Tongues are wagging

Word is that former state legislator, Doug Clark, has dropped his hat in the ring for the State of Arizona Real Estate Commissioner’s position.

This might be a tough sell to the politically savvy Gov. Jan Brewer, who is in the midst of making agency changes. The Tucson Citizen reported the recent appointments of  three new directors  to head the state Department of Transportation, Registrar of Contractors and director of the Residential Utility Consumer Office (RUCO).

Clark made a name for himself as chairman of the legislative campaign of a documented…ahem…. shall we say…teller of tall tales? He left the legislature after a slim one-term tenure to tend to his real estate business, which he said was faltering, telling fellow legislators and others that he needed to make some money. As a less than successful realtor, Clark might have some catch-up to do in order to handle the Real Estate Commissioner’s job.

Prior to his brief legislative gig, he was a pastor at the Desert Breeze Community Church, where he also took a hasty and unexpected exit.

12 Responses to Tongues are wagging

  1. Tempe Tom says:

    What has one-term Representative Doug Clark ever administered? Didn’t he already move on from Real Estate to become a high school soccer coach?

    Right Seeing Red AZ, Doug Clark recruited Tony Bouie and managed his campaing for State Representative. Bouie didn’t make it past the primary in which he garnered only 21% of the vote. This Bouie bomb does not speak well to Clark’s judgment. Clark is unqualified to serve as Real Estate Commissioner, if indeed he ever considered doing so.

  2. Barbara J. says:

    “…And, what is Clark up to these days? He’s been very busy trying to unload over $20,000 he had collected in his campaign account before bailing…. And the remaining $16,369.73 in his campaign coffers? Doug Clark magnanimously donated it to a Washington, DC charity. The State Republican Party, could have put those donated dollars to good use getting Arizona Republicans elected to office…”

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    What attributes does Clark have to recommend him for this executive position in the field of real estate? Last I read, he was coaching high school soccer. Sounds like he wasn’t making a go of real estate even after leaving the legislature.

  4. Walter C says:

    Doug Clark is the Boulder Creek High School soccer coach. That would be a strange entry on the resume’ of a prospective Arizona Real Estate Department Commissioner. Current employment-H.S. Soccer Coach. Okaaayyy.

  5. nightcrawler says:


    It doesn’t pay to make you folks mad. Just a question..If Clark hadn’t backed “the teller of tall tales” would you all have given him a pass ?

    I had the opportunity to meet the tall tales teller recently and found him to be polite, professional and in my opinion a real quality addition to our party. I think he got a bad rap. Crump on the other hand..

  6. Republican in LD-6 says:

    Why did Clark make a hasty retreat from Desert Breeze church? Were there problems there?

    Why would Boulder Creek hire him at all? Is he paid or a volunteer coach? There are some volunteer coaches and others who get paid a small stipend (less than $2,000) for those jobs. Either way, he can’t make a living at it.

  7. Russ J says:

    Crump on the other hand has no reason to lie about his past political party affiliations. When Bouie’s lies were found out Crump did the right thing and distanced himself as far from Bouie as humanly possible. Rep. Sam Crump is a bright beacon in the legislature for all Arizona conservative voters.

    I don’t fault Bouie for joining the Republican Party. He’s welcome here. But, let’s not forget he broke in by pointing a finger of guilt and shame at real lifelong Republicans, Sam Crump and Carl Seel. When Bouie’s lies were found out he called it a “debate” of all things!

  8. Night Owl says:

    The fact that Tony Bouie impressed you as polite and professional has little to do with the con job he attempted on the people of the district in which he was running. His literature portrayed him as a “conservative,” when in fact he was bought and paid for by the open border cheaper labor profiteers who were underwriting his campaign. When his party affiliation charade was first exposed, he lied to cover it up. He then continued to do so. He also lied at both of the editorial board interviews in which he participated.

    The man has difficulty telling fact from fiction. He continued his story of deception, saying he was registered as a Republican during the entire time he lived in Florida. When a check was done of the voter registration records in the county in which he resided, his deception was exposed again. He had never been registered as a Republican — at least not until five days before he filed his documents to open his campaign.. If that is what constitutes a polite professional to you, that’s your business. I call him a duplicitous con artist, and that is where his professionalism begins and ends.

    Would you want to do business with a man who will look you in the eye and maintain that the sun is shining bright at midnight? That’s Tony Bouie.

  9. Kelly says:

    Has it ever occurred to you that you might be a poor judge of character? It happens. I’ve been in that position a time or two.

  10. nightcrawler says:


    I pride myself on reading the tea leaves well. I don’t live in LD6 so my opinions on this subject certainly are up for debate. Given that, I believe Crump is pandering to the hard right for future ambitions. I don’t buy it. Seel and Crump are an arranged marriage. Kind of reminds me a certain failed ACC candidate who found GOD just before the election, you all correctly saw through that, this time the rose colored glasses are on. Time will tell. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  11. Janelle says:

    The bottom line is that Doug Clark should not be even remoely considered for the Real Estate position. He has no credibility and no qualifications.

    As to Bouie, he was proven to be a liar on multiple occasions while asking the public to put their trust in him as their elected representative. Game, set, match.

    As to Crump and future ambitions, most Americans have future ambitions, some even have current ambitions. Martin, Horne, Noble, Gorman, Waring, Barto, Shadegg – well nearly every breathing person in LD7 except Ray Barnes fits that bill. After what he went through, Barnes is just glad to be alive.

  12. Maggie says:

    Bouie even bungled the fine art of political obfuscation with his repeated and unashamed dishonesty, nightcrawler. He may be polite, but he’s no “quality addition to our party” since he was never moved to register as a Republican or engage in any activity with the GOP until he was advised of the district demographics after he was encouraged to run by Doug Clark. I’d say your radar is off a tad here.