The biased dog and the sheriff

The AZ Republic can be likened to a dog with a bone in its teeth. Once the flagging newspaper has an issue, in this case illegal immigration, there is no way to get them to part with it. Though the meat was long ago chewed away and the bone wet with the drool of repeated bites, it is guarded and rechomped as the growl grows more fierce.

So it is with the paper’s continued assault on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It is no secret the editorial board (hopefully, with the exception of his son-in-law Phil Boas) detests the career law enforcement professional and repeatedly attempts to embarrass him. A lesser man would have caved to the relentless pressure long before now — which is likely why he has the resolute support of the citizens who recently elected him to his fifth four-year term since 1992.

Today the Republic touts the findings of a study by another group of illegal alien proponents known as Justice Strategies, which calls Arpaio’s illegal immigration sweeps a “failure.” Checking their website, they also refer to crackdowns on gang violence as a “failure.” a “tragic failure,” or the “wrong approach.”

The group is linked with the Center for Community Alternatives, which has a page devoted to the defense-based Innovate Solutions for Justice, and “sentencing mitigation,” and another providing numerous “tools” for defense attorneys in drug and sex offense cases. It’s not difficult to get a picture of their bent. They voice objections to state legislatures implementing fines for criminal penalties.

Yet it is their biased study which the daily newspaper cites on the front page in the continuing assault on Sheriff Arpaio.

Buried at the bottom of the report are these two paragraphs:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which has supported Arpaio in his efforts to enforce the law credit’s the [enforcement] program with identifying more than 70,000 people suspected of being in the country illegally,” Smith said.

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee and author of the 287 (g) program, defended it. “It is astonishing that anyone would want to end a successful, voluntary program that protects American communities from criminal illegal immigrants.

It is Rep. Smith’s comments which merit the front page coverage.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for that day.

8 Responses to The biased dog and the sheriff

  1. Kim says:

    Sheriff Arpaio and Texas Congressman Smith are both correct. The sheriff has a mandate to enforce the law That is his job. The Congressman also represents the citizens who elected him, not people entering this country in violation of the law. If we turn a blind eye to lawbreakers, what becomes of our nation and the principles of the rule of law? Let’s fling open the prison gates and let all of the criminals out!

  2. American Dad says:

    The realities are Arpaio has our votes as long as he continues to run. The Republic lost our subscription over three years ago.

  3. Night Owl says:

    I just nosed around those sites. Whew! The stench of leftist BS was overpowering. That’s quite a study for the Republic to cite. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if they were evenhanded in their presentations?

  4. Alice says:

    We pray for Sheriff Joe and C.A. Andy Thomas every day. Please join us!
    Hopefully, they’ll be able to stand up against the
    J-NO/BO onslaught that we suspect is coming.

  5. Jeff Richards says:

    The Republic hasn’t been family owned for over 10 years. If they were, I could understand the daily drumbeat for one point of view. Owned by the major corporation, Gannett, I don’t understand how they can blindly go on digging their own grave. Does anybody still own stock in this suicidal corporation?

  6. Dave G. says:

    Sheriff Arpaio and C A Thomas endeavor every day to uphold the will of 80% of the electorate, and that is to rid our country of illegal aliens. Bravo Arpaio and Thomas. Keep up your great work.

  7. SherriAZ says:

    Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the country and the idiots at the Rag still defend illegals. The most recent article on the poor illegal kids who graduated with degrees and can’t get a job is a great example. Americans are out of work all over the place and yet the Rag continues to trumpet the woes of ILLEGALS. The article notes that one is working in a shoe store thanks to phony employment docs. Perhaps the person whose identity was lifted can sue the paper for aiding and abetting? We can only pray that the AZ Republic soon goes the way of the Rocky Mountain News. It’s WAY past time.

  8. RA says:

    The good news is Gannett is tanking. The management at Gannett is still completely clueless as to the fundamentals driving the mass flight from their products – biased reporting, inaccurate coverage, increased reliance on non-local reportage and commentary, and a political agenda at odds with most of the nation. “Market responsiveness? What’s that?”