A new dawn as Michael Steele takes the GOP helm

Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele has emerged victorious as Republicans chose him over four other candidates. Mike Duncan the incumbent GOP chief bowed out earlier in the day after declaring, “Obviously the winds of change are blowing.”

Steele’s upbeat message was this is “the dawn of a new party!”

GOP delegates erupted in cheers and applause when his victory was announced. He’ll serve a two-year term.

Steele, an attorney, is a conservative, but is considered the most moderate of the five candidates running. He became the first black candidate elected to statewide office in Maryland in 2003. He made an unsuccessful Senate run in 2006. Currently, Steele serves as chairman of GOPAC, an organization that recruits and trains Republican political candidates, and in that role he has been a frequent presence on the talk show circuit.

He vowed to expand the reach of the party by competing for every group, everywhere. “We’re going to say to friend and foe alike: ‘We want you to be a part of us, we want you to with be with us.’ And for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over,” Steele said. “There is not one inch of ground that we’re going to cede to anybody,” he added. “This is the dawn of a new party moving in a new direction with strength and conviction.”

Michael Steele has been a visitor to the Valley, meeting with GOP activists and touting the GOPAC message. 

Read his congratulatory statement after the swearing in of Arizona’s 22nd Governor, Jan Brewer,  here.

5 Responses to A new dawn as Michael Steele takes the GOP helm

  1. Wally says:

    Good news! And I like the fact that Steele has had a presence here. Too often Arizona is neglected by those on the national stage.

  2. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Does anyone know where Steele is on the “life” / “choice” issue?

  3. SherriAZ says:

    Too bad he didn’t run for President.

  4. Jean D. says:

    “Competing for every vote everywhere”

    That sounds like code for McCain’s “all God’s children” policy. Steele certainly was McCain’s pick for RNC Chairman. This worries me.

    As we showed in the ’08 Arizona Leg races, Republicans who are true to the conservative platform win. So, let’s not compete for “every” vote. Let’s educate the voters. Only conservatism will maintain our country as the greatest on earth.

  5. Lindsay W says:

    “This is the dawn of a new party moving in a new direction…”

    Oh really? That’s a big shame. I appreciate the Republican platform we just passed unanimously two months ago. Just what is it about our Republican platform which causes Steele to think we need a “new party” and a “new direction.”

    John McCain is not representative of the Republican Party. That’s why we lost that race. I would much rather hear Steele champion the great things about our party, not crying out for a new one.

    Obviously, Steele was not the best choice for conservatives.