

    The virus infecting Republican office holders is called Guestworkeritis. The rash appears just before the actual contagion of Anmestinia. Once you are infected, there is no turning back. Victims end up with Third Worldism. Its a very serious malady.

  4. NightOwl says:

    The truth is, this is very serious business. Previously eradicated diseases are back with a vengeance, and all streaming over our southern border. Large scale outbreaks of virulent new strains of tuberculosis, long-gone smallpox is back, as is diphtheria and polio. Even leprosy!

    Thank you Johns for your good work on our behalf. That’s John McCain, John Shadegg, Jon Kyl. Throw Jeff the Flake into the mix also. He is another big supporter of amnesty.

    Keep voting these guys in. You get what you deserve!.

  5. Terry G. says:

    The conservative base of the Republican Party is now proactive in expressing their disgust with McCain, Shadegg, Kyl and Flake. Real smart moves by those elected so-called “elites.”

    Potential conservative candidates to take out McCain, Kyl, Shadegg and Flake, please step forward to put conservative back in Republican.

  6. SherriAZ says:

    Let’s send the pictures of every American raped, robbed or killed by an illegal to McCain and his gang. It would overflow all their offices. They should be ASHAMED to even bring up amnesty when Americans are losing their jobs left and right. That’s all we need- more people to continue to depress the wages. The bonus? They would also be able to raid our Social Security system. I don’t personally care they many have paid into it- that’s a drop in the bucket when you compute the true costs of each and every illegal in this country.

    Bottom line: we aren’t providing for the people that we have here now- we certainly don’t need anymore. We should stop ALL immigration with the exception of professionals in select industries or research for a minimum of 10 years. We don’t need more immigrants to fill jobs. Hell, seniors won’t be retiring as everyone predicted- they can’t afford it!