So here we go again

It appears the January 24th election for the Republican Party State Chairmanship is going to be a redux of the one we saw in 2007 — this time with even stronger undercurrents. Word is out that political operative Lisa James has indicated her intention to challenge incumbent GOP chairman Randy Pullen — again.

In the previous race, claims were leveled that if Pullen was elected, the state party would collapse. That has been disproved by his able leadership, working tirelessly and rebuilding confidence in the state party, thus motivating 5,000 new donors to contribute to the state coffers. He is well regarded on the national level and was instrumental in tightening the language of the Republican Platform on illegal immigration. Apparently that is not enough to suit Pullen’s detractors.

And, while Republicans nationwide have taken a beating, under Pullen’s chairmanship Arizona has increased its GOP majority margins considerably, in both the House and Senate.

Still we have witnessed in district after district, conservatives being eliminated as precinct committeemen, state committeemen and district chairmen, signaling a concerted effort to push a liberalized immigration agenda, at the highest levels. Unprecedented efforts to remove legislators who supported controls were seen. A successful effort to unseat County Chairman Tom Husband as a PC rendered him unable to run for the county leadership post again, although he was able to retain his post through the end of his term.

For the past year, Sean Noble has been seen at districts around the state. The former top aide to Congressman John Shadegg, has been recruiting new precinct committeemen in an effort to move a  pro-amnesty agenda. The connective threads are obvious.

This raises the question: Is Noble still on Shadegg’s payroll and once again on “special assignment?”

Lisa James has said even recently that she had no interest in running for the top GOP state post.  Something major has changed her mind.

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  1. Sideliner says:

    Noble’s “special assignment” is obviously to undo the conservative state, county and district leadership. This is all part and parcel of the ongoing effort by the squishes to wrest control from the hardworking grassroots conservatives. The newly recruited PCs have no idea what they are being recruited for. I’ve spoken to some of them and it’s obvious what’s going on. Noble and Co. merely want the proxies.

  2. Seen It All says:

    Lisa James is the one who was defeated as a state committeeman in her home district but attempted to circumvent the rules by being appointed in another district across town a couple of years ago. When that charade was disclosed, Keith DeGreen stepped down to allow her to take his seat, bypassing others on the list of alternates. It was a shameful display of political arrogance and provides an indication of what to expect from this member of the James Gang.

  3. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Yep. And she’s a longtime ally of the discredited political snake Nathan Sproul. Surely our memories aren’t that short.

  4. Keen Observer says:

    This is truly a display of the McCain mindset. The Republican superstructure is filled with Noble and Sproul look and sound alikes who are the agents of their “non-enforcement of immigration law” Congressional superiors.

    If Congressman Franks throws in with the rest of the delegation by again supporting James, it will be an indication of how far our delegation has fallen by not representing the will of the people. The people have shown over and over again that they want our immigration laws enforced. The delegation has told them over and over again to go pound salt.

    This is the state of the Republican party under McCain’s leadership. Will we ever be free of this Republican party killing machine?

  5. Vince L. says:

    Sean Noble brought his “what’s an LD?” proxies to our elections. PCs who have never been to a meeting furnished Noble their pro-illegal alien proxy vote. John Shadegg says border security conscious Republicans are xenophobes and “are by their actions, intolerant.” Shadegg, Noble and Lisa James are your more-illegal-immigration-not-less would be AZ GOP leaders. No thank you.

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    Liberals within the state GOP are doing to us what the Democrats could only hope to do. What joy do they take in annihilating the Republican party?

  7. McLame '08! says:

    Next on Noble’s shopping list is RINO State Chairman candidate and Rudy Giuiliani’s Arizona campaign chairman, Lisa James. Didn’t Noble, Shadegg and James hear? McLame lost. Conservatives took over the legislature from RINOs. Center-Left isn’t working among Republicans. This must be why Shadegg distances himself from the Republican Party and runs as a self described Independent. Mr. Shadegg, we agree! You don’t sound Republican to us either.

    Noble’s team fails on the border issue right out of the gate. 75% of Arizona voters disagree with them on border security. No matter how many sneaky proxies they come up with, the voters don’t want what you’re sellin’!

    How can James, Shadegg and Noble fail on the first issue which is maintaining this nation’s sovereignty and think they should run the GOP? McCain/Kyl/Kennedy Amnesty chased many Republicans out of the Party. That’s unity Arizona RINO style.

  8. kate says:

    Vince L.,
    Don’t forget McCain in your list. Shadegg has sold out his constituents in order to please him (McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill)and get the Senator’s anointing for the seat when he retires. Apparently, Flake and Shadegg are in a race for that endorsement. Would be so delicious if J.D. could steal it from all three.
    J.D. for Senate in 2010. I want that bumper sticker!

  9. Gimlet says:

    The consulting firm Lisa James and her husband run has Jason LeVecke, the Carl’s Jr. open border proponent, as one of their spotlighted clients. That should tell you their bent. This race is all about McCain and illegals. Let’s not forget that. These folks haven’t.

  10. nightcrawler says:

    As you all know, I am an unapologetic moderate. This is news to me as well. On a personal level I am not sure why Lisa would subject herself to running another race. Is the prize worth playing the game ? In my opinion, it is not. I do not know this for a fact, but my guess is she was asked to run by folks fairly far up the food chain.

    For what it is worth, I do like Randy Pullen as person and respect him as a businessman and a leader. It was not easy for him the take the helm of a state that was literally split down the middle. He made an effort to go to as many district meetings as possible. He worked very hard and although he wasn’t perfect, he did a decent job, given the cold shoulder he received by the congressional delegation in the beginning. He carried McCain’s water down in Mesa, perhaps strong armed the conservatives a bit too much in that regard.

    The election of the State Chairman is different from the election of the MCRC Chairman. The MCRC executive slate is voted on by all the PCs. The State Chairman and the down slate is voted on by State Committeemen, who are chosen at the district organizational meetings. They do not always represent the wishes of the majority. Thus this election is more strategic than most.

    So for all of you inside baseball folks. LD11 has over 100 conservative state committeemen ready to go. LD8 has about 70 moderates in tow. The rest of the state will be a mixture with a few notable exceptions, for example, my guess is LD 18 is quite conservative.

    This election will in my opinion come down the LD4 and the new organizational meeting held on December 17th. There are 70+ state committeemen slots that hang in the balance. Look for Randy to send flowers to P.C. and L.T. in hopes to shore up the newbies to whom they have hitched their wagon. Randy’s press conference regarding the highway cameras a couple weeks back, spoke volumes in this regard.

    Buckle up folks, we are in for a ride…

  11. MacBeth says:

    Although we have had our philosophical differences in the past, I have to say I agree with you on this one. However, I don’t know how much more “buckling up” I can manage. I’ve already heard from disgusted PCs in my district who are ready to jump ship. They have expressed dismay over being abandoned by the delegation and are tired of working on campaigns where arrogance takes hold of those who are elected. These “officials” forget who busted their butts to put them in office and then treat them like so much gunk on their shoes.

    The natives are getting restless.

  12. Jack says:

    HEADS UP TO PRO LIFERS: I remember Lisa James, who ran as a solid Pro Life candidate in ‘07 against Randy Pullen, who she said wasn’t Pro Life enough.

    That election took place the last weekend of January. By March, the James Gang had signed onto the Rudy Giuliani Presidential campaign. In case you don’t remember, Giuliani was the most Pro Abortion/Choice primary candidate in the race. So I guess the question is do you allow your Pro Life principles to get in the way of making big bucks?

    In case some choose to separate the business from Lisa, at the time she was listed as the company’s VP. People need to know that the James Gang has an impressive bio, including, most recently Pres. Bush; thus, they had their pick of any primary candidate.

    Last AZGOP election she was able to sell the Pro Life label to many State Committeemen, including some leaders in the Pro Life arena. With this additional info, hopefully that should be a harder sell this time.

  13. nightcrawler says:

    Jack, you are totally wrong on this…

    Here is a bit of what I posted on SA on this subject, you may take issue with Lisa James on a lot of topics, life shouldn’t be one of them.

    I thought of myself as pro-choice, but having the pleasure of reading many of the posts on this blog, my position has drifted right. You won’t see me march anytime soon or run for the ACC as a “convert”. However, I will support a Pro-Life candidate without hesitation, which wasn’t always the case.

    The reason I mention all this is that while I am not at all ashamed to admit I am a moderate, I want to state for the record that Lisa James is not a moderate by any social defintion. She is a staunch supporter of the sanctity of life. I have talked to her face to face on this subject and she very far to the right. I don’t agree with her position, it seems extreme. Virtually no exceptions, a life is a life, period. So if life is a litmus test, please ask her yourself. I am sure she would be happy to let you know exactly where she stands.

    MacBeth, I agree with you too..This is getting old..

  14. Jack says:

    Nightcrawler, HELLOOOOOO!! No true Pro Lifer chooses Giuliani when they have their pick of the lot or otherwise. Just as no true Pro Lifer suggests that federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research is A-OK “because it’s just going to be thrown away anyhow”. Recognize that one? Pray hard for our enemies, people; inside and outside the family.

    Most of the good folks in LD 4 are our good friends. They need our prayers this coming week.

    And, yes, protecting innocent life is a litmus test, but the invasion of Illegals stressing our hospitals (over 80 closed in CA) ties into the LIFE issue strongly. With the Boomers coming on board for SS and Medicare, as well, the total stress on health care will have more folks crying for Hillary Care. Don’t doubt for one second that H.C. will give us abortion and euthanasia on demand.
    And with most American Hispanic citizens pulling the lever for the Pro Abortion/choice DEMs, we end up there anyhow with “Comprehensive” (amnesty) legalization.
    Not a case of the “Seamless garment” theory: just plain old unintended consequences. (But obviously not unintended by the DEMs and RINOs.)

  15. Night Owl says:

    Well, before I turn in, I think I’ll weigh in on this discussion. Jack is correct in his assertion regarding Lisa James. When she could have supported ANY candidate early in the presidential race, she picked pro-abortion Rudy! Actual pro-life supporters would never think of doing such a thing. Lisa and Gordon James put their bottom line where the money is. They are a client-based power couple who look at the bankroll in their decision making. That’s not a slap, its a fact.

  16. John says:

    No worries about LD4. Those State Committeemen have already been appointed and neither Corbell nor Tuttle nor anyone else needs to receive flowers. CorTuttle screwed up their LD4 election and got the meeting shut down, so the acting Chairman got to appoint the State Committeeman. Its a pretty solid Pullen group from what we’re hearing, but that’s not surprise. Boone, Harper and Burges all did well with Pullen and the PCs in that district, regardless of what “faction” they’re supporting in their current civil war, are all very conservative. They’re not going to support a pro-amnesty candidate like James.

  17. Jeff says:

    nightcrawler if Lisa James is so pro-life why is she hanging out with the other side?