Whada’ya know? Napolitano’s getting tough on “criminal aliens”

 “More bang for the buck”

Former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is ramping up her Homeland Security gig by declaring she wants “criminal aliens” off American streets. Suddenly she is scrutinizing existing immigration enforcement programs to see if taxpayers are getting the most “bang for their buck.”

“That sounds very simple, but it’s historically not been done,” Napolitano said, speaking out of both sides of her mouth to reporters and senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials yesterday. An estimated 113,000 criminals, in the U.S. illegally, were deported last year, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The agency speculates there are now as many as 450,000 criminals in federal, state and local detention centers who are illegal aliens.

Napolitano said she wants to improve data-sharing among local, state and federal facilities. So far, there are jails in 26 counties across the country with computer systems that can interact instantly with immigration systems, according to Napolitano.

To put that in perspective, Arizona alone has 15 counties.

The goal is for federal immigration officials to ascertain whether an inmate is an illegal immediately after being processed into a detention facility. Upon release, immigration officials can begin deportation procedures.

ICE spokesman Richard Rocha said the agency plans to expand this plan to all state and local detention centers over the next four years, according to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Napolitano is renown for her comment illustrating her lack of commitment to constructing a security fence along our southern border: “Show me a 50-foot fence, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” was her blasé retort when questioned about the lack of progress being made.

In these perilous times Americans should hope she has a stronger dedication to implementing actual security for the nation than she did for the state of Arizona.

7 Responses to Whada’ya know? Napolitano’s getting tough on “criminal aliens”

  1. Jim says:

    Napolitano talks a tough game and does nothing. She was pathetic when it came to keeping the citizens of AZ secure by constructing the long promised fence and having the border patroled. How will she use that “experience” to ensure the safety of the entire nation?

  2. Ron says:

    She has the position for only one reason. She was a strong Obama supporter, coming out early for his campaign. This important job of esnuring Homeland Security, for which she is totally unqualified — is payback for her loyalty.

  3. Scott says:

    The take-way point to be made here is that they are ALL “criminal illegals,” not just the ones who have been tried and incarcerated for additional crimes.

    Breaking and entering is a crime and they have done just that by stepping one foot into this sovereign nation in violation of our laws. This word play Napolitano engages in infuriates me!

    Would you give a pass to someone who broke in and entered your own home? Of course not! And niether should the American citizens.

  4. Lori R. says:

    Scott, Agreed.

    “It’s a federal issue. It has to be dealt with on the federal level.” Glad we awoke from that hypnotic state.

    J-No wants to improve data sharing to better track incarcerated illegals. She also wants to fast track the remaining 25 million illegals onto the democrat voter rolls, don’t forget.

  5. Kathy says:

    Napolitano knows how to spin word – getting rid of criminal aliens, ALL ILLEGALS are criminals, hence the name Illegal – entering the country illegally, hello anyone home? Not in our Homeland Secuirity Dept. It’s also code for amnesty for “non-criminal illegals”, oops – there aren’t any.

  6. Clark says:

    That “more bang for your buck” line seems to be getting quite a workout from Democrats these days. It is becoming the equivilant of the overused “awesome!”

    Where’s the “bang” for my buck? Sorry, but I don’t see either the bang or the buck.

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