So we want to emulate the Canadian Health care plan, eh?

This article in the New York Post written by Cory Franklin, M.D., raises new questions regarding the tragic death of 45-year-old actress Natasha Richardson at a Canadian ski resort. Dr. Franklin ponders the vast differences between the Canadian and U.S. health care delivery systems, including the lack of helicopter services to trauma centers, which would have facilitated urgent care in a more timely manner. His article raises the question whether Richardson could have survived her head injury had the accident occurred in the United States. CAT Scan and MRI equipment were oddly missing at the local hospital.

The Globe and Mail released the 911 transcripts which reveal the lost time — from the ambulance dispatch to Ms. Richardson’s hotel room and her arrival at the hospital, during which critical hours elapsed. Experts say a medical helicopter, which can make the trip from Mont Tremblant to Sacré-Coeur in less than 30 minutes, might have saved her life.

For an eye-opening introduction to the cost benefit analysis, governmental control and rationing of care that undergirds the Canadian health care system, read this article in the Tucson Citizen — also posted on the Americans for Prosperity website.

5 Responses to So we want to emulate the Canadian Health care plan, eh?

  1. Margaret Sullivan says:

    Cost benefit analysis IS the bottom line with the Canadian health care system. Women sign up for mammograms and wait for up to three years to get routine checkups. If you are past the arbitrary age limit for certain procedures, you are out of luck in getting the surgery that could save your life. We have family living in Canada and they travel to the United States for surgical procedures. Free is only good if you are able to obtain services. Besides, with the astronomical tax structure, it isn’t actually free.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    BO will reach into his marxist bag of tricks and undo everything that is uniquely American. He is worse than Jimmy Carter, which is saying a lot. As to Natasha Richardson, I can’t help but think she sustained a needless and premature death brought on by the socialized medical care system availible in Canada. If the same set of circumstances took place in Aspen, I venture things might have turned out very differently.

  3. Darryl says:

    Like the saying goes…if you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it’s free!

  4. Night Owl says:

    Good point, Darryl. The best adages encompass truth.

  5. ron says:


    Our health care is already expensive – the US spends more of its GNP on healthcare than any industrialized country.