It’s Caroline Kennedy, ‘ya know?

Sounding more like a teeny-bopper than a U.S. Senate aspirant, Caroline Kennedy (Schlossberg?) peppered her brief comments to Associated Press with nearly two dozen “‘ya knows.”

Kennedy says she will have to work twice as hard if appointed to Hillary Clinton’s seat representing New York — an idea that was pooh-poohed by former New York Rep. Geraldine Ferraro — who is among those urging New York Gov. Paterson to appoint an experienced member of Congress for the job, according to the AP report.

“I think it’s great she understands she will have a tougher time,” Ferraro said. “I don’t know if she can work twice as hard because having been a member of Congress I know they work 24-7. They already work hard.”

Kennedy has been criticized for lacking experience,  and having a spotty voting record, missing numerous elections since registering in New York City in 1988, including in 1994 when Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was up for re-election for the seat she now hopes to occupy. A review by The NY Daily News found that of the 38 contested elections since 1988, Kennedy skipped about half, almost all of them primaries.

“I was really surprised and dismayed by my voting record,” she said. “I’m glad it’s been brought to my attention.”

Her positions on illegal immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, gun control and school vouchers are all far-left, liberal as reported by the New York Times, which ran her prepared responses to a series of questions.

Among them: “Caroline believes all undocumented workers should be required to legalize their presence in the United States and that we must create a way for them to do so.”

‘Ya know?

6 Responses to It’s Caroline Kennedy, ‘ya know?

  1. ron says:

    I wish more politico wanna bees would join a group like Toastmasters and learn how to speak in public.

  2. Maggie says:

    Toastmasters? For crying out loud, ron, this woman is a lawyer…trained in public speaking and making a convincing case to a jury.

  3. Steve says:

    I just read Brent Bozell’s assessment of Caroline Kennedy. It’s right on the money — so to speak.
    I recommend it to those of you who resent this offering of another Kennedy low on credits but high on name recognition and able to pull in the all powerful campaign dollars based on false illusions of Camelot.

  4. Greg says:

    Money, position, power, prestige, best schools and she still manages to sound like a nitwit. Maybe she’s just trying to appeal to the voters of New York?

  5. CrackleGator says:

    Caroline Kennedy, who is hiding from her legal name of schlossberg because it doesn’t evoke the same kind of passion as the Camelot moniker, said virtually nothing in this interview. I counted 46 ya knows and 45 ums in the span of less than five minutes!
    This woman has nothing to offer but her dippy, airheaded cryptospeech. Which means she would be willing to “serve” as senator if only others behind the scenes would tell her what to do, how to think and where to put her support (more socialism).

  6. ron says:

    Maggie, since when does attending law school make you a public speaker?? I know lots of attorneys who joined Toastmasters after law school because they knew that had to sharpen their public speaking skills. How do I know? I competed against them in Toastmaster competitions and beat them and I am not a lawyer.

    The first thing she would do is get rid of those ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’. At a Toastmaster’s club they count everyone who have during a meeting and give you a report and if you are the worst of the day you get a nice reminder award that you have to take home, put on your desk, and bring back to the next meeting.

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