Immigration reform? Trusting our leaders has been a fool’s mission

Jon Kyl appears to be rethinking his approach to illegal immigration. Arizona’s junior senator, who campaigned on tough border enforcement, only to win election and attempt to shove his bi-partisan comprehensive immigration reform down America’s collective throat, is now growing shy.

His “guest worker” program has reconfigured itself into a less alienating “temporary worker’ scheme, but the plan to regularize millions of low-wage laborers who will eventually be given that glorious pathway to citizenship, still looms on the horizon. The terminology may have changed, but the intent to sell amnesty remains the same.

Although John McCain lost the presidency, his lavish praise of president-elect Barack Obama makes it appear he is angling for a different political prize. After all, former adversaries Hillary Clinton will be confirmed as Secretary of State and Bill Richardson is getting a cabinet appointment. McCain, who revels in his bi-partisan aisle-crossing, would likely be happy to leave the senate where he has been a near stranger [missing 420 votes (63.9%) during the past session], and take a cabinet level seat as a nice icing on his career cake. It would also give him the opportunity to anoint his successor.

Citizen fury was unparalleled as the Arizona duo of McCain and Kyl partnered with uber-liberal Ted Kennedy on granting amnesty to the flood of illegal aliens in this country. The downturn in the U.S. economy has provided some relief, but the numbers still impact our taxpaying citizens as educational facilities, the criminal justice system and health care providers buckle under the strain of an estimated 20 – 35 million in this country unlawfully.

The incoming president and House and Senate Democrats view the influx as a prospective and powerful voter base. Republican John McCain’s non-too-subtle signals to assist the Obama administration in facilitating an amnesty agenda — regardless of what it is called in a newly-minted incarnation, will be recognized for what it is — betrayal.

National public outrage at the 2007 amnesty sham resulted in the shut-down of congressional phone and fax lines. Will Obama, who believes he has a mandate, care? Will McCain, whose guarantees to the Hispanic community did not result in Latino votes, be brought on board to facilitate the deception? And will Kyl talk out of both sides of his mouth again? With Kennedy serious ailing, the task of implementing this immigration sham falls to the Arizona senators who originally crafted it.

The daily appears to hold the view that Kyl is the reluctant suitor in this match. Janet Napolitano incoming Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security was famous for blaming the feds for inaction on the border. Taking over the reins, it should be interesting to see how the woman who famously said “Show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” will deal with this massive problem at our southern border.

With McCain nothing changes: “I think we have to assure the American people that our borders are being secured and, at the same time, we can establish a temporary-worker program that works.”

The daily’s account is available here.

13 Responses to Immigration reform? Trusting our leaders has been a fool’s mission

  1. Jeff Richards says:

    During the campaign McCain’s position on border security was “it’s not an issue anymore.” When I heard that from McCain spokesman Hickman, I knew it was McCain’s campaign that would no longer be an issue.

    McCain never came out for employer sanctions and real border security–and predictably WE lost.

  2. Manuel says:

    “…cramming comprehensive immigration reform down America’s collective throat” is certainly the right description of the 2007 shamnesty plan. Kyl and McCain chased away a lot of stalwart Republican voters in the process.

    My family immigrated from Mexico legally. We are for real border security. We join thousands of voters in seeking 2010 senate candidates who will take seriously their role of representing the people of the state of Arizona.

  3. Tim D says:

    Great link in the first paragraph! How deceptive of Kyl to run on the “no amnesty” platform just to join McCain and Kennedy as soon as he was elected. No wonder independent voter registrations are growing at a faster rate than all others.

  4. Jean D. says:

    “Jon Kyl appears to be thinking…” is not reassuring at all. He appeared to be thinking about securing our borders during his campaign and we all know how fast that changed. Neither Kyl nor McCain will have my vote in 2010. For that matter I will never encourage a vote for Flake or Shadegg either. Our sovereignty is so meaningless to these “leaders” that they will never again have my support or vote.

  5. Kathy says:

    We need true Conservative leaders – not wishy washy ones. Kyl is marching to McCain’s drum & he will suffer for it.

  6. Hometown Guy says:

    Why do these elected reps and senators have so little regard for the people of this state and country?

    It galls me that they are intent reconfiguring Arizona and nation to further their own careers while showing no regard for those of us who elected them and who certainly don’t want our children growing up in a third world country.

    Even though McCain says he intends to run again, I don’t think that’s the case. He will give his nod to either Flake or Shadegg and whichever one gets the seat will follow the same tradition. Look at their actions till now. And, Kyl is a farce. He lied to win his last election in the match up with Jim Pederson. The commercial you linked to here in the post clearly shows the fraud he is. Right after he was elected he began implementing his amnesty plan.

    What I will never understand is why any American office hold would act in such a manner contrary to the best interests of the United States. What’s to be gained by giving amnesty to millions of lawbreakers? And it makes less sense for Republicans since these people will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

  7. Tony says:

    Like Manuel, my family immigrated from Mexico and I am completely disgusted with how McCain and Kyl have shown such disdain for the rule of law and the sovereignty of the United States of America. I am one of those who placed phone calls and sent emails to their offices demanding they pull the plug on the facade they were pushing as immigration reform. Enforcing the laws on the books will dry up demand for illegal workers. It’s as simple as that! If you want true reform, we must change the “old guard” and elect new leadership within the Republican Party. Encourage your local precinct committemen to support Rob Haney for Maricopa County Chairman and Randy Pullen for State Chairman. Both of these men have the courage to resist McCain and his minions. “It is time for change.”

  8. Night Owl says:

    I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for any of these pro-amnesty guys. I don’t care what they call it today or tomorrow, that’s exactly what it is. They have lied to and insulted us and our intelligence. I’m an American before I’m a Republican and I want our nation secured. I’ve absolutely had my fill of their BS. I’ve been duped once too often. No more money, no more votes.

    Whatever their plan is, escapes me, but it has succeeded in alienating me and will drive me away from the GOP that I have supported for years.

  9. Kate says:

    And these four deceivers —McCain, Kyl, Shadegg and Flake are absolutely committed to destroying what is left of the Republican Party. I don’t get it. Can’t they see the number of Republicans who have left because of them? They are now going to do the same thing with the same result….loss of conservative Republicans and creation of the bipartisan Democrat-Republican party to help the Democrats attain their goals. It is obvious this quartet is pleased to see conservatives leave the party. It leaves more RINOs to keep electing them.

  10. Evan says:

    The four deceivers you name would also like your vote for Jerry Brooks for County Chair and Lisa James for State Chair. That’s why I’m voting Rob Haney for county and Randy Pullen for state.

  11. DeAnn says:

    “Evan”: I agree. Any precinct committeeman who would vote for either Jerry or Lisa are very foolish. I’m afraid that if Lisa wins, there will be a lot of the workers in the party who will quit working for the party and just concentrate on electing conservatives. I’m fed up with “Democrat lite”.

  12. SherriAZ says:

    The foolishness of floating this during the worst recession since the Depression is really beyond me. Are these politicians so removed from reality that they figure there won’t be a price to pay for granting amnesty to millions of unneeded workers during a severe downturn in the economy? Or during a time when the drug wars and violence in Mexico and threats that it will come across the border making national news?

    Americans do not want nor need more workers competing for fewer jobs. Right now people are putting in applications at any place that is hiring and offering to work 2 jobs just to keep their homes. This is beyond stupid, but pretty much right in line with the names mentioned.

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