More Republicans for Janet

November 28, 2008

Perfecting the immigration two-step

Longtime readers will remember the disgraceful list of Republicans for Janet* during her last gubernatorial campaign. It was heavy with McCain aides and staffers, unwilling to support Republican candidate Len Munsil.

Today we have two more notables to add to the ranks: Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl. They call the nomination of Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security, “A good fit.”

“She knows border issues. She knows the problems of a state like Arizona, which has to put up with a lot of illegal immigration,” said Kyl, who is the ranking Republican on the Senate’s anti-terrorism subcommittee. “And while that’s only a piece of her job as Homeland Security secretary, we’re not going to have to explain it to her.”

Today’s daily describes McCain as “effusive in his praise” of Democrat Napolitano.

“I think she’s highly qualified, and we as citizens of Arizona are very proud to have a border-state governor and someone with her knowledge and expertise serving in this very, very important and vital position, I think we all know that we face challenges from Islamic extremism throughout the world, and I believe she will do an outstanding job,” McCain said.

Apparently they missed her numerous vetoes of legislation intended to implement border security.  Sen. Jon Kyl campaigned as tough on the border but immediately after winning reelection, he joined his senate cohorts, John McCain and Ted Kennedy in attempting to push through the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, which met strong public opposition and was derailed.

*Although the site has been taken down since it embarrassed some GOP candidates for office who had signed on, the names remain available at AZ Conservative, where Dennis Durband thoughtfully copied and retained the list.

Five hard truths for RINOS

November 28, 2008

Recovering from a beating doesn’t mean emulating the mugger

Townhall’s John Hawkins has written a must read article for those Republicans who are convinced that the road to GOP revitalization lies in becoming more like the Democrats who defeated them.

Certainly winning is not only essential, it is vital to expanding our message of less government and more individual responsibility. However, capitulation on core principles in a move to emulate the Left, serves neither cause nor party.

That is how we lost the recent presidential race to a shallow and virtually inexperienced charlatan who preached “Hope and Change” to a nation heavily populated with eager sheep wanting another trough-load of gravy while expending no energy to achieve it.

McCain was not the answer. It is incumbent on the national party leadership to begin the grooming and vetting process early, in preparation for the 2012 cycle.

Read Hawkins’ article here.

Rumor has it….

November 28, 2008

We hear a new name is circulating in Republican circles as a possible candidate to challenge current AZ GOP chair, Randy Pullen.

Ready for some clues?

He is a onetime power-player who bakes a mean chocolate dessert known as “Governor’s Cake.”

Aides once suggested he dye his pale blond eyebrows. He didn’t.

A former pilot, he had credibility when he said he witnessed UFO’s in the Arizona sky.

During their college years, he rescued Bill Clinton from a near drowning and was rewarded with a presidential pardon decades later.

Of course, it’s former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington. 

But the office of State GOP Chairman might be too big a leap for the onetime state leader. He ran for District Chairman in his home legislative district a couple of years ago, and was clobbered by a retired IBM engineer and political dynamo.

Add Symington’s name to the continually vacillating list of state chair wannabes. If he enters the fray, the rumor of interest in the position by Jay Heiler, Symington’s former chief-of-staff, would no doubt be laid to rest. However, both men have a major hurdle to overcome: Neither was elected as a state committeeman, rendering them ineligible to run for state chair.  Hi-jinks and shenanigans might be in the works to subvert the rules. Watch and listen.  The GOP state meeting will be held January 24, 2009.

And look for a woman or two to hop onboard the state leadership train.

Is Republican-lite the salvation of the GOP?

November 27, 2008

Randy Pullen, the AZ GOP chairman discusses the future of the Republican party and the much ballyhooed concept of party survival being based on pulling to a center position on immigration

GOP stares down immigration divide, by Reid Wilson, Arizona Capitol Times correspondent, is a compelling read.

The complete article is available here.

Thanksgiving wishes and a gift to our readers

November 27, 2008


We take a moment to reflect today on the many blessings we enjoy as citizens of this great land, and wish the abundant bounties of this uniquely American holiday to each and every one of our readers.

We also urge you to read this stunning article by Paul Sperry detailing congressional watchdog, U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick’s (R – N.C) tireless efforts to alert the nation to a very real threat with the potential to annihilate the freedoms we cherish and give thanks for today.

The information you receive in this reprised piece will be an invaluable gift to yourself, your family, neighbors, co-workers and friends.

Bad news for Phoenix as 1000 jobs cut

November 26, 2008

Labor groups wary of Gordon’s proposals

Phoenix will likely eliminate 1,000 positions next year as part of city officials’ effort to slash the budget by up to $250 million because of the ailing economy and a drop in tax collections.

Phoenixx Mayor Phil Gordon’s announcement marked the first time the city acknowledged how many of its 14,000 jobs could be eliminated.  Most of those staffing cuts will be through attrition, meaning the city will not replace people who leave. The city’s annual budget is $1.2 billion.

The mayor said he and his staff will voluntarily take one furlough day each month without pay, and that he would ask all other city employees to do the same. Gordon said he plans to meet with union representatives to request that employees forgo pay raises for one year to avert some layoffs.

Labor groups are wary of the proposal. Richard Clewis, of the Administrative, Supervisory, Professional and Technical Employees Association, said he understands the severity of Phoenix’s fiscal challenges but wants leaders to evaluate every option before cutting staff. The organization represents 3,600 city workers.

Read the article in the daily here.

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse cut swath through Arizona political scene

November 26, 2008

McCain, Kyl, Shadegg and Flake exert force in district power plays

Last night’s District 11 organizational meeting results mirror those of other Maricopa County districts. It appears that the grassroots conservative leadership continues to be assaulted by the pro-illegal immigration crowd, being lead by the majority of the Arizona GOP delegation beholden to business interests desirous of a continued stream of low -wage and exploitable workers.

The pattern in which they obtain their dominance reflects the McCain-driven power structure. Daring to disagree with their version of what the Republican party stands for has consequences.

Still the vote was close. Rob Haney the incumbent chairman garnered 191 votes to Steve Tully’s 203. Tully is a former state legislator and McCain aide.

Good manners take a back seat when the crowd is on a mission to undermine the grassroots precinct committeemen. Wes Gullet, a McCain strategist, and his wife Deb, who is an advisor to Democrat Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, led the rowdy opposition crowd.

Other districts where attempts have been made to silence the border and social conservatives are Districts 6 and 8.

At the LD 6 meeting Congressman Shadegg endorsed the more liberal slate. Apparently most of the precinct committeemen were unaware of his recent comments to the New York Times insulting Arizonans who simply recognize the need for secure national borders in these perilous times. Crime and identity theft are rampant. “Guest” workers are not the answer, particularly with our current economic downturn and high citizen unemployment And our Fourteenth Amendment assures any children born to such “guests” are granted instant citizenship.

Suspecting his inclination, Chairman Haney invited the congressman to speak after the election was concluded. Knowing that he would not be allowed to do an encore endorsement as he had at the election the night before, Shadegg left, though his staffers remained.

The election results are available here. It was far from a major defeat as Haney’s team won 110 of the 143 coveted state committeeman slots.