Potential silver lining for a gray stimulus plan

In a co-authored letter sent yesterday, Senators Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) urged the Senate leadership to include provisions in the economic stimulus package that would require businesses using stimulus money to use E-Verify to ensure the jobs are going to American citizens. The House version of the bill, which has passed, included an amendment requiring the use of E-Verify, but the current Senate version does not include it.

The so-called stimulus plan is not beloved by Republicans who voted unanimously in opposition to it yesterday. However, as the minority party we have less than full impact on the provisions of the bill. If it passes the senate, inclusion of the E-Verify program will be a must to show the Democrats care about keeping American jobs with American workers.

The letter written by Sens. Sessions and Nelson is available here. We urge you to read it.

One Response to Potential silver lining for a gray stimulus plan

  1. Terry G. says:

    I saw your article today and phoned Sen. Kyl and Sen. McCain asking them to include E-Verify in the Senate version. Let’s hope we can get at least this much out of the abysmal “stimulus” bill.