Contagion afflicts Arizona Republic employees

Today’s daily greets us with another pro-illegal immigration/amnesty spin. This one, again winning front page placement, tells the tale of woe of Arizona university graduates who are unable to legally find jobs.

In the current economy, that includes a lot of job seekers.

But this is a specific group we read about this morning. Reporter Daniel Gonzales brings back memories of the Clintonites who, before vacating the White House offices, removed the “W” key from computers to make it impossible for the full name of the incoming president to be typed.

With Gonzales, the missing component is the normal ability to type the word “illegal” He can manage “immigrant” and even “undocumented,” but somehow the actual defining word eludes him. It is a severe and chronic affliction affecting the reporters and editorial board of the newspaper.

Here is an example: The immigrants have put their hopes in immigration reform, including a proposal in Congress called the Dream Act that would allow undocumented students who complete high school to become legalized if they complete some college or military service.

Then readers are treated to the complaints of Guillermo (last name omitted for obvious reasons) “It stinks having this education (bachelor’s degree in business management) and not being able to use it.” Meanwhile, according to the report, he sells shoes at a retail store, a job he got using an invented Social Security number and fake green card.

State Treasurer Dean Martin, during his previous stint as a state senator, was the main sponsor of Proposition 300, which makes students illegally in this country ineligible for in-state tuition, tuition waivers, grants or any other financial assistance paid with state funds. Those students already are ineligible to receive federal financial aid.

Martin, who says out-of-state tuition more accurately reflects the cost of an education, estimates Arizona has saved millions of dollars by disallowing tuition reductions. In 2006, Arizona taxpaying citizens agreed with Martin, overwhelmingly passing the measure by 1,060,444 (71.4%) to 423,994 (28.6%).

As of 2005, the pro-illegal immigration Migration Policy Institute, estimated there were over 1 million illegal aliens between the ages of 5 and 24 who would qualify for the DREAM Act, including about 360,000 who were college-age. The institute estimated about 50,000 illegals were enrolled in college or university that year.

For another perspective, read author Warner Todd Huston’s exposé on the New York Times coverage of this same topic.

9 Responses to Contagion afflicts Arizona Republic employees

  1. Sally Forth says:

    What malarkey! For years polls have consistently shown overwhelming majorities of voters oppose giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens. I’m beginning to think the Republic has moved its operations base to Mexico. That is their sole perspective!

  2. Vince says:

    Read some truth about the nightmarish Dream Act.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    Congressman Jeff Flake is a strong supporter of the DREAM Act. Does anyone know why? It is a huge spending mechanism for this guy who always talks about paring costs to Anerican taxpayers. Why reward lawbreakers? If the students were brought here as children, they are still eligible to attend school. Work like many of the rest of us did. Many of us attended out of state schools and had to pay the higher tuitions. What is this sense of entitlement?

  4. Alice says:

    Let me see, do I have this straight? The rag and Guillermo are upset because he can only get a job selling shoes with his fake (stolen?)ID, and they instead would like a different employer to hire this felon? Three cheers for Treasurer Martin and AZ. Taxpayers.
    Guillermo, your home country will gladly take you back now that you have a degree. Oops, that’s right. Now you want a Masters. I’m sure you’ll be able to be even more eloquently arrogant and ungrateful when you get that.

  5. Roger Ginge says:

    My niece, born in California and a lifelong US citizen, must pay out of state tuition to attend ASU. Why should illegal aliens have a taxpayer subsidized tuition rate US citizens from other states are not eligible for? The in-state tuition rate for illegal aliens makes absolutely no sense.

    These are the risks illegal aliens bargain for when they decide to break our immigration laws. No sympathy here. That illegal aliens are allowed to attend universities at all is mind boggling. They’re here illegally?! Hellloooo.

    Enforce our immigration laws and Congressman Flake’s budget busting DREAM Act is irrelevant.

  6. Jay Bird says:

    I read in the Repulsive article that Guillermo now wants to go to law school. Another three years where we support this ingrate! It says is hoping congress will pass “immigration reform” or he will have to keep selling shoes. He ought to go to Mexico and let them send him to law school. What a joke.

    I am disgusted with Mexican nationals complaining, demanding and marching for their “rights.”

    Their rights should have stopped the moment they disregarded the laws of this nation when they broke in. It’s no different tham breaking into another person’s home, taking what you want and then grousing that the homeowners weren’t gracious enough. Pure BS!!

  7. Ellsworth says:

    I can answer your question Hometown Guy. Jeff Flake speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He has been partnering with a liberal Democrat cohort, Luis Gutierrez from Illinois on this costly and reckless DREAM act. I live in Flake’s district and have NEVER ONCE heard him discuss this scheme here. It’s easy for these Reps to say what sells here at home and then do what they want when back in DC. Here we are told about his opposition to “earmarks.” The costs of the DREAM Act will dwarf any earmarks he rails about so mightily.

    Gutierrez is a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (can you imagine a Caucasian Caucus?). He has announced he will “expand his five-week national tour—now visiting 16 U.S. cities—to document the harm caused to citizens across our nation in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform.”
    Read it for yourself.

    Take a gander at his website. There is also a Spanish language version:

    You can’t make this stuff up!!!

  8. RA says:

    News for the Republic and its readership – there are American citizens out there with masters degrees and even doctorates who can’t use those either – and the numbers of those people will be going up – sharply – over the next few years.

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