AZ tanks in disaster preparedness — gets D+ in study

Yet AZ GOP congressional delegation supports Napolitano’s appointment

Outgoing Arizona Gov. Napolitano is such a whiz-bang at providing disaster security to Arizona, it’s clear to see why she was selected by president-elect Obama to lead Homeland Security and rates accolades from Sens. McCain and Kyl.

Arizona is tied for last place in disaster preparedness according to a new 124 page report titled “Ready or Not: protecting the public’s health from diseases, disasters and bioterrorism – 2008.”  The report details Arizona’s abysmal lack of readiness as compared to other states.

In Arizona, under the leadership of Gov. Napolitano, we’re not ready!  Even the Arizona Republic, her most slavishly loyal supporter, had to admit that we are tied for LAST PLACE in disaster readiness in a front page article today.

Check out the state-by-state public health preparedness indicators and scores. Page 23 shows Arizona is among the 16 states that have purchased LESS than 50% of their share of federally-subsidized antiviral drugs to stockpile for use during an influenza pandemic. In fact, we have only 12% to combat an epidemic.

Arizona was among 20 states and D.C. that were NOT able to identify the pathogen responsible for reported foodborne disease outbreaks at a rate that met or exceeded the national average.

We are ill prepared to deal with community medical emergencies, and are not in compliance with a medical reserve corps.

No state-wide agency is enrolled in the retail food regulatory program.

In the event of a chemical terrorist attack, we’re screwed.

Read the independent analysis in the full report by two non-profit health advocacy groups here.

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has previously called Napolitano a shamnesty wolf in enforcement clothing. Seeing Red AZ has also covered this ludicrous appointment.

If she’s confirmed,  the entire nation will have to cope with the ineptness that is Janet Napolitano.

10 Responses to AZ tanks in disaster preparedness — gets D+ in study

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Disaster readiness? The only disaster in this equation is Janet Napolitano. Her appointment as Homeland Security chief shows that politics rather than experience is all that actually matters. She came out as an early Obama supporter and is being repaid. Arizonans have long known her appalling lack of incentive to do anything about securing our southern border, but to put this woman in charge of national security is an outrage of immense proportions, putting the entire nation at risk.

  2. Calypso says:

    She’ll do for the nation what she has done for us. In these perilous times, we can ill afford this purely political appointment that leaves American citizens as vulnerable as those of us here in Arizona.

  3. Vince says:

    What angers me is that our Republican delegation has let us down again. What are our two illustrious senators thinking of in heaping praise on this liberal and inept woman?

  4. Jean D. says:

    “Show me a 50 foot wall and I will show you a 51 foot ladder.” J-No is not equipped whatsoever for the position of Secretary of Homeland Security.

  5. Army of One says:

    Knowing our opportunistic delegation, they are probably angling for something in return. I am more disgusted with myself for voting for them than I am with their duplicity. I’ve come to expect little from them, but I hold myself to a higher standard. The fear mongering has always gotten to me. We are always asked if we want a Jim Pederson or Bob Lord in DC representing Arizona? Of course not. On the other hand, when our own Republicans act no differently, why return them? I have stopped identifying myself as a “Republican” and have begun calling myself a “Conservative.”

  6. Carl in LD 19 says:

    I’m with you Army (former myself). I don’t identify myself as Republican but as a Conservative. These days there is a huge difference. Been looking at the Constitution Party. I’d rather vote for something I believe in than just go along.

  7. RA says:

    Jean, Dennis and Calypso, you’re right. Janet doesn’t even have the right attitude for the position.

    Vince, my best guess is McCain and Kyl have set sail on the “Bipartisan Ship” and are now at sea, bailing just as fast as they possibly can.

  8. ron says:

    Of course, no GOPer is about to take responsibility for all the years they were in charge of disaster preparedness in the years prior to this Governor. There were no disaster plans in this state worth the paper they were written on during all those years either. This problem didn’t begin with this governor. I found out in 2005 that Maricopa County had no disaster plan even though they had an emergency planning department for over 102 years! I don’t think Janet has been governor for 105 years (although it may feel like that to some readers at this site).

    How many commentators have ever attended a meeting of the MCLEPC (or the parallel organization in the county of your residence)? If you have to ask what the acronym stands for….

  9. RA says:

    Ron makes an interesting point about how “no GOPer is about to take responsibility for all the years they were in charge of disaster preparedness in the years prior to this Governor.” Let’s actually consider just how many years the Republicans held the office of governor of the state of Arizona.

    A quick count gives the Democrats a total of approximately 65 years in the office of governor of the state of Arizona while Republican governors have held office around 39 years. There is some double counting owing to uneven transitions in some years, but even discounting this gives a ratio somewhat greater than 3:2. During the 1900s, the Democrats held office for an uninterrupted period of 20 years (1931-1951) and then again for an uninterrupted period of 12 years (1975-1986). The longest Republicans have held the office was for a period of 13 years (1991-2003). Republican Jack Williams held the office for the longest uninterrupted tenure of 8 years (1967-1974) while Democrat George W. P. Hunt held the office for about 16 years altogether over three separate periods.

    So while Republican governors are not without fault on this issue, they have historically had far less time to rectify the situation – more than 20 years less time.

    While Janet has not “been governor for 105 years,” as Ron facetiously points out, she has been governor for the longest period of time following the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks should have highlighted the need for disaster preparedness. At the very least Janet should not have squandered the state’s funds (which she did on an UNPRECEDENTED scale for the state – my God, there are whole COUNTRIES that don’t have the deficit we do, and a lot of them export a hell of a lot more) without making provision for funding disaster preparation. Furthermore, she’s been governor during a time when Mexican gang crime and crime related to illegal immigration hit all-time highs (remember the freeway shoot-out that occurred during Vicente Fox’s visit?), and yet famously rejected any approaches to containment through constructing physical barriers. And now she’s been appointed to head the Department of Homeland Security, which is a bit like putting Ray Nagin in charge of a flood control project in the Netherlands.

    But this all really sidesteps the main point. The issue with Janet is not that she’s a Democrat, but rather that she is a shameless carpetbagging opportunist who has put herself ahead of her office and her politics ahead of her responsibilities to the state – and the real scandal here is that such a person was elected AT ALL to a position of such responsibility and then surrealistically appointed to a position of even greater responsibility.

  10. ron says:


    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I will agree with the last paragraph – and I think that this point is one which will not be forgotten by any of us should she return for another attempt to run for public offfice in this state.