The gifts Lisa James most likely wants to return


GOP State Chairman Q and A

Question: If you’re running for chairman of the Arizona Republican party, what is the one gift you hope you never receive?

Answer: A rousing endorsement from the left-leaning Arizona Republic.

Lisa James, again challenging current chairman Randy Pullen, was the recipient of the daily’s warm smooch today. They like her close ties to John McCain, Nathan Sproul and the exploitive, cheap labor business profiteers involved with Wake-Up Arizona!

The newspaper accuses Pullen of “failing to expand the base,” an allegation, while untrue, begs the question: Why would this liberal publication care?

The editorial also rebukes his steadfast defense of border security, which the open-borders proponents call “hard-core.” The Republic is solidly in the pro-amnesty camp. Pullen is decidedly mainstream.

They further charge that Pullen has “chased off quality GOP political candidates and countless prospective GOP voters” — as if they either know or would mind if the fallacious charges were true. It is the editorial board, fronting for the Democrat party, that holds unconventional views that are far removed from the reality of Arizona’s taxpaying citizens.

The page of pre-election endorsements the paper routinely runs would find better use as birdcage liner, since their endorsed candidates rarely resonate with voters. The anorexic Arizona Republic is weak and irrelevant, but it appears not to realize it has flat-lined.

The stunningly odd editorial is here. Even the free and vulgar street rag, The New Times, hearts Lisa, heralding her as a “moderate.”


14 Responses to The gifts Lisa James most likely wants to return

  1. Evan says:

    Great graphic! The kiss of death has been bestowed upon the Lisa James campaign. The Arizona Republic has teamed up with Phoenix New Times to endorse the most liberal choice available for State Chairman and that’s Lisa James.

    Rep. Carl Seel made it part of his regular stump speech that The Arizona Republic had endorsed his opponent-5 Day Republican Tony Bouie. It always brought huge applause that Seel was willing to blow-off the irrelevant, liberal Arizona Republic.

  2. Barbara J. says:

    That the Republic has flat-lined is pretty obvious. Columnists are already transitioning to blog sites to try to earn a buck. Hope it takes. The paper version sure won’t be around much longer. Liberalism doesn’t sell, just ask Air America.

  3. Cindy L. says:

    Harrumph! Let’s call on all serious conservative candidates to follow Rep. Frank Antenori’s lead and refuse the editorial board endorsement interviews in 2010, If the papers are still around then and I doubt they wil be. Of course, in Anetenori’s case he refused their interview and ended up with the endorsement anyway! I think that was the Tucson “Red” Star.

  4. Maggie says:

    These two liberal endorsers (the Republic and New Times) could be the nail in the James campaign coffin. She must be very unhappy today. I almost feel sorry for her.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Doesn’t the James PR firm promote itself as being astute and well connected political insiders?

    How could this have flown under their radar? This tells me all I need to know. If the liberals love her, why should Republican state committeemen support her?

  6. Jake Woods says:

    Lisa James is another one of John McCain’s spent bullets. Maybe if she got Mac Magruder, Jason LeVecke and Nathan Sproul to hand out Happy Meals tomorrow the State Commmitteemen would forget these endorsements, but I doubt it.

    This really shows everyone where she stands and where she would lead the Republican Party. The Party would continue its march to the left following McCain, and Lisa would be cheering us on shouting her key word “unity”. Well, she is now unified with the New Times and the Az Republic.

  7. Joe Evans says:

    I found out the editorial was written by the usually more reasonable Doug MacEachern. With the Republic pink-slipping employees and slimming down its publication, he might be doing his bit for job security.

  8. Nike says:

    Wow! It’s a sure bet she’d prefer not receiving The AZ Republic & New Times affectionate endorsements on the day before the state election. The best the New Times could find to say about her is that she looks better than Randy Pullen.

  9. American Dad says:

    A KAET poll found that 83 percent of those interviewed support stronger penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants. Sixty-three percent favor sending more Arizona National Guard troops to the border and 57 percent support building a fence along the border.

    Pullen sounds like he’s in step with the majority!

  10. Doug Johnson says:

    Let me get this straight…Republicans are supposed to be in the corner of the candidate the lefty newspapers support? They hate everything the GOP stands for. Why is their finger in this pie except to create havoc. The arrogance the newspapers exhibit is amazing.

  11. BOB HARAN says:

    There is one thing I can agree with in the Republic’s editorial, the title, this is a critical moment for the Arizona GOP. After the title, the editorial rapidly descends into irrelevancy. I’m surprised they didn’t try to blame the Bush historically low approval ratings and Barack Obama’s election on Randy Pullen. Didn’t all those states that voted for Obama do so because Randy Pullen is Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party?

    The Arizona Republic is more of a business then a newspaper. A good newspaper builds firewall’s between it’s news, editorial and business departments, The Republic doesn’t, therefore, it is a very poor newspaper and Arizona deserves better. Thankfully, we have blogs better then our major newspaper here in Arizona.

    Why is tomorrow’s election for state party chairman a critical moment for the Arizona GOP?
    This election is important for Republicans because they will be deciding the governance of the party. Tomorrow we must decide, shall we be governed from the top down by an elite few who are influenced by contributions and job opportunities, or, are we to be governed the way a government and a political party must be, from the bottom up, by the grassroots who represent the average American?

    We will be deciding if the Arizona GOP represents the people or those that donate the most money? In other words, we must decide if we are to allow ourselves to be bought?

    Tomorrow, every Republican State Committeemen must decide, is our loyalty to country before party or to party before country? Do we as a party put principle before politics or political expediency before principle?

    Yes, it’s a critical moment for the Arizona GOP, that’s why I’m voting for Randy Pullen.

    Bob Haran

  12. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Pullen is a decent man and has never stooped to the level of James and her supporters. People see that. Also, he is running for the RNC Treasurer post. He is a CPA not merely a PR flak for lefties and their causes.

  13. Kathy says:

    Anyone Kyl, McCain, Shadegg or Flake endorse will seal my vote going to the opposing person. Go Pullen!!!

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