Illegal Update

Just a few more good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do

This raid netted 19 illegal aliens following a recent traffic stop near Tonopah. After the stop, the driver and six passengers fled, before being apprehended by law enforcement.

The daily reports these fine folks are from Mexico and Guatemala.

The impoverished illegals, sorely in need of jobs which displace American citizen workers, somehow were able to amass large sums of cash to pay their transporters. They told detectives they were charged more than $5,000 each to be smuggled into the United States.

Police found an assault weapon and ammunition inside a drophouse which they had placed under surveillance after it was identified by the illegals. Additional illegals were found in the Westside Phoenix residence.

Seeing Red AZ thoughtfully provides a glossary to aid to reading the Republic article.

7 Responses to Illegal Update

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    So glad you remind us of these co-conspirators, who are not victims or kidnapped, but actually pay handsomely to be transported into the United States in violation of our laws. Much appreciated, Seeing Red!

  2. Jana Simmons says:

    Love the glossary! All too true!!

  3. Rachel W says:

    “drophouse” is such a biased description. We prefer to call them multicultural impromptu sleep-overs.

  4. John Q. Public says:

    Will keep that excellent point in mind, Rachel. I’m getting tired of being called a bigot merely because I want our nation’s borders protected and laws obeyed.

  5. Vince L. says:

    Of course Rachel, good idea. You don’t want to be termed an intolerant xenophobe by Congressman Shadegg who is charged with preventing just such an invasion and instead is looking to expand it.

  6. Jason says:

    No more “path to citizenship.” No more “guest worker” ideas. Enforce the laws on the books. Defend our nation from invasion.

    Protect our neighborhoods from aliens, even those whose “only” crime was coming here. If they themselves are not stealing or forging I.D. then they are benficiaries of someone who is. We citizens are not safe in our own homes and neighborhoods because some business owners prefer to pay substandard wages. We are all mad as hell now and will vote out every incumbent who has had his turn up to bat without delivering.

    There is no difference between bailing out some businesses and just “looking the other way” for illegal employers. The taxpayers are subsidizing business either way.

    Border security candidates YES, PLEASE RUN. We know who the fakers are now. Flake, Shadegg, Kyl and McCain can all be beat because they refuse to uphold the will of 80% of Arizona voters who are fed up.

  7. Ben F says:

    I think it is a mark of integrity to be called names by the low life Congressmen who spew hate speech against people who are trying to protect the sovereignty and rule of law for our representative republic. By the way, doesn’t the term “representative” indicate that they are supposed to represent their constituents?