A few Lovely words on the incredibly, continually shrinking AZ Republic

In an article titled ‘Republic’ rolls out changes in new year, chief editor and VP of News Randy Lovely, informs readers that the dwindling paper will shrink even further.

This paragraph in the morning paper was the most pathetic of the bunch: Nationally, the media landscape has changed dramatically, but I want to stress that The Arizona Republic will continue to provide you with the best local news report – seven days a week in print and online at azcentral.com. We have played an important role in this community for almost 120 years, and we intend to serve this community for many years to come, Lovely wrote.

And Marie Antoinette also intended to continue her reign before her head rolled.

For those of us who are natives, witnessing the incremental disintegration of a once revered, conservative newspaper is not an easy task. Death watches are often as hard on the onlooker as the victim.

Many believe the stubborn intransigence of the daily’s leftward bent is as much to blame for the hemorrhaging subscriptions, as the faltering economy. Still they persist in insulting readers — the same citizen/readers who vote against their recommendations and retain officials the paper assaults on a nearly daily basis. The same readers who voted for traditional marriage against the newspapers recommendation to extend benefits to same-sex couples. The same readers who are tired of the daily’s pro-illegal alien mantra.

The Arizona Republic isn’t changing its readers, but the fleeing readers are changing the Republic — in size, unfortunately not content.

Read the Republic‘s article on its alterations here.

Gannett, the Republic’s parent company, is discussed on this industry insider blog.

6 Responses to A few Lovely words on the incredibly, continually shrinking AZ Republic

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    This post really sums up the problems that have overtaken the state’s largest newspaper. Its decidedly liberal agenda drives the news coverage. Journalistic standards have fallen into the dumpster in favor of creating news with the skew they desire. I tired of this long ago and dropped my subscription. It was a liberating (oops! wrong word for this particular comment!) experience.

  2. Thomas says:

    Points well made about the insults aimed at readers. None of us need to have our own points of view repeated to us. I like to be challenged and made to think. But the Republic does insult our intelligence on a daily basis. If you’re not a liberal, you’re fair game for their barrage. I am a social conservative who wants to have our borders actually secured, which means preventing illegal access to our country. That also does not mean granting amnesty to the lawbreakers already here, and it certainly does not include the fallacious and fraudulently named “guest worker” program. I read on these pages some time ago that the newer term is “temporary worker” program. The repackaging of this precursor to amnesty is aimed at fooling us, while the politicians secure a new voter base.

  3. Doug Johnson says:

    I would understand the Democrats pulling such a sham on the people of this country, but why the Republicans? Yet it’s clear that our congressional delegation is doing just that. I am so disgusted with them all, save for Congressman Trent Franks. He showed real moxie when he impressively went against our “hometown” Shamnesty scam artist John McCain, and endorsed Rep. Duncan Hunter for President. I was very impressed with Franks’ mettle in going against the popular tide. Franks will be the sole recipient of our family campaign donations next cycle and he’s not even our congressman, I should say we don’t live in his district, but he sure is OUR CONGRESSMAN.

    As to the Republic, these congressmen and senators McKyl are all in bed with this left wing newspaper. Their ultimate goal of having us support Mexico and its citizens, is all the same, a fact which I will never undeerstand.

  4. Richard D. Brinkley says:

    What is the purpose of a newspaper (or any news media, for that matter)? “To give the news impartially, without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect or interests involved” [Adolph S. Ochs, Publisher of the New York Times, 1896-1935: Journalistic Fraud, Bob Kohn, 2003, p.27]. Then why are newspapers across the board losing circulation?

    The real issue: the loss of credibility due to repeated instances of bias and outright dishonesty in reporting. Bob Kohn described in elegant detail the discrediting of the New York Times. The same detail could be written of every news organization within the so-called Main Stream Media: “With its [MSM] own bad behaviors, media has played directly into these criticisms, fabrication, conflict of interest, dubious ethical behaviors, and an eagerness to trade the solitary challenges of reporting for the delights and rewards of bloviating on television have undoubtedly helped undercut journalism’s reputation in the eyes of its reading public” [-30-The Collapse of the Great American Newspaper, Charles M. Madigan, p.7].

    Of the top twenty newspapers, only USA Today and the Wall Street Journal increased circulation. The New York Times company stock lost 3.9 percent. The Los Angeles Times lost 5.1 percent. As circulation continues its death spiral, stock values are also sinking. “In January [2007], the Times company stock was trading at $23, down more than 50 percent from its 2002 peak” [Madigan, p. 25]. Today, share price is $7.53.
    Overall, U.S. newspaper circulation continues to slide in a death spiral http://cayankee.blogs.com/cayankee/2008/04/newspaper-circu.html%5D.

    In the eyes of ordinary citizens, the MSM are seen as ethically challenged. While some members of MSM think ordinary citizens are shifting to online for their news, then the obvious answer is to capture these citizens online. The rise of blogs offers myriad sources other than MSM websites. Blogs made their name by investigating and disclosing unethical behavior by members of MSM. Unfortunately, the MSM brings to the web its tarnished reputation.

    On far too many occasions, members of the MSM fabricated sources and stories. On far too many occasions these fabrications have been politically motivated. When I hear or read a story that includes the term “unnamed source” or “anonymous sources” or similar descriptors, I assume the author of the story fabricated either the source or the story or both. Why? Because it has happened too often.

    The American Society of Newspaper Editors, in 1923, adopted the following code of journalistic ethics: “Sound practice makes clear distinction between news reports and expressions of opinion. News reports should be free from opinion or bias of any kind.” [Ibid.]. Until newspapers like the Arizona Republic and Tucson Arizona Star hold their reporters and writers accountable for reporting the news objectively and impartially, the death spiral will continue.

  5. seeingredaz says:

    Richard Brinkley:
    Welcome to Seeing Red AZ. We appreciate your readership and comments. However, in the future please remember that this site is not a repository for your own blog posts. Topical comments are accepted.
    Best wishes with your new site.

  6. Night Owl says:

    The Republic is gasping its dying breaths. I picked up a paper at the Circle K today to see how bad it looked. I was amazed at the fact that the bulk of the usually chock full Sunday edition was mainly insert advertisements….even the few and lean news pages are more ads than news. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds, since the lovely Mr. Lovely threatens more changes are in the works.