Illegal update

Just a few more good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do

More co-conspirators apprehended.

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5 Responses to Illegal update

  1. Cindy L. says:

    Right. Jobs Americans refuse to do including carpentry, drywall, plumbing, roofing, masonry…

  2. CrackleGator says:

    If these people have come to America to do work Americans refuse to do, why are they loitering on every corner of Broadway for miles in Mesa?
    Idle people with nothing better to do than jumping at slowing cars and scaring motorists and pimping themselves all day while they pee in the alleys and sell drugs are a public menace. They all become candidates for crime as the construction jobs dry up and they look for more lucrative ways of making a buck.

  3. Bill G. says:

    Five future cases of stolen identity taken off the streets of Phoenix. Thank you Sheriff Joe and County Attorney Thomas!

  4. CW says:

    Take a look – and pass it on!

  5. vcobbs says:

    What can we do to get our elected officials to realize the American people are fed up with illegal aliens? I live in Florida. In every election, I check the voting records of the people in my state that are up for re-election. If they voted in favor of illegal’s in any way shape or form, I vote against them. I will even vote for a Democrat if they have a record of voting against illegal aliens. I know there are a lot of Democrats that feed the same way. I am sick of my tax money going to support illegal’s. The American middle class cannot afford to support them any longer. They are costing us more than they are worth.