Today’s target: Detroit — as GM head forced out by Obama

In a stunning move for a U.S. President, Barack Obama — via his auto task force — has forced the ouster of Rick Wagoner, 56, the CEO of General Motors, who had been at the helm of the automaker for eight years. His career with the company spanned 32 years.

As recently as March 19th, Wagoner vowed: “I plan to stay here until we get things well in shape and on track.”

The Obama administration threatened to withhold bailout money from the company unless Wagoner left.

According to a report in The Hill, Democrat Carl Levin, Michigan’s senior senator, said the move was put into action minus any congressional input.

7 Responses to Today’s target: Detroit — as GM head forced out by Obama

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    B. Hussein Obama is a Marxist. Are there any thinking Americans who doesn’t get that yet?
    He begins with nationalizing the banking and auto industries. Next. he will “provide” universal health care that will break the country, literally and figuratively. Watch as the takeover continues.

  2. MacBeth says:

    The sheep are asleep in the fields. Give them their daily dose of grease-laden food, television, video games, sports, hot chicks and cold beer, and they are content. We are ripe for this takeover and the Democrats in your family or down the street are complicit. Know that!

  3. Mr. Conservative says:

    I’m sure all the people behind him back in Chicago told him it was ok to do this… Why ask congress when you have the Chicago power people behind you? I wonder who they’ll demand to “fire” next?

  4. Judy Miller says:

    Hopeless: Fights are breaking out over Michigan in response to layoffs spurned by Obama’s choice for bankruptcy above all other options. Watch video:

  5. Vince says:

    Prepare for collectivism.

  6. Jack says:

    Where is the Republican leadership’s voice? I have not heard a word of opposition to the president’s overtly Communist agenda. It’s beyond socialist now that the government has begun assuming control of U.S. corporations. Do we just roll over for this assault?

  7. Army of One says:

    GM no longer stands for General Motors. It is now Government Motors. Sadly it will likely be one in a long line of established companies the Obama adminstration will nationalize. Why the silence as this insane takeover coninues? Where is our voice?