Five hard truths for RINOS

Recovering from a beating doesn’t mean emulating the mugger

Townhall’s John Hawkins has written a must read article for those Republicans who are convinced that the road to GOP revitalization lies in becoming more like the Democrats who defeated them.

Certainly winning is not only essential, it is vital to expanding our message of less government and more individual responsibility. However, capitulation on core principles in a move to emulate the Left, serves neither cause nor party.

That is how we lost the recent presidential race to a shallow and virtually inexperienced charlatan who preached “Hope and Change” to a nation heavily populated with eager sheep wanting another trough-load of gravy while expending no energy to achieve it.

McCain was not the answer. It is incumbent on the national party leadership to begin the grooming and vetting process early, in preparation for the 2012 cycle.

Read Hawkins’ article here.

3 Responses to Five hard truths for RINOS

  1. Maggie says:

    Becoming more like Democrats does nothing to rebuild our party. McCain lost for that very reason. He and George W. Bush have caused great harm to the GOP. It will take a lot of dedication by CONSERVATIVES to turn it around.

  2. Robert says:

    Thanks to the ’08 Arizona legislative primaries it is obvious. Staunch conservatism sells. The voters recognize and can separate the weak conservatives from the staunch platform Republicans. The Pete Hershbergers and Tom O’hallarans of Arizona have been booted from office and replaced by candidates who will uphold the Republican platform. McCain’s drubbing was almost welcomed as further proof that moderates are the downfall of the Party. Republicans win when they run and vote in accordance with the Republican platform.

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