Yet another lawsuit is filed against the state over budget

The First Things First early childhood education board filed a lawsuit with the Arizona Supreme Court yesterday to block the state from removing $7 million from a fund created by Arizona voters in 2006 under the provisions of Proposition 203.

Defendants in the special action are Gov. Jan Brewer, state Treasurer Dean Martin and state Comptroller D. Clark Partridge. The suit comes a couple of months after state officials, as part of a $1.6 billion budget fix for fiscal 2009, targeted $7 million in interest accruing from a First Things First account. The budget plan moved those dollars into the state general fund.

The daily has the full report here.

3 Responses to Yet another lawsuit is filed against the state over budget

  1. Kent says:

    Gov. Brewer et all are taking it in the slats for something not of their making. Janet Napolitano boogied out of town just before her train wreck hit.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Just a question if anyone knows…Why was this action filed with the Supreme Court rather than in Superior Court? Just curious.

  3. Jeff Richards says:

    Thank you Betsy Bayless for spearheading this “special” additional tax on cigarettes of $8. per carton. “It’s for the children.” Brewer and Martin are entirely welcome to empty out this boondoggle account if they think there is a better place for the money. Full speed ahead!