“Economic recovery surcharges” hit AZ university students

Proposed tuition hikes place Arizona universities above national average

At a time when personal income is down and Arizona’s three state universities have previously increased fall 2009 tuition and fees, a proposal is on the table to include a $1,200 surcharge addition to Arizona State University tuition bills this fall. University of Arizona students could pay an extra $1,100. Officials at Northern Arizona University confirmed that the school is seeking a surcharge of $350.

Surcharges? Would those be what are commonly known as increases?

The Arizona Constitution (Article 11, Section 6) stipulates that public higher education be “as nearly free as possible.”

Arizona courts have seen cases filed on the issue of tuition increases.

The presidents of all three state schools, jumping on the political bandwagon, are proposing “economic recovery surcharges” to make up for cuts in their state funding. The proposals could be approved by the Arizona Board of Regents as early as April 30.

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2 Responses to “Economic recovery surcharges” hit AZ university students

  1. Doug Johnson says:

    According to Fred Boice, who is the President of the Arizona Board of Regents, “Everything’s on the table.”

    That’s fine if you’re a player within the power elite, but not at all acceptable if you’re a student who doesn’t have the extra $1,200 “surcharge” funds available. We are fast approaching the place where only the very rich (independently wealthy) or very poor (with aid and grants available) can afford a higher education.

  2. nightcrawler says:

    This situation worries me as a Republican. The masses out there will blame the GOP for this increase. The students and their parents are being used as pawns to prove a point. Essentially this is a “user” tax.

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