Presidents Day


This White House site gives a detailed biography of each of the Presidents of the United States in a fascinating slideshow.

View it here.

3 Responses to Presidents Day

  1. Jeff says:

    Good and well presented information on all of the Presidents in that link. I’m sending this page to my out-of-state family members. Thanks.

  2. Jana Simmons says:

    My neighbor just invited me in to see what her AOL Google ‘Search the Web’ has up for the observance of Presidents Day. They don’t feature Washington or Lincoln. They have no reference to any of America’s presidents except for…..? You guessed it! Only Barack Obama is shown in a full colored, line drawing. I tried to send it to myself so I could send it here, but there is no way to link to it. Unbelievable, but true!!!

  3. Ron says:

    I saw it. Mega cheesy. This is not Obama Day. It’s a day that was hobbled together to commemorate both Washington and Lincoln after their individual birthday celebrations were removed in order to make room for a holiday for Martin Luther King.
    Now, some are claiming it is a day for ALL presidents, but that was not the originally stated intent.
    Regardless, it is not Obama Day!!