Is Republican-lite the salvation of the GOP?

Randy Pullen, the AZ GOP chairman discusses the future of the Republican party and the much ballyhooed concept of party survival being based on pulling to a center position on immigration

GOP stares down immigration divide, by Reid Wilson, Arizona Capitol Times correspondent, is a compelling read.

The complete article is available here.

12 Responses to Is Republican-lite the salvation of the GOP?

  1. Sam says:

    Not only NO, but Hell NO! if I wanted Republican Lite, I would have voted for McCain. In case you haven’t noticed, he lost. I happen to have grave concerns about the future of this country with its non-secured borders. Are we such fools that we think this will placate Latinos and magically bring in the Hispanic vote? Ridiculous! McCain even appeared on bended knee before the anti-White amd exceedingly racist group, La Raza (“The Race”). Still, Hispanics overwhelmingly supported Obama.

  2. BOB HARAN says:


    Republican pollster Whit Ayers and other Washington consultants who only view the immigration issue from the sidelines got it wrong. All they see is a growing demographic of Hispanic voters and assume they are all pro-illegal immigration. It should be remembered that in spit of fear tactics used by the opposition, around 47% of Hispanic voters approved Prop. 200, a 2006 initiative that barred illegal immigrants from welfare benefits and required proof of citizenship to vote in Arizona.

    Mr. Ayers statement that, “It is very difficult to imagine Republicans performing competitively among Hispanic voters if prominent Republicans are demonizing Hispanics and threatening to throw 12 million of them out of the country,” shows how far he is disengaged from the immigration debate.

    Pointing out the problems that mass illegal immigration cause is not demonizing Hispanics. Ayers and other establishment Republican types are falling for the pro-illegal immigration line that to be opposed to illegal immigration is to be a racist and xenophobic, which is simply not true. The people on the pro-illegal immigration side and business interest demanding continued cheap immigrant labor call the people demanding enforcement of our immigration laws racist because they can’t make a good case for non-enforcement. When they can’t win an argument they just call the other side racist as loudly as possible.

    As for throwing 12 million of them out of the country, I know of no serious person on the pro-enforcement side of the issue making any such statements, thou many pro-illegal people have claimed that is what we want to do. No one is talking about doing massive round-ups and deportation of illegal immigrants, what we are demanding is enforcement of all our immigration laws including sanctions against employers who illegally hire undocumented aliens.

    The availability of jobs for illegal aliens in the United States is the magnet causing massive illegal immigration. The jobs are available because our own government has failed to enforce the law. If Republicans are demonizing anyone, it is our own government’s failure to do it’s job properly.


  3. Carl in LD19 says:

    I like Randy’s suggestion of running more conservative Hispanic candidates. It’s not the conservative message that is faulty. It is presenting it in a forum where it will be heard. We need spokespeople who can deliver the message. This nonsense of the Republican party only being for white people is BS. Conservative values are time tested.

    But let’s remember that when the Republican party had the reins under W’s tenure they completely blew it. The National Republican party leaders need to pull their heads out of their *sses and quit with this “we need to move to the center” baloney. That’s exactly how they will lose members to other parties like the Constitution or Falcon parties. I’d rather join a group I believe in than sell my soul to a gutless group of wishy washy “want to get elected” facsimile conservatives. That won’t cut it for me.

  4. Chicka Boom says:

    Mr. Haran:
    I suggest you step back and reevaluate your position on illegal immigration. I heard you received Rep. Shadegg’s endorsement in your recent district officer race. Shadegg was quoted in the New York Times stating that Arizonans are “xenophobic and intolerant’ for demanding border security to stem the flow of illegals invading our nation.
    Don’t take my word for it, read his comments here:

    Would Shadegg make such scurilous statements about his own supporters in the local media? Not a chance!
    If you want his continued support, you better start becoming more tolerant and less xenophobic. This is war, and sadly our own GOP congressional delegation is looking more and more like our enemy.

    BTW, your use of the term “illegal alien” tops the AZ Delegation Xenophobic Glossary. Watch your language if you ever want a repeat of that rousing Shadegg endorsement.

  5. ew says:

    I think a huge part of the future will be to ISOLATE ourselves from the leftist illuminati as much as humanly possible!

  6. Craig R says:

    Amen Chicka, I heard Magruder’s man Shadegg endorse Bob Haran. No surprise “thou,” because Shadegg knows Haran can be bought real cheap. The supposedly border security conscious, Mr. Haran, once shown a little attention from the RINO wing, gives it all up real quick.

    Haran, spare us your voluminous writings championing border security. We’ve seen you in action. We “intolerant xenophobes” can do without your “help.”

  7. BOB HARAN says:

    Chicka Boom and all:

    You suggest that I step back and re-evaluate my position on illegal immigration, OK. I believe, out of control, illegal immigration is bad for the country. On re-evaluation, the fact is, it is still bad for the country. I believe the major cause of illegal immigration is the availability of jobs for undocumented aliens. On re-evaluation, I may be wrong, maybe they are risking their lives crossing our desert because they like American hot-dogs and pizza, but I still think the availability of jobs is the major magnet. Why are jobs available to illegal immigrants, because our government has not been enforcing the law against illegally hiring undocumented workers, therefore, if illegal immigration is bad for the United States and, if the availability of jobs is the major magnet causing illegal immigration and, the jobs are available because the government has failed to enforce the law against hiring undocumented workers, therefore, the solution to the problem of illegal immigration must be enforcement, especially enforcement of employer sanctions. Well there it is, my re-evaluation of my position on illegal immigration and I see no reason to change my position.

    Please notice that no-where in my position do I attack or vilify Hispanics or Mexicans or any other ethnic group. It is understood by all who have studied and seriously searched for a solution to the problem of illegal immigration that it is our own government’s failure to enforce the law that is the cause of the problem. The people risking their lives illegally crossing our border to escape poverty and better their lives are only doing what many of us would do in a similar circumstance.

    I went to the NYT’s article you referred to and found Mr. Shadegg’s comment, which follows.

    NYT, Oct 26, 2008.
    In Arizona, Democrats Mount Strong Challenge,
    by Randal C. Archibold

    [ Mr. Shadegg, in an interview, said party leaders’ crusade against illegal immigration had damaged Republicans statewide and hurt their chances of drawing the growing body of Hispanic voters.

    “I believe the Republican Party in Arizona has been hurt very badly by the image created by those who have been most outspoken in the attacks on the illegal immigration issue, who have created the appearance that Republicans are xenophobic, that seem by their comments and are by their comments intolerant,” Mr. Shadegg said.]

    I can see how someone who wanted to twist Shadegg’s words could claim that he said Arizonans are xenophobic and intolerant, but on closer examination, that is not what he said.

    John Shadegg is very precise in his use of language, even when speaking impromptu. Notice that he never says that Arizonans are xenophobic or intolerant. He says the GOP has been hurt by the “image,” created, and by those who have created the “appearance” that Republicans are xenophobic and, that “seem” by their comments intolerant.

    I may not agree with Mr. Shadegg that it’s the statements of party leaders’ who have given the GOP the appearance of being xenophobic and intolerant, pro-illegal immigration activist and the Democrats have not failed to bent over backwards to paint us as such to help advance their agenda and hurt Republicans with the less informed voters. This is no reason to modify the pro-enforcement position of myself and most Republicans on the illegal immigration issue, however. Immigration is an issue where we must put country before party, if we do the voters, including Hispanic voters, will see we are for what’s in the best interest of all the American people and that will help the image of the Republican party.

    Regarding Congressmen Shadegg’s endorsement of me at the LD 6 meeting. Mr. Shadegg knows where I stand on immigration and I’m proud to accept his endorsement, use that against me if you like. Before you attempt to paint John Shadegg as an open border, illegal immigration supporter however, I suggest you look at the record.

    John Shadegg was a Co-sponsor of H.R. 1430 in 2007 to eliminate visa lottery.

    Co-sponsor H.R. 938 in 2007 to end chain migration.

    Shadegg is a member of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, it’s agenda includes improved interior enforcement and border control, deny automatic citizenship to children born to illegal aliens and lower immigration levels.

    Co-sponsor H.R. 1940 in 2007 to deny citizenship to anchor babies.

    Voted in favor of amendment to H.R. 5818 in 2008 to prevent illegal aliens from receiving federal housing funds.

    Voted in favor of H.R. 5719 in 2008 to punish sanctuary cities.

    Co-sponsor of the Charlie Norwood CLEAR Act, H.R. 3494, in 2007 to mandate that the federal government pick up every illegal alien apprehended by local authorities.

    I could go on and on, but I think everyone gets the picture, John Shadegg is no open border, illegal immigration supporter.

    Other then my service in the United States Marine Corps, helping to get John Shadegg elected to Congress in 1994 is one of the best things I’ve done for my country.



  8. BOB HARAN says:

    Craig R;

    I can see that you are one of the Kool-Aid drinkers that attended the LD 6 meeting who had to be told how to vote, so I will spare you a reply, I have no time for useful idiots.

  9. Jill Franklin says:

    “…and are by their actions intolerant”

    Mr. Haran, per Mr. Shadegg, you are intolerant which is one small notch below calling you a racist. So which is it? You are intolerant or you are to be endorsed?

    Almost schizophrenic isn’t it Bob?

  10. Night Owl says:

    You say, “I could go on and on.” You did! Enough!! Brevity is an art you have yet to learn.

  11. Keen Observer says:

    Mr Haran,

    I have never seen such a mealy-mouth parsement of words in my life. I can just imagine you tap dancing and pirouetting around the ball room floor. What an image. Shadegg’s whole immigration lexicon is nothing more than code talk for amnesty. His code talk is right out of the Democrat talking points dictionary. He tells us we must have a guest worker program….more code talk. Where is his unequivocal battle being waged against the amnesty crowd. All I see is his endorsement of Wake-up America candidates and supporters. Shadegg comes down on both sides of the issue precisely to fool people like you. He is in the clique. The Jim Click, Magruder, and LeVecke money clique. Sorry to see you have been taken in Mr Haran.

  12. Whether the Republican Party can start to speak effectively to the multi-racial America of the 21st century will be one of the most important questions in American politics in the coming years. I think this job will be much harder than many understand for the foundation of the modern GOP – and the key to their success in recent decades – has been the exploitation of racial grievence. Willie Horton, welfare queens, tax and spend, deporting undocumenteds – it has all been about exploiting white fears of the racial other in American life.

    The demographic changes in America were making this type of politics a 20th anachronism whether Barack Obama became President or not. With him as leader, there will also now be a moral challenge to this core play in the GOP playbook – for how will this society, this culture, allow the dog-whistle, wink and nod racial politics of the Southern Strategy era with a bi-racial man as President?

    While you will hear many Republicans – not the ignorant nativists represented here, who are largely uneducated and irrelevant to the debate – call for their Party to get right with America’s emerging demographic realities, I don’t know if they understand how fundamental a rethink this is going to require.

    Just three years ago the GOP House passed a bill calling for the arrest and deportation of 5 percent of the American work force – 10-12 million people, 10-12 million largely Hispanic people. How they move from this politics of Nixon to a politics more fitting of Lincoln is going to be a transformation remarkable to behold – and almost unimaginable today.