Another day another randy teacher in the news

Today’s champ is Tamara Hofmann. And unlike the ones recently making headlines, Hofmann prefers male students.

In the early hours of November 1, 2006, the Marcos de Niza High school math teacher was found by Chandler police with one of her teenaged students her car. The boy had her bra in his pocket. Hofmann had been having an ongoing relationship with him since his junior year of high school.

But that incident didn’t keep her from finding employment elsewhere. According to a report in the daily, she then found employment at a Chandler public charter school — despite the police report and an open investigation by the state Board of Education.

It gets better.

State officials said they would have divulged the information to the new school, if they would have asked. The administrators at El Dorado High School said she had a valid teaching certificate and fingerprint card, along with letters of recommendation from her previous colleagues, when they hired her so had no reason to suspect she was under investigation.

Now the former student, who alleges he is Hofmann’s fiancée, is in jail on second-degree murder charges stemming from a “love triangle” in which he found the teacher naked with yet another of her teenage students last week. Student Number One was so enraged that he stabbed Student Number Two to death.

Sexual predator Hofmann will likely have her teaching certificate revoked.

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6 Responses to Another day another randy teacher in the news

  1. RA says:

    As I’ve said before, given the increased frequency of these events – I believe there must be a common element – probably something wrong with the preparatory institution where these teachers are being trained. It could be something in the education program itself, socialization by teachers in training (peer support and justification for this kind of illegal act), or a dysfunctional set of ideas – possibly from another department. Sally Forth earlier mentioned women’s studies programs as a possible culprit.

    Either that or Arizona attracts teachers that engage in this activity.

  2. Kelly says:

    It’s anything goes these days. Imagine it, do it. I do believe Sally is right regarding the Women’s Studies classes. Feminists are all over the topic of “Rethinking Sex and Gender,” so it stands to reason commonly accepted social parameters are not accepted by many young women.

    This is from the esteemed Tufts University:

  3. Jana Simmons says:

    There are choices to government schools. Home schooling and Parochial schools top the list. Arizona is also a leader in Charter schools. But most importantly, parents need to stay involved with their children and the school they attend. Let their teachers know you care and are monitoring your child and his/her progress and curriculum. Don’t allow other adults to gain too much access to your children or “befriend” them. That’s your role. And most of all, don’t be a “pal.” Be a parent! That’s a much more difficult role, but it’s the one you signed up for.

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