Arizona’s Black Market workforce gets the kid glove treatment from the daily

Bet you didn’t know we could save Arizona’s faltering economy by employing illegals

In an article in today’s newspaper, illegal aliens are front and center. Of course they are called “undocumented immigrants,” and we are treated to numerous tales of how they skirt the Fair and Legal Empoyment law requiring employers to comply with the federal E-Verify system.

Reporter Daniel Gonzalez takes readers on a magical tour of the underground economy which he alleges is fueled by the stringent laws hindering illegals in finding gainful employment. His best comedic effort comes when he writes that the lawbreakers are “borrowing” identities of others in order to work.

Such “borrowing” is known as forgery and or theft, and is a prosecutable crime.

Then there is the employer who colludes with Gabino (no last name provided for fear of deportation), and declares he is now “Pedro’ at the workplace, as the two of them conspire to skirt the law, making him a criminal accomplice.

Gonzalez provides  an inside glimpse into the saga that is Gabino’s, a 37-year old from Guanajuato, Mexico, living in the U.S. for 10 years. He worked with papers “lent to him” by an American citizen, but was fired when they did not comport with E-Verify. Gabino was “lent” the citizen’s Social Security number and driver’s license.

Gabino also sells “used items” and the puppies he raises in his trailer, for cash at swap marts.

The newspaper’s take on this illegal scenario is that the law is harmful. Not to illegals, but to the economy, which is losing out on collection of state and federal taxes.

They always have an angle to support their open border contention. The front page and entire jump-page article are filled with quotes from pro-illegal advocates and their groups, such as We Are America and Immigrants Without Borders.

However, the lone voice of reason in the article, Rep. John Kavanagh (R. Dist. 8) the majority of whose comments are tucked in at the bottom of the article, said, “Allowing illegal immigrants to legalize their status would be a mistake because they tend to earn low wages and would pay less in taxes than the benefits they use, including emergency health care and education. Legalizing them would provide them access to even more benefits,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate that they continue to disrespect our laws by working off the books in addition to living here illegally. But this (working off the books since implementation of the state’s employer sanctions law) is one step closer to driving them out of the state. . . . It’s making it more uncomfortable for them to get jobs,” said Kavanagh

The Republic’s article ends with this not-so-veiled caveat: Still, as long as Gabino can keep making money, he said, he has no intention of leaving Arizona.

9 Responses to Arizona’s Black Market workforce gets the kid glove treatment from the daily

  1. Joe Evans says:

    I read this tripe in the link. What a disgusting presentation and skewing of facts. Illegals are illegal — here in violation of the laws of our land. Rep. Kavanagh makes good points, but he is definitely outnumbered by the pro-amnesty advocates getting the majority of the coverage..

    I’m curious about the “used items” the protagonist Gabino sells, as well as the “borrowed“ IDs being used. And, as a dog enthusiast, I’m suspicious of the conditions in which Gabino is raising these pups. Rather than glorifying this creep, Gonzalez should have turned him in.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    My thoughts exactly, Joe. But surely you wouldn’t expect Gonzalez to turn in Gabino. He’s the hero of Gonzalez’s saga. The borrowed identification is likely stolen as are the “used items” taken to the Sunday swap marts. The question is, did the people who used them know they were being sold? Is Gabino the thief or the fence? Oops. How politically incorrect of me to suggest such actions from this “good man” who just came here illegally looking for work.

    Another question: When the work dried up, why didn’t he go home?

  3. Thomas says:

    So Gabino intends to stay regardless of his ability to earn a lving or his status as a lawbreaker. But when the state’s largest newspaper gives him cover and hero status for thumbing his nose at our nation, why should he worry? I’m fuming after reading this crap!

  4. SherriAZ says:

    These kinds of stories sicken me. Americans are losing their jobs and they have to compete with scumbags like this guy for any work that comes down the road. More and more we’re seeing “bilingual skills” needed: human resources, supervisory, call center, warehouse, manufacturing, financial services. Is this America or Mexico?

    Fight back in any way you can: boycott any business that supports illegals, don’t hire day laborers for any work at your house (there are plenty of citizens trying to get handyman work and they speak English!), don’t give to any food bank or other charity that gives to anyone who shows up at their doors ( illegals know all the locations and beat out Americans every time ). Make this season one to help fellow AMERICANS- and there are plenty in need. Fight amnesty when it comes up again in January. Share ALL the stories about illegals: killing American cops and teens, kidnapping people for ransom, running drugs all over the country, stealing good paying jobs, using services that the taxpayer funds- and doing it all while flying Mexican flags over their homes and placing them on their cars. Get angry and use it constructively- your job may depend on it.

  5. Kathy says:

    How about Gabino & his fellow illegals replace all the reporters at the AZ Republic starting with Daniel Gonzalez by “borrowing his identity”? After all paying lower wages would save the Republic much needed revenue dollars. Since they are such open border advocates – who is the first reporter to volunteer to give up his job?? Silence!

  6. nightcrawler says:

    Thank you for bringing up this article. For full disclosure, I do support a guest worker program and also believe in a limited path to citizenship for those individuals who have served honorably in our armed forces. If a person is willing to spill their blood and die for our freedom, that is good enough for me, they can become a US citizen.

    I also need to admit that I was wrong about the employer sanctions law. The public wants it, the Governor supports it and judges have upheld it on numerous occasions. Clearly, it is here to stay and has broad support from every angle.

    The news article does make a valid point. The employer sanctions law is similar in my mind to gun control. The real bad guys will be unaffected by this rule, it is the tax paying and relatively assimilated and civilized undocumenteds who get run out of town on a rail. What is left is the worst of the worst. Drug dealers, human traffickers, thieves and violent criminals are conducting business as usual. This is the unintended consequence of this law that we must all recognize.

  7. Ray says:

    What we all need to realize is that our country is being overrun by people who have crept in stealthily and then once here, committed more crimes in order to expedite their progress by using stolen or falsified documents in order to secure jobs, homes, medical care and education for their children. You might feel differently if you or your children had been victimized in this fashion. They are now stealing SSNs of young children which go undetected for many years.

    This is totally unacceptable. Further, they are highly represented in other crime statistics. I for one have had enough. Were you okay with the thousands of marchers waving Mexican flags flooding our cities and blocking roadways, imperiling emergency vehicles and commerce? Are you okay with the jobs being taken by illegals displacing American workers? Stoop field labor has been surpassed by jobs in construction that have been the mainstay of countless middle-class American workers. Reconquista studies are de rigueur in the Tucson Unified School District and I imagine elsewhere in the state. Guests? The “Guest Workers” you advocate for have American citizen children who are then the conduits to bring in other family members in a plan called “family reunification.”
    I have had my fill. I will never cast another ballot for anyone who promotes such self-annihilating schemes. Interestingly, many Americans of Mexican heritage I know, feel exactly the same. My own Mother is Mexican so I have more than a bit of experience with the subject. While I have some relatives who speak openly about their venomous feelings for Americans, many are exactly where I am on the subject. They are not in favor of either amnesty or guest worker programs. Nor am I!

    This article and the slant it took, saddened, infuriated and disgusted me.

  8. Robert says:

    Remember when “borrow” was a mutually agreeable transaction? When one of these thieves gets ahold of my identity, I doubt very much I will want it back.

  9. Night Owl says:

    Gabino is not a hero. He is a thief who sees no wrong in his actions. For that matter, it’s clear that neither does reporter Gonzalez. This article is very damaging to the image of Mexican nationals, which I suspect is exactly the opposite of what the newspaper intended. They run such heart-rending stories with some degree of regularity. Remember the one about the engineer who fell in love with the janitoress at his office? She was an illegal using stolen documents. They spoke different languages, yet they married. The illegal wife was deported with their child, an American citizen, by virtue of birth. The Republic constructed this tale as a real heartbreaker. It didn’t work for me, but they certainly tried.