An even more liberal spin on the news is coming to a newspaper near you

CNN Wire launches less costly alternative news source

The New York Times reports that CNN, in the afterglow of an election season of record ratings for cable news, is elbowing in on a new line of business: catering to financially strained newspapers looking for an alternative to The Associated Press.

For nearly a month, a trial version of CNN’s wire service has been on display in some newspapers. But this week editors from about 30 papers will visit Atlanta to hear CNN’s plans to broaden a service to provide coverage of big national and international events – and maybe local ones – on a smaller scale and at a lower cost than The AP.

Read the full NYT account here.

Editor & Publisher, the newspaper industry’s journal, also reports on the phenomena.

2 Responses to An even more liberal spin on the news is coming to a newspaper near you

  1. Jason says:

    Swell. This would be a natural for FOX News. I wonder why they haven’t gotten into this mix? We are inundated with the liberal slant on the news. I, for one, would appreciate another vantage point.

  2. MacBeth says:

    This is not a good sign for impartial news reporting — which is already a rarity. I’m glad to see this site often references alternative sources such a OneNewsNow.

    I appreciate the fact that we are not hard-wired into the liberal services when reading a conservative site.