In case you missed it: Fact vs. Spin

This evening, Laura Ingraham guest-hosted the O’Reilly Factor and attempted to interview immigration activist, Caroline Murray regarding the report that Obama officials have suspended workplace raids.

Murray is the executive director of the pro-illegal Alliance to Develop Power (formerly Anti-Displacement Project).

Watch the video here.

Left-wing open-borders advocate, Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez (in tan jacket), a cohort of Arizona’s Jeff Flake speaks to a crowd of supporters. Watch it here. This video appeared on the Murray’s ADP website.


2 Responses to In case you missed it: Fact vs. Spin

  1. Night Owl says:

    How these pro-illegal folks go on and on with a straight face is beyond belief. They must be coached in talking non-stop and take an accelerated course in rudeness.

    And by the way, what’s with Congressman Flake? I’ll bet not many of his hometown fans know of his associations with Luis Gutierrez. I don’t shock easy, but that article Gutierrez wrote got to me.

  2. Jana Simmons says:

    I live in Congressional District 6 and have never heard Congressman Jeff Flake talk about his associations with Luis Gutierrez. I’ve even called his office and was not given a straight answer. Can someone explain this to me? Seriously. I simply don’t get this and especially from someone who claims to be a fiscal watchdog as Flake promotes himself to be. Illegals are costing the American taxpayer a fortune.

    As to the Laura Ingraham interview of this brain numbed liberal robot…I watched it last night when I tuned into the O’Reilly show. It was quite a display. Thanks for posting it here for others to see what the real agenda is.