Getting into the holiday spirit the Planned Parenthood way

Appalling twist on Christmas gift giving

The nation’s leading abortion provider is under fire for handing out gift certificates for its services.

The network of 35 clinics across the state of Indiana announced it is offering holiday vouchers for basic health care services “or the recipient’s choice of birth control method.”

The organization decided to offer the vouchers “because so many people are uninsured or are putting off health care because of prohibitive costs,” said Betty Cockrum, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana. “Nearly 800,000 Indiana residents don’t have health insurance,” she said.

Pro-life supporters say the scheme by Planned Parenthood of Indiana denigrates the holiday season.

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15 Responses to Getting into the holiday spirit the Planned Parenthood way

  1. BOB HARAN says:


    Kill a baby for the holidays.

    Planned Parenthood has taken more lives then the Nazis and Communist combined, they are a disgrace to America.


  2. ron says:

    Can you buy a gift certificate for adoption at Crisis Pregnancy offices?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Babies are not a commodity put on the marketplace for sale, ron. Actually selling children is against the law. I’m sure you know that. Why so caustic?

  4. SherriAZ says:

    My guess is that Ron meant a gift certificate for the costs associated with the adoption, which is often so prohibitive. Many more people would adopt if the costs weren’t so ridiculously high.

  5. Jeff Richards says:

    Haran, We’ve seen you in action, remember? You just endorsed pro-choice Horst Kraus for district office over a pro-life candidate. And for no more reason than you perceived you would gain by it. You’re a damn liar. You disgust me. You sold out on protecting innocent life and on illegal “immigration.” If you ever did harbor conservative views on those subjects. You have no credibility. Why don’t you go back to your “friends” at PM?

  6. Rich Jenkins says:

    Right Jeff, Haran should feel right at home on PM with his Republican-light friends. Haran talks a big game. Decision time however, is a different matter altogether. This is why he moves from district to district repeatedly. Wearing out one welcome after another. We’ve known his game for years. Glad you’re stuck with him now. We closed our chapter on hand grenade years ago.

  7. BOB HARAN says:

    Well, it seems I have some secret admirers, secret in that they are too yellow to use their real names. I don’t know any Jeff Richards and Rich Jenkins, but they think they know me. I didn’t endorse Horst Kraus because he is pro-choice, I endorsed the entire Executive Board of District 6 because a group of “make believe,” conservatives were running on a slate and the slate had to be defeated. I say “make believe,” because that’s what they are. I ORed each of them, none of them have done anything for the conservative movement, they are all talk and no action. Not one have ever testified before any committee on anything. Not one of them seems to have written anything worth publishing, not even a letter to the editor. None of them had ever held a party office.

    Now you punks, want to question my dedication to the pro-life movement. I will say this, you are nothing but liars. You have no place in the Republican party, you have no place in American politics, you’re not even good citizens, you’re not even men, you’re too cowardly to use your real names.

    Now if you bums don’t mind, let me state my own position on the sanctity of human life. The right to life was granted by God, (you know, the one you claim to worship when your not posting anonymous lies about other people). It was the first unalienable right listed by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, (that’s the document that you never read). The Sixth of the Ten Commandments from God forbids us from killing, (they can be found in Genesis, that’s a book of the Bible, something else you obviously never read, because the Ninth Commandments is, “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” which is your speciality). Since you obviously don’t believe in God, let us look at science. The fetus is not a glob of tissue, or a fish, or anything like that. The fetus is a human being from beginning, which is what conception is, the beginning, therefore, the termination of the unborn child’s life is killing and forbidden by not only the Ten Commandments, but by what some call natural law.

    I don’t expect you closet queers to understand that, but that is my position on abortion. Abortion is wrong, with the only exception being to save the life of the mother, that is a life versus life decision. To kill because of rape or incest is to punish the child for the sin of the parent.

    I thought that cult in the district might just be some misguided members of the religious right that didn’t know any better then to declare war on the district. Now I see however, you are just a bunch of power hungry opportunist and hypocrites.

    Just for your information punks, I was the only candidate running for district office that ever contributed money to Arizona Right to Life and probably the least able to afford to.

    Now if you don’t like what I wrote, there is a empty lot about two blocks south of the airport where we can discuss the matter, boys.


    I’ll remember your names Mr. Richards and Mr. Jenkins.

  8. Orion says:

    And this looney tune, who calles his detractors “closet queers,”and wants to take them on in an “empty lot by the airport” was endorsed by Congressman Shadegg as an officer in his district? What a big tent party the GOP has become! So glad I reregistered as an Independent.

  9. Jeff Richards says:

    John Shadegg, have any more great recommendations on how LD-6 should conduct itself? You really did us a big favor with this nut job. Your Closet Queer constituents.
    PS Please reassure your paranoid little friend I use my own name.

  10. BOB HARAN says:

    You have my reply to your personal attacks on my character. You have no loyalty to country, no loyalty to party, no loyalty to principle. You are neither a liberal nor a conservative, you are nothing, you have no ideology or principles. You need someone to tell you who to vote for because you are nothing more then a useful idiot. You carry a little red slate in the same manner that the Communist carried Mao Tse-tung’s Little Red Book, you are a blind follower, therefore, I see no reason to respond to your kind further.


  11. Kelly says:

    Wow! This Bob Haran was just elected and is already unhinged. Glad I don’t ive in that district!!!!

  12. Frankly Speaking says:

    He’s always been like this. Now it will only get worse. It’s nothing more than a district office, so not to worry.

  13. Robert says:

    Bob Haran and John Shadegg are making quite a pair. Let’s see…their constituents are intolerant xenophobic closet queers who are followers and ought to be beaten up. If Shadegg is such an independent non-Republican like his giant bilboard claims, what business does he have endorsing anybody in a Republican district meeting? It’s okay with me if Shadegg wants to disclaim Republican Party affiliation. Does he have to wish these head cases on the rest of us on his way out? The kiddie nudie camps guy is starting to look like a stalwart conservative!

  14. seeingredaz says:

    Mr. Haran:
    We have a policy not to allow the type of unsubstantiated and inflammatory comments such as the last one you posted. For that reason, it has been removed.

    We welcome brief, well-reasoned and factual comments, even if we disagree with them.

  15. Jeff Richards says:

    Haran is a real piece of work. John Shadegg endorses “a” guest worker program on the eve of an Arizona legislative vote for THE guest worker program. But, in Haran’s opinion, Shadegg is a border security hero. Wrong again Haran.

    At one time Shadegg lined up for border security. Those days ended with the start of the 2008 campaigns. Mr. Independent, John Shadegg stands up for Mexican jobs in the U S now. Not American jobs in the U S. Shadegg joined Magruder, La Vecke and friends to endorse Tony Bouie and Kevin Gibbons.

    None so blind as those who will not see.