Four Horsemen of Apocalypse cut swath through Arizona political scene

McCain, Kyl, Shadegg and Flake exert force in district power plays

Last night’s District 11 organizational meeting results mirror those of other Maricopa County districts. It appears that the grassroots conservative leadership continues to be assaulted by the pro-illegal immigration crowd, being lead by the majority of the Arizona GOP delegation beholden to business interests desirous of a continued stream of low -wage and exploitable workers.

The pattern in which they obtain their dominance reflects the McCain-driven power structure. Daring to disagree with their version of what the Republican party stands for has consequences.

Still the vote was close. Rob Haney the incumbent chairman garnered 191 votes to Steve Tully’s 203. Tully is a former state legislator and McCain aide.

Good manners take a back seat when the crowd is on a mission to undermine the grassroots precinct committeemen. Wes Gullet, a McCain strategist, and his wife Deb, who is an advisor to Democrat Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, led the rowdy opposition crowd.

Other districts where attempts have been made to silence the border and social conservatives are Districts 6 and 8.

At the LD 6 meeting Congressman Shadegg endorsed the more liberal slate. Apparently most of the precinct committeemen were unaware of his recent comments to the New York Times insulting Arizonans who simply recognize the need for secure national borders in these perilous times. Crime and identity theft are rampant. “Guest” workers are not the answer, particularly with our current economic downturn and high citizen unemployment And our Fourteenth Amendment assures any children born to such “guests” are granted instant citizenship.

Suspecting his inclination, Chairman Haney invited the congressman to speak after the election was concluded. Knowing that he would not be allowed to do an encore endorsement as he had at the election the night before, Shadegg left, though his staffers remained.

The election results are available here. It was far from a major defeat as Haney’s team won 110 of the 143 coveted state committeeman slots.

24 Responses to Four Horsemen of Apocalypse cut swath through Arizona political scene

  1. Jeff Richards says:

    McCain lost in his home precinct to Obama. Those who know him best, like him least. Rob Haney keeps the conservative in Republican. Watch LD11 attendance dwindle now to the 20 or so RINOs who never did care about upholding any conservative principles.

    Shadegg advertises himself as Independent, he has determined being Republican is bad for business. Good judgement Rob! Glad you told him he could speak after the election. Shadegg had no problem with the very pliable Braswell at the LD6 meeting Monday night. Shadegg endorsed the D6 RINO slate amid a smattering of boos. Noble showed up well armed with proxies from unknowing and uncarinig LDS members. Just sign away a proxy vote to Brother Noble and let him do the thinking.

    Who carried the uninformed proxy votes for LD11 Mormons?

  2. Robert says:

    Meet the “man” north Phoenix LDS members elected as LD6 Republican Committee Secretary. He’s the one standing with the little boy forced to appear in the photo and exploited on this web site

    Attn: Mormon Church members. If you don’t know what you are voting for, stay out of it for those who do care, are involved and attend the meetings! Thanks a lot for signing away your proxy vote when you are too lazy to look into what you are voting for. News Flash! Shadegg and Noble have an agenda that does not agree with the majority of LD6 Republicans. Phony voting proxies can go a long way to pushing a disagreeable agenda. Thank you North Phoenix LDS for nothing!!

  3. Another LD11 PC says:

    No one in this state works harder for the conservative and Republican cause than Rob Haney. When the McCain forces in LD11 do no work and do not show up to meetings and we lose elections, they will wonder “duh, what happened” and will attempt to use their pulpit to blame the conservatives when they only have their own liberalism and spinelessness to blame. Are Republicans on the road to rebuilding the party? You’ll see the results of the McCain Revolution in 2 years as the economy degrades and we experience worse and worse losses in elections.

    Good Luck, Steve Tully. The Devil eats his own FIRST.

  4. Frank Gray says:

    2008. The year McCain managed to ravage LD-11. Now McJerk turns his focus to amnesty. When will this divisive liberal masquerading as a Republican get out of our lives? And he can take Kyl, Shadegg and Gibbons’ brother-in-law with him.

  5. Bruce Ash says:

    Let’s please keep the comments to politics and leave out anyone’s religious preferences from the debate. The business before us is far too important to allow the discourse to go in this direction.If you wish to suggest that Sean carried “un caring” PC’s proxies we would have understood your point ( whether we agreed with your premise or not ) without going down a dangerous path.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

  6. Jason says:

    I was at LD6 Monday night and heard the inappropriate Shadegg endorsement.That was only the second meeting I’ve been to and I could tell right away Shadegg had no business insulting half the room. What a clown. How does he get away with this?

    There were other high ranking public officials present and they had the good sense to leave PC elections to the PCs.

    I also heard it announced in the meeting that the vote was a fraud. More ballots were handed in than the credentials committee handed out! Who had control of the ballots between the printer and the elections meeting?

  7. Greg H. says:

    With Rob Haney we had someone willing to stand up for the conservative Republican platform. Now LD-11 goes to a “moderate” Chairman, sad. We are never going to win as Democrat-light.

  8. seeingredaz says:

    Message to person signing comments as LD 11 Precinct Committeman and Watching Closesly (Your misspellings have not been corrected),

    You are the same person. Your comments are inappropriate and will not be posted.

  9. Jeff Richards says:

    What in the…….?? Bruce Ash–Who put in for the speech police?! A group of LDS Members is a group of LDS Members. Or Mormon, or whatever. No disrespect intended. If it was a group of tennis ball manufacturers–that’s what I would call them.

    You can argue with me that those folks are not LDS members if you want to. But I will decide on my own vocabulary. The fact is a huge contingent of LDS members were purposely recruited as I said they were and they voted by proxy after never having attended a meeting. Nor did they care about the outcome. They knew none of the players. They were treated as low hanging fruit–easy votes. Pawns. If they did know or care I doubt they would have voted the way their votes were used.

    Here is who the LDS voted for The guy with the exploited 10 year old kid earned the vote of North Phoenix LDS Members. Well, now we know where THEY are coming from! Or, they were uninformed, as I said in the first place.

  10. GOP PC says:

    I, too, am a District 11 PC. If there is anyone who has ever worked more diligently on behalf of the Republican party than Rob Haney, I’d like to meet that person. Yes. Chairman Haney is a conservative. So am I. Who thinks we were well served with the McCain candidacy? It was the reason we now have President-elect Obama. McCain had no message but felt it was finally his turn. We Republicans deserved better. We endured that same clap-trap once before when we lost with Bob Dole. Are we ever going to wise up?

    I was in attendance at the district meeting last evening. Steve Tully was allowed to exceed his 2 minute time limit which is why Haney took the same amount of time. That was the fault of the timekeeper.

    Although I am saddened that Rob Haney was not reelected, I am also hopeful. It will be quite enlightening for those who want to open their eyes to the truth that this was nothing more than a “Gotcha” by the McCain crew, who are now seeking their pound of political flesh while smarting from the national defeat. McCain has always had a reputation for volatility and temper. This was his blaze of glory…taking out a district chairman who spoke the truth.

    Look, McCain couldn’t even carry his own precinct during the presidential election. That speaks volumes. If it takes removing a district chairman who has devoted years of his life to the GOP, then we know what really matters to John McCain, and that is retribution and assigning blame.

    Also, after what I read that Rep. Shadegg did at the meeting the night before, it was fine with me that Haney didn’t give him the microphone until after the meeting concluded. But that wasn’t good enough and he vamoosed. McShadegg is carrying McCain’s water. Fine. Let the Republicans regroup. We need to. I have taken to identifying myself as a Conservative rather than a Republican for that very reason. I’ve been a PC for nearly 12 years. Don’t make the mistake of running me off.

  11. KKatz says:

    As long as you all are going to keep mentioning Wes Gullett – could you please at least spell his name correctly. Seems obvious that the opposition worked hard and acheived their desired results. And their desires were commensurate with the desires of the majority of the District 11 voters.

  12. Jill Franklin says:

    Well said PC. I’ve known Rob for years and he has been a stand-up hard working Republican the whole time. I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to the Republican platform. It’s a shame LD11 won’t have Robs leadership but, this too will be an education for these “moderates.” Watch what happens to this district without the strong conservative voice. If I know Rob, he will always be doing what he can to advance the conservative platform Republican message. A weaker man than Rob would have walked away from the whole fight a long time ago.

  13. Evan says:

    Frank-above has a point. I saw that web site. If the point is members of LDS voted for that guy to hold some office, I don’t get it. How could they be “uninformed voters?” What kind of an election is that? Does the MSM have this yet? LDS Members voting for a nudist colony guy? Only in the Republican Party! Very strange.

  14. Keith M says:

    Those Mormons can’t win. On one hand they have Gay Marriage advocates protesting their temples because of their financial and “boots on the ground” support of Prop 8 and Prop 102, and on the other hand, they are being blamed for the downfall of conservative leadership throughout legislative districts in Arizona. Somebody should tell Russell Pearce how “uncaring” and “unknowing” LDS members are.

    I would venture to say that the uncaring and unknowing people in the room are Jeff and Frank. I am not an LD11 PC, but I live in the district and was there last night because I care about our party and wanted to see what was happening. I guarantee you that there was LDS support on both sides of that fight. They are not as homogeneous in their political views as some would think.

    Also, I don’t know Noble, but if he had more “proxy votes” than the hardest working Republican of all-time Rob Haney, then maybe Noble is the hardest working Republican and we should get him to be District Chairman.

    I have heard that Rob Haney carries a lot of proxy votes himself, and as the hardest working GOP chairman ever, he busily recruits other PCs who will give their proxies to his loyal PCs. My guess is that since Haney is not Mormon, those proxy votes must come from people who “care” and are “very informed” about the issues.

    I think the point that Bruce Ash was trying to say is if you stereotype someone as “unknowing and uncaring” based on an unsubstantiated assumption that because they are Mormon they are low hanging fruit and pawns, that is wrong and has no place in the GOP. I agree with Bruce. Leave people’s religion out of your argument. It has nothing to do with anything.

  15. Night Owl says:

    \Rob Haney came to my door years ago and we discussed politics. I had never met the man previously but was impressed with his knowledge of, and passion about, the issues. Will Steve Tully be out ringing doorbells and recruiting grassroots activists as Haney has done? Now that the McCain pooches have caught the car they were chasing, what will they do with it?

  16. Jeff Richards says:

    Keith, Huge difference between Rob Haney and Sean Noble style. Rob approaches it with “where are you politically?” and encourages their future activism for the conservative cause.

    Noble approaches it “you are with me on the marraige amendment so, trust me to make the decision for you on an election you know and care nothing about.” Simply build up numbers of votes without regard to one’s political makeup.

    Keith, I have a real hard time believing Noble’s bank of Mormon voters would intentionally elect pro-choice, pro-child exploitation liberals to district office. Haney’s voters learn Haney’s politics real quick. And Haney votes the way he “advertises” he will. Haney signs up conservatives and votes for conservatives. Noble signed up folks under the guise of socially conservative and voted for socially liberal. Haney’s PCs were voters, they knew their vote would go for the conservatives.

    Noble’s PCs were pawns in a numbers game. Or, the LDS is just fine with promoting nudist colonies for kids and I seriously doubt that.

  17. newcomer says:

    There is an elephant in the room left out of this discussion of Noble manipulation of the D6 vote. The same thing most problems in the GOP stem from. Shadegg/Noble will go to any lengths to protect illegal and exploited labor employers. The other slate of D6 candidates demand border security and are with the Republican platform–“penalize law breaking employers and complete the fence quickly.”

    If you agree with the Republican platform, the Noble side of that question calls you “xenophobes” and “intolerant.” Shadegg favors a “guest worker program.” Noble’s votes went for those willing to welcome millions more Democrat voters in order to keep those near term campaign contributions rolling in from those who have become wealthy through employing illegal labor.

    Right Jeff, I agree Noble’s big contingent of voters lent their names to a cause they could have been much more informed about. Maybe they were informed of what their were votes would be used for. Like you, my opinion is they were not.

  18. Janelle says:

    The elephant everyone keeps leaving out of the discussion is “The root of all evil” The issue isn’t about Mormons, or about comprehensive immigration, or about Life, or about juvenile pandering nudist colony owners, or anything else but “the love of money” by McCain, Shadegg, the Gullets (not a typo, they just stick in my craw), the 2012 Congressman Noble candidatcy etc. When you are interested in a federal job as a Republican, you need money because you don’t have the unions and these guys will sell out their mother, their country, their party, and Life for some of that Washington ‘sweet potato pie.’

    The other elephant that we should remember is that Salmon and the Congressional Delegation had all the money two years ago and their preferred plan got all of our collective tails whipped. This year, Pullen and the grass roots with no money and in spite of some of his bad moves, whipped Napolitano, over two million dollars of Democrat money as well as union and firefighter money and labor.

  19. Ben F says:

    The Republican Party will only be successful when it adheres to its core principles and stops trying to be Democrat light. Don’t forget that money was important in our victories, however. The money spentgetting out the vote on behalf of the Marriage Amendment this time (instead of going in the pockets of NS like the last time), as well as targeted PAC money from conservative groups like Pacyderm Coalition made the difference in many races. The important thing was that money was spent in SUPPORT of Reagan Republican values.

    Thanksgiving Day is a time to give thanks for the victories we have won and those we are going to win. May one and all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and may the grass roots have a prosperous New Year. We have an opportunity to turnMcCain/Sproul and Shadegg’s lemons into lemonade next year.

  20. nightcrawler says:

    So exactly how are you all sure the the proxies carried were for the uninformed ? It seems like quite a slap in the face to those PCs. ” Hey, thanks for participating, just wish you were not so ignorant in the way you give your vote away to the big mean man who swindled you”.

    I see this differently. I don’t believe people voted for immigration issues or the congressional delegation patsies, rather it was about the personalites. I don’t believe anyone can refute the effort and commitment of Bob Haney and his wife. I would argue the they are primarily responsible for the D11 & EGC ultra-conservative manta. They simply stacked the house with like minded people.

    Things change. In my mind, we have come to the end of an era. Either you can accept it and move on or you can remain bitter and look backwards. No matter what happens at the County and State elections (the next frontier), Haney will certainly make his voice heard, as will his followers. And that, even from this RINOs perspective, is a good thing for the party.

  21. Janelle says:

    Hey night, the discussion about giving proxies to Noble was concerning the LD6 vote and, unless, you are aware of something no one else seems to know, Haney nor his personality were on the ballot in LD6. I’d like to be supportive on this holiday and say good try, but it really wasn’t one of your more thoughtful posts.

  22. Janelle says:

    You are correct though that the conservative voice will not go away in the Republican Party anymore than the liberal voice will not go away in the Democrat Party. In the long run, that will be the debate – socialism or capitalism. Free enterprise or Big government. The pursuit of happiness or the slothfulness of big brother. The USA or NAU. The Dollar of the big MAC (Mexico, America, Canada coin) The future of our society will hinge on those decisions.

  23. nightcrawler says:


    I apologize if my post was unclear. I was referring mostly to D11 and the Haney vote. So really it was just the first paragraph that had to do with LD6. By the way, the person carrying the proxy should honor the vote preference of the person that gave it to them.

    I do wish you and your family (and all the readers) a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. Ben F says:

    It is a gross misrepresentation to say the Chairman Haney would not let Congressman Shadegg speak. The fact is that Haney offered to let the Congressman speak as soon as the vote had taken place and prior to the results being announced.

    Shadegg wanted to influence the vote by electioneering in the polling place prior to the vote. When that was not allowed, he stormed out in a huff. Seems like he really did not have anything of import to say to the PC’s after all.

    On another issue, some people are romanticizing on other blogs that Steve Tully is a true conservative. A little research through Golwateer Institute Report Cards will show the fallacy of that argument.

    In fact, Tully’s claim to conservative credentials are ridiculous. His Goldwater Institute scores are in the bottom third of the Caucus with an overall rating of 60 per cent with scores below such conservative luminaries as Thompson, Mason, and Mason.