Sen. John Huppenthal frustrates Democrats with repeated wins

Since he can’t be defeated at the ballot box, let’s say he beats up old ladies

The issue:

Huppenthal,  a former Chandler City Councilman, says he had permission to remove a campaign sign from private property, contending it contained lies about him.

The charge:

State Sen. John Huppenthal (R-Dist. 20), has been charged with misdemeanor theft and altering or destroying political signs for cutting down an opposition campaign sign on Election Day.

The charges stem from a confrontation Huppenthal had with Democrat activist Ruth Levin, 78, who told  police that the senator cut down the sign then struggled with her over it before driving off. Levin reported the incident to Chandler police

The Democrat characterization:

Emily DeRose, spokeswoman for the Democrat Party said, “Our public officials should be held to a high standard of ethical conduct. People who think it’s okay to steal signs from little old ladies should account for that kind of behavior,” she said.

The Dem annoyance factor:

Sen. Huppenthal has won election to the legislature for the past 16 years, beating his Democrat challenger Ted Maish 56.2% to 43.8% on November 4th.

Seeing Red AZ covered this matter last month. This is the daily’s biased report today. Pay particular attention to the skewed headline with which they lead the article.

8 Responses to Sen. John Huppenthal frustrates Democrats with repeated wins

  1. Russ J says:

    Another example of why the Repugnant’s days are numbered. This headline is closer to false than it is to simply “misleading.” The paper will fold for good before they ever cease their daily drumbeat for the left. Too bad.

  2. Maggie says:

    Huppenthal was not supposed to react to negative signs, not campaign signs of another candidate, but specifically directed AT him and placed beside his signs? Give me a break! This is Democrat ire in full flare, even if it is instigated by a 78 year old. Old Democrats are still Democrats.

  3. Steve says:

    This sounds like a bogus charge trumped up by Democratic party insiders. I’ll bet the farm that Ruth Levin called party headquarters before she called the police.

  4. Vince says:

    If Ruth Levin is young enough to be a “party activist” why is she too old to have a dispute with? Just take a look around the district meetings. A lot of the precinct committeemen are older — and because they are retired, they are often the most active and hardest working. Unless she’s infirm, what keeps her from being a hell raising troublemaker?

  5. Rock-fist Republican says:

    I’ll bet that loser Slade Mead had his buddy in the Senate pressure Chandler.

  6. Gimlet says:

    Clarification on the code talk, please, RFR. I’m in the dark about Mead’s senate buddy. I juust remember Mead as a liberal elected as a Republican who then switched his affiliation to mirror his thoughts and actions. He became a Democrat.

  7. time says:

    The Scottsdale prosecutor is not charging under campaign sign statutes. But, rather under theft statutes. However, the same section of law that allows a property owner to remove signs is the one that allows cities to regulate signs. I wonder if Scottsdale knows that their prosecutor is classifying their sign regulation and removal activities as theft.

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