There’s a war going on, folks

Mexico deadlier than Iraq

Gunmen opened fire in the state attorney general’s office in Tijuana earlier this week wounding three agents, police said.

Drug gangs have raided police offices specifically to release members in custody. Some gangsters have even invaded hospitals to kill wounded rivals, according to an AP report.

The San Diego Union-Tribune previously reported that following weeks of unprecedented violence in Tijuana, Mayor Jorge Ramos has made some major changes in his troubled police department, removing its top official, Alberto Capella Ibarra.

Ramos’ choice for public safety secretary is Julian Leyzaola, a military lieutenant colonel who had been serving as Capella’s top deputy. Stepping into Leyzaola’s position is a retired captain in the Mexican military, Gustavo Huerta Martinez; he had been serving as Rosarito Beach police chief.

The moves “ratify the position that it is with military commanders, the support of the governor … and the president of Mexico … that the security of Mexico will be recovered,” according to a City Hall statement announcing the changes.

The decapitated bodies of three police officers were recently found alongside six other beheaded corpses in one weekend of violence in which 34 people were slain in different sections of Tijuana.

The victims included two young boys, killed by gunmen, along with two adults near a grocery store in eastern Tijuana. The 18-year-old nephew of Baja California’s tourism secretary was found shot to death inside a vehicle a few miles east of downtown. The report is here.

The Arizona Daily Star reports rising drug violence in Mexico’s border region has prompted Southern Arizona’s largest military installation to issue new restrictions on troop travel and a warning to approximately 11.000 family members, contractors and civilian staffers to stay away. This order affects nearly 7,000 troops at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista.

Read this WorldNetDaily article regarding the death toll in Mexico surpassing that in Iraq.


10 Responses to There’s a war going on, folks

  1. Sam says:

    I wonder how many American devotees of Mexico are still trekking down for sun, sand and jumbo shrimp? This is a seriously flawed country and still we have our own elected officials advocating for these folks to come as “guests.” Soon they’ll be granted political refugee status. That could be a route for our delegation to circumvent the will of American citizens who want none of their amnesty schemes.

  2. Chuck says:

    Cheap isn’t so cheap anymore. The mystique of Nogales died twenty-five years ago. Mexico is a third-world and violent country lurking right on our doorstep. Our government has been seriously remiss in not addressing the massive problems associated with illegal immigration. The answer sure isn’t giving an amnesty “pathway to citizenship’ to masses of uneducated people who have grown up in amid governmental corruption and are used to crime as a national way of life.

  3. Jeff Richards says:

    The U.S. is already affected by imported Mexican corruption. Anything resembling amnesty will certainly compound the problem. Sen. Jack Harper had it right…move the Arizona national guard training base from the cool pines of northern Arizona down to where we need them, on the border.

  4. Bill Whittington says:

    “I believe the Republican Party in Arizona has been hurt very badly by the image created by those who have been most outspoken in their attacks on the illegal immigration issue, who have created the appearance that Republicans are xenophobic, that seem by their comments and are by their actions intolerant,” Shadegg said.

    Beg to differ Congressman, the Republican Party standing tall for border security and against Mexico’s drug wars will attract voters. Yours are words that amount to “not a dime’s worth of difference” between the parties and are the biggest cause of Republicans leaving the party. When is the last time one of our elected “representatives” visited the border or decried the violence there? Yet we Arizona constituents get back handed for acknowledging the obvious. Shadegg and his Wake Up Arizona associates need a wake-up call of their own.

  5. nightcrawler says:

    You guys and gals have this all wrong. You need to stop grabbing for the low hanging fruit. Raid city janitors with a SWAT team, arrest workers in a water park with kids all around, turn in the guy washing dishes at Taco Bell. Big trophy hunters are we ?

    Our law enforcement resources need to shift to deal with the real bad guys as mentioned in this post. The drug trade is a threat to our national security. The rest of it is all chest thumping and window dressing.

    I do agree with JR, we need a military presence along the California, Arizona and Texas borders to stop this unacceptable violence from spilling across into the US.

  6. Night Owl says:

    I agree with Sen. Harper, also. We needed armed agents on the border, but we must have assurances they will not be tried for their lawful actions while the Mexican drug runners get a pass for cooperating with the feds who prosecute the officers. Compean and Ramos should have been freed long ago. Shame on President Bush for his inaction on behalf of these good men.

  7. Bill Whittington says:

    nightcrawler, What you describe as “low hanging fruit” are the millions impacting our country with disease, corruption, crime and socialist policies. These are exactly the people we need to be going after. Other illegals in the community need to get the message we defend our sovereignty. Those Mexicans thinking of coming to the U.S. need to get the message we are not hospitable to the law breakers.

    Your argument reminds me of the pot head who rationalizes…”I only smoke a little marijuana once in awhile.” While refusing to acknowledge that practice is resulting in beheadings and other murders along the border.

    Lock up the dishwashers, janitors and gardeners who are here illegaly and you’ll find a lot of our construction workers suddenly have work again. Everyone who violated our sovereignty to be here needs to go.

  8. nightcrawler says:


    As it is with much of life, law enforcement resources are limited. This bad economy has driven off as many more undocuments than the employer sanctions law, although I will admit the law did work better than I thought it would.

    Drugs are morally wrong and are killing our kids and our future. I don’t for a moment take the libertarian stance of live and let live in this regard. Enforce the drug laws. I would just rather see the focus of law enforcement placed on the war on drugs rather than on the war on immigration. Apple vs. orange or perhaps Joint vs. burrito.

  9. CrackleGator says:

    Now we are sending Mexico $1.4 billion to help México fight corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s like asking your bulldog to guard a pork chop!! Money CAUSES corruption.
    Of course, you know that, and I know that. Certainly everyone in government knows that. So why do you suppose our leaders would be handing over billions to Mexico?
    Do you think in your wildest imaginings that those responsible for this outrage do not know exactly what they are doing? The more corruption and violence and breakdown in the social order they can concoct, the sooner they, the government, can step in and say the current “system” of independent countries is not working, anarchy is running rampant for some unclear reason, therefore we need a North American Union, (and ultimately a world government).
    If you operate from a basis of logic and reason you’ll have to conclude that the people responsible for what’s happening on the worldwide stage are deliberately doing those things we all think are “mistakes.”
    It is time we realize that these things aren’t just mistakes, accidents, etc. If they were, by the odds half of their blunders would turn out to the good. But we are being led like sheep to the slaughter while being required to tote along the knife that slits our throats.

  10. Kathy says:

    No word or even a peep from McCain, Kyl & Shadegg – wonder why?? After all the war is right at our own backdoor & has found it’s way to Phoenix with the tactical armed home invasions the Mayor & Phx PD are so hush, hush about. Congress votes to send billions to Mexico to protect their southern border – while the politicians are still dragging their feet to protect ours.