Just a few more good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do

Odd declaration on company website

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on a Scottsdale furniture business Wednesday as part of an employer sanctions-ID theft investigation.

The business, Scottsdale Art Factory, is located in the Scottsdale Airpark, at 74th Street and Greenway Road.

Eight people were arrested and identified as suspects in an ID theft investigation, the sheriff’s office said. An additional four were arrested for violating immigration laws. One of those was also charged with drug possession.

The investigation began after a tip came into the sheriff’s illegal immigration hotline in March from a source who advised the sheriff’s office that the business owner was knowingly hiring illegal aliens, according to a report on KTAR.

On the extensive company website under Compare Pricing Now, was this bewildering note: “Purchase American Made. Since we produce products in our industry that are comparable to a Ferrari this offer does not include off brands made in China, and other cheap labor force foreign land manufacturers.”

Apparently, the company prefers to import  the “cheap labor force” rather than  the product, from “foreign lands.”

11 Responses to Just a few more good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do

  1. Joe Evans says:

    Ha! Going to the business website was a great idea! What a load of BS on their site. I especially enjoyed reading that great line about “Purchase American Made,” and not using “a cheap labor force and foreign land manufacturers.”

    Joe Arpaio needs to continue serving these warrants.

  2. Calypso says:

    Americans are in dire need of employment with all of the layoffs and cutbacks in this struggling economy. How dare these businesses keep hiring illegal workers! This makes me sick. My next door neighbor in a decent middle class neighborhood is in real danger of losing his home. He would gladly take some of these jobs “Americans refuse to take.” I don’t think he’s alone.

  3. CW says:

    Here’s proof they keep coming anc coming anc coming…

  4. Robert says:

    I live near Scottsdale Airpark. No Thank You to Scottsdale Art Factory for bringing all the crime,disease and misery associated with illegal immigration into our neighborhood! If SAF is not competent enough to know they have a staff of illegal aliens then they don’t qualify to make my furniture.

  5. Robert says:

    PS Rep. Sam Crump, a YES voter on the legislature’s Fair and Legal Employment Act (spun in the media as the employer sanctions law) is the Guest on HORIZON tonight, 1/29 at 7 PM. KAET Channel 8. Rep. Crump will be discussing his bill prohibiting “speed cameras.”

  6. Chicka Boom says:

    I hope the arrogant owners of this company feel the full impact of the law for their duplicity. American workers don’t live several families to a single household, so the cheap illegal labor profiteers won’t give jobs to them when they can exploit the ones with stolen, forged and counterfeit social security numbers and other ID. I am so tired of this and of the elected officials that give them cover. Great job Sheriff Joe Arpaio!!

  7. Watchful One says:

    I just finished looking through those links, CW. To call it an invasion is in no way exaggerating the facts. What are Senators McCain and Kyl and Reps. Flake and Shadegg thinking when they want to give a pathway to amnesty to those who care so little for our laws and national borders? It truly infuriates me. The illegals already have trudged a pathway through this country — one footfall after another.

  8. SherriAZ says:

    After just being laid off and now facing a candidate saturated job market, stories like this really fuel my already inflamed senses regarding illegal immigration. We cannot afford ANY illegal workers when we are without jobs and resources for Americans. More and more people are sharing stories about community resources that are gone thanks to illegals getting to them first. If you have to pay for it, they don’t bother. Yet they are first in line for all the freebies. Any politician that supports amnesty needs to be thrown out of office.

  9. Rachel W says:

    Chicanos por la Causa needs to be investigated. They run so much cover for the illegals, it’s unbelievable they have escaped prosecution thus far. CPLC and Bank of America teamed up to profit on home loans for illegal aliens. We are feeling the effects of that arrangement all over the valley. Investigate CPLC!

  10. nightcrawler says:

    You folks are awfully quick to judge the owner. In the Scottsdale Republic it was stated that according to the sheriff’s office the owners were also victims. Seems as though the workers used identity theft to create realistic looking documentation. Put down your stones people.

  11. Calypso says:

    Get real! The Republic is in the tank for illegal immigration. The owners are not victims! Did they notice the workers spoke little or no English? Did they use the E-Verify system to vet the eligibility of these laborers?

    Illegals are adept at identity theft. It is their MO. I laugh when they are called “undocumented” in the Republic. They have lots of documents. The problem is they are either forged, stolen or belong to someone else.