Barack Hussein Obama’s deep bow to Saudi King

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and American Thinker for providing evidence of this disgusting display by an American President a he bows to Muslim royals.

Here is the not to be believed still shot:


7 Responses to Barack Hussein Obama’s deep bow to Saudi King

  1. Army of One says:

    I notice the King didn’t bow to Obama. Americans fought and died for the right not to bow before the “royalty” of any nation…this disgusts me.

  2. Seen It All says:

    At first I thought this was photoshopped or a joke. After viewing the substantiating video clip, I realize the joke has been played on us.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    Haven’t we been told that although his paternal family are Muslims, Barack Obama has no connection to the faith? (Except for that enrollment in an Islamic school in Indonesia where he was registered as an Muslim.) This picture speaks volumes.

  4. Joe Evans says:

    For Obama to practically prostrate himself, and by extension, the American people, before a Monarch is beyond belief. If nothing else outrages the placid American public, this certainly should!

  5. Tempe Tom says:

    This is a complete outrage. This short video, as much as any other piece of news in the last two years, clearly describes the shame America has brought on itself with the election of B. Hussein to leader of the (formerly) free world.

    This clearly demonstrates Obama is more the Mideast Muslim than he is the leader of America. “Disgusting” is much too kind of a description.

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