Beeing as I’m out of work……

Outgoing senate Prez Tim Bee is hard at work looking for work. The Arizona Daily Star’s Political Notebook reports that Bee is buzzing around incoming Gov. Jan Brewer with a list of acceptable jobs he would take if offered.

According to the article, Bee has a back-up plan if all else fails: He’s already lined up a job providing ‘consulting’  for area school districts.

The complete article, along with a rousing endorsement from AZ’s Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash — in the comment section, is available here.

4 Responses to Beeing as I’m out of work……

  1. Ray says:

    Has Tim Bee ever considered work in the private sector? There actually is life after government.

  2. Eager One says:

    Didn’t our Founders stress the need for citizen legislators who concluded their duties and then returned home to their usual line of work? Yep! I thought so.

  3. Night Owl says:

    The public trough and adulation become addictive. Who wants to go back to working the Bee Line school bus Co.? No one stands and applauds when you enter the room.

  4. Robert Rowley says:

    Figures he would try for school districts considering he has a lot of practice screwing them over (google “leave tim bee alone”) for details…