Globalism on the march

After holding firm against the tide, Great Britain is now considering implementing the Euro.  And Denmark, another European Union nation which has steadfastly refused to accept the EU currency is now planning another referendum on the issue. The Danish voted against joining the union in 2000.

Breitbart has the article here.

In October 2007, Seeing Red AZ posted this “Larry King Live” interview of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, confirming plans for implementation of the Amero, a form of currency similar to the Euro, designed for use by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We urge you to watch the brief but informative video at the conclusion of that post.

2 Responses to Globalism on the march

  1. Joe Evans says:

    This is nothing short of alarming for anyone who places a premium on our American heritage and sovereignty.

    Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland have all gone with the Euro, losing their nationally identifying currencies.

    Further, they have also caved into demands by their ever-growing Muslim population. Belgium, France, Spain and The Netherlands have been terrorized by their immigrant Muslim populations, but continue to acquiesce.

    Great Britain is losing high numbers of its population with people leaving by the thousands each month for this very reason.
    Great Britain has now even instituted Sharia courts!!

    Soon their languages will be an amalgamation, and then it will be one united nation of Europe. Is this what we want to follow? The United States, Mexico and Canada all have their own heritages and governments. We are the most fortunate nation in the world to have been created by the brilliance of our Founders in the wake of a bloody revolution. Does none of this grand history matter anymore?

  2. RA says:

    Thank you, Joe for the links and commentary. I think this insanity is coming here soon as well – in a different form, but with the same overall effects. I am less concerned with the rumors of the “Amero” and the expansion of the “Euro” (perhaps one of the worst names for any currency – it sounds like something that can be p*ssed away – does one call an expert on pan-European monetary and economic policy a “Eurologist?”). Tendencies for pan-European linguistic assimilation are outweighed by dominant language assimilation (e.g. American English slang in France) and in any case have occurred historically on a regional level (e.g. England, and much of Scandinavia) – and in some instances have been countered (the resurgence of Welsh and Irish, to cite two examples).

    More worrisome is the impact of extremely high levels of immigration and the adverse effects of this immigration on a nation’s culture and institutions.

    At the root of this phenomenon is this abominable notion of “free movement across borders.” What results from the large-scale cross-border movement of people? The plights of the southwestern U.S. and most of west Africa are indicative of what is to come – large migrant populations, economic deterioration, vast disparities in wealth, infrastructure deterioration, routine inter-ethnic conflicts, steep increases in crime, steep increases in corruption, and deterioration of institutions for the maintenance of the nation and its people. None of this will be conducive to the creation and stewardship of actual wealth – but it will cause a lot of disruption, chaos, and churn.