Watch the Republic wring its hands, don sackcloth and ashes, then launch full frontal attack

Gird yourself, Jan Brewer

Recent headlines in the Republic here, here and here, for example, have given a good indication of the anxiety with which the daily has greeted the news that Gov. Janet Napolitano was going to be taking her long-desired hike towards the Potomac.

The daily has even included a nearly 15-year-old photo of Veto-Queen J-No, for which requests can be made. She is their fav celebrity, ‘ya know?

The newspaper does take more than a measured amount of joy in the fact that the her “centrist” position on Mexico would signal a liberal approach to illegal immigration. No wonder AZ Sens. McCain and Kyl, architects of the failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform, were so quick to endorse her [then] pending appointment. They are keen proponents of amnesty and see her as a conduit to enacting such irresponsible legislation.

So now it’s happened.

Secretary of State Jan Brewer is a savvy woman with decades of political experience in the state House, Senate, Board of Supervisors and the Secretary of State’s office.  She is eminently qualified to run the state.

Seeing Red AZ wishes her good luck and God’s blessings as she undertakes her new position as Governor of the great state of Arizona.

One Response to Watch the Republic wring its hands, don sackcloth and ashes, then launch full frontal attack

  1. AZ Conservative says:

    Nationally, we are suffering. But, Arizona made out like a bandit Nov. 4. A conservative majority in the legislature and now this, Gov. Brewer! It’s a shame the Republicans are going to have to spend so much time and effort just to clean up the mess we inherit from J-no, the democrats and rinos.

    This is absolutely going to be fun to watch. Gov. Brewer, Treasurer Martin, Sheriff Joe, County Attorney Thomas, and a conservative legislature. Improvements are going to occur at break-neck speed. Wow! Hang on for the ride Arizona. This is going to be great!