Hugo Chavez: President for life and beyond!

Obama plans a meeting with Chavez in April

Today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was first elected in 1999, won a referendum to eliminate term limits.

The vote paves the way for him to run again in 2012 — and beyond — while broadening his vision of a socialist Venezuela. The Constitution was amended after his first election, allowing for the president to serve two six-year terms. He would have been barred from running after this term. Today’s vote was Chavez’s second attempt to alter the process. Voters rejected a broader referendum in December 2007.

With 94 percent of the vote counted, 54 percent had voted in favor of the constitutional amendment. Forty-six percent had voted against the measure to eliminate term limits on all public officials.

Venezuela’s leftist allies in Latin America have adopted this model. Both Ecuador and Bolivia have revised their rules regarding presidential re-election. Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinistas also plan to propose an amendment that would let Daniel Ortega run for another consecutive term. Chavez is a close friend of Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

In 2006, Chavez spoke before the United Nations spewing his anti-U.S. rant. While at the podium he called President Bush “the devil.” Referring to Bush’s own U.N. speech the previous day, Chavez said, “The devil came right here, and it still smells of sulfur today.” This past September, Chavez expelled Patrick Duddy, the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, giving him 72 hours to leave the country.

Despite this, President Barack Obama has scheduled a meeting with Chavez at the three day Summit of the Americas, April 17 -19, as reported on Hot Air.

Obama joins the loony-left-fringe of Hollywood — sometime/onetime celebs such as Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, all of whom have made pilgrimages to meet with the Marxist leader.

Now these anti-American fools can plan their South American travel at a more leisurely pace, since Venezuelan President Chavez doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.


7 Responses to Hugo Chavez: President for life and beyond!

  1. Night Owl says:

    The fact that Obama would agree to be in the same room with this American hating dictator shows again how naïve he is. Within days of his inauguration he gave his FIRST television interview to an Arabic/Muslim network.

    Iran’s President Achminijad made fun of him and American politicians with actual knowledge of the volatile Mid east situation said he wasn’t ready for prime time This proves their point.

  2. Fooled Twice says:

    Wasn’t this the same type of plan that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon was floating recently?

  3. John Bailo says:

    Good luck Chavvie…oil is headed for less than $1 a barrel…

  4. SherriAZ says:

    Perhaps the Anti-American celebs would like to move to Venezuela and live under the Chavez shadow? Hmmm, perhaps not.

  5. Villanova says:

    I see a parallel to Obama. Both Chavez and Obama configure themselves as the saviors of the downtrodden, make outrageous promises and have at least a portion of their countrymen who have been trained to rely on government for what they should be providing for themselves.

    Chavez lays claim to the resources of oil rich Venezuela and Obama underwrites his largess on the backs of America’s taxpaying citizens. And God help you if you have earned more than he thinks appropriate. He’ll tax everything you have made and then some.

    Classic redistribution of wealth. Both men are Marxists.

  6. Quincy says:

    I agree with your assessment of redistribution of wealth and Marxism. But how interesting coming from such high dollar earners such as Harvard educated lawyer Obama and his Princeton educated wife, Michelle who spend Christmas vacations at private beach, multi-mansion compounds, in Hawaii with their friends. They are in one of the higher tax brackets yet talk about redistribution of other people‘s money. Under his stimulus plan, .people in this country illegally and people who are unemployed get “refunds.”

  7. Vince says:

    How long do you think it will be before this extension to presidential term limits will appear on the American horizon? After all Barack Hussein Obama is not simply a president, we now have a savior living at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.