Rumor has it….

We hear a new name is circulating in Republican circles as a possible candidate to challenge current AZ GOP chair, Randy Pullen.

Ready for some clues?

He is a onetime power-player who bakes a mean chocolate dessert known as “Governor’s Cake.”

Aides once suggested he dye his pale blond eyebrows. He didn’t.

A former pilot, he had credibility when he said he witnessed UFO’s in the Arizona sky.

During their college years, he rescued Bill Clinton from a near drowning and was rewarded with a presidential pardon decades later.

Of course, it’s former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington. 

But the office of State GOP Chairman might be too big a leap for the onetime state leader. He ran for District Chairman in his home legislative district a couple of years ago, and was clobbered by a retired IBM engineer and political dynamo.

Add Symington’s name to the continually vacillating list of state chair wannabes. If he enters the fray, the rumor of interest in the position by Jay Heiler, Symington’s former chief-of-staff, would no doubt be laid to rest. However, both men have a major hurdle to overcome: Neither was elected as a state committeeman, rendering them ineligible to run for state chair.  Hi-jinks and shenanigans might be in the works to subvert the rules. Watch and listen.  The GOP state meeting will be held January 24, 2009.

And look for a woman or two to hop onboard the state leadership train.

5 Responses to Rumor has it….

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    If anyone is up to the task trying to pull the wool over our eyes, I’ll put my money on Fife. Remember the lengths some in the party previously went to get Bob Fannin and Lisa James approved when they clearly were ineligible?

  2. Craig R says:

    The Democrats would have a field day pointing to a convicted felon GOP State Chairman. No. A thousand times NO on Symington for State Chair.

  3. BOB HARAN says:

    Don’t do it Fife, you’ll lose. Randy represents the grassroots of the party, you now represent the establishment, country club Republicans. They’re more grassroots then country club Republicans.

    Randy Pullen has been doing a great job under the most difficult of circumstances, he has earned re-election as state chairman and there is no reason to replace him.

    Randy can put me down as endorsing him for re-election.


  4. Jill Franklin says:


    Hint to Randy’s opponent: spend 2 minutes on Haran and you’ll shore up the loony bad speller vote. Wait until Braswell starts ditching Haran like he did Diggs, this may get pretty funny.

  5. Rep Party Watcher says:

    Fife is old news. He needs to stay in the kitchen and cook up a good dinner. Randy has shown in the last year he has the ability to do something with very little.
    Arizona Republicans will lose races in the big cities unless they decide to muster the funds that the Democrats did with Victory 2008, Arizonans for a Health Economy, Arizona Wins and other PACs. The internal arguments kept valuable dollars away from races in the metro Phoenix area we should have won, like Dist. 20 and Dist. 11. Now, it will be hard to get those seats back – those districts have gone purple and will likely stay there.
    Consider the “purple” plague as a slow spreading fungus. It will next reach out to the next nearest districts, or take back the seat in Dist. 10 now that it is no longer a “House Speaker” dominant race (let’s face it, Jim Weiers benefited from a lot of money coming into his race because he was the speaker – now that money won’t be there in two years and both Weiers and Quelland seats could be at risk – again).
    No, Fife can’t deliver. He’s old news. He should be an elder statesman and work hard to get dollars into some PACs – or he should head and effort to work with the Pulen. Instead of arguing for “first chair” let’s start seeing some come-together at the table to elect Republicans – instead of trying to out qualify who is the best Republican.