Ken Blackwell gets the nod of Phyllis Schlafly in bid to lead National GOP

Read each candidates’ responses to an in-depth questionnaire

Investor’s Business Daily reports that Eagle Forum President and Republican National Coalition for Life National Chairman Phyllis Schlafly has endorsed the candidacy of Ken Blackwell for chairman of the Republican National Committee.

“Ken Blackwell is a solid social and fiscal conservative who is dedicated to the principles that brought the Republican Party to power in 1980 and can do so again. He has 13 successful campaigns under his belt. He has run for office himself and knows how to win.”

“Ken Blackwell was first elected to the Cincinnati City Council and then as Mayor. He was the first African-American to win statewide office when he was elected Ohio State Treasurer. Subsequently, he was twice elected Ohio Secretary of State, later winning the Republican nomination for Governor of Ohio. He has managed and run large state agencies with many employees in a fiscally responsible manner. Ken Blackwell would bring to the office of RNC chairman a level of campaign experience unmatched by any other candidate,” said Schlafly

Read the complete report here.

Conservatives leaders who endorse Blackwell are listed here.

Six candidates have declared for RNC Chair: Saul Anuzis (Michigan), Ken Blackwell (Ohio), Katon Dawson (South Carolina), Mike Duncan (Kentucky), John “Chip” Saltsman (Tennessee), and Michael Steele (Maryland).

Their responses to an in-depth questionnaire are now posted on Townhall — and available here.


2 Responses to Ken Blackwell gets the nod of Phyllis Schlafly in bid to lead National GOP

  1. Kelly says:

    What I want to do is run through the answers of the candidates for GOP national chairman and find out where they stand on illegal immigration. I am pro-life and that is important to me, but national security minus all of the flim-flam doubletalk is the overriding issue.

    Anything less than the real deal is unacceptable.

  2. Vince says:

    Ditto, Kelly. The only problem is we have no say in this race.