McCain aide warns GOP to stay clear of being known as the “religious party”

Steve Schmidt, a top advisor to John McCain’s failed presidential campaign is sounding a warning of severe perils facing the Republican party if it becomes known as the “religious party,” citing opposition to same-sex marriage as his prime example.

And wouldn’t you know he made his pronouncement at the Washington, D.C., convention for the Log Cabin Republicans — a GOP homosexual stronghold.

He urged Republicans to endorse civil unions and stop using the Bible as rationale for gay-marriage opposition, FOX News reports.

“If you put public policy issues to a religious test, you risk becoming a religious party,” he said. “And in a free country a political party cannot be viable in the long-term if it is seen as a sectarian party.” He added that the GOP will be increasingly marginalized if it sustains that opposition long-term. “If the party is seen as anti-gay, then that is injurious to its candidates” in Democrat-leaning and competitive states, he said.

We’ll stow that bit of important information. Thanks, Steve.

11 Responses to McCain aide warns GOP to stay clear of being known as the “religious party”

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Aha! I think I get it. We embrace abortion and same-sex marriage, throw out the welcome mat to those who enter the United States illegally, and toss our Bibles. Then the public will really like us?
    Great plan. We might as well reregister as Democrats.

  2. Chuck says:

    Excellent assessment, Dennis. McCain is a liberal advised by liberals. Whatever appeal he had for Republicans during his presidential campaign was only as a vote against Obama, not a vote in support of McAmnesty. He has never represented conservatives, choosing to demean us at every opportunity. This is simply more of the same in advance of his upcoming senate run. He knows he needs Democrats to win. He’ll never get MY Republican vote.

  3. Stanford says:

    I expect to hear a similar message next from McCain imitator and Conservative-insulting Rep. John Shadegg. I noticed several of the GOP leaning websites are going after him full throttle the last day or so. Glad to see his new RINO stance hasn’t escaped their notice, either.

  4. Joe Kaforney says:

    Yeah, I know. We should now become the “irrelegious” party. Too clever by half.

    And then: “He urged Republicans, in the near-term, to endorse civil unions and stop using the Bible as rationale for gay-marriage opposition.” What should be used instead of the Bible, the phone book? With advisors like this, no wonder our Johns have gone a little loopy lately.

  5. RA says:

    You’d think he’d have more pressing matters to attend to right now – like confronting Napolitano’s DHS report, responding to that incredibly stupid and ill-timed EPA announcement, or trying to rein in the Barney Frank “red cent” spending machine. This shouldn’t even have been on his priority list.

  6. Ron says:

    I have no doubt his speech had the blessing of John McCain before it was given. No wonder we are the minority party. Even after McCain has lost, he can’t give up his ship’s leftward list

  7. Maggie says:

    I wonder how many of McCain’s supporters feel good about this? I’m disgusted. How would these brilliant strategists ( who ran a failed campaign) view our nation’s Founders who said we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights…and who asked for the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity? Would they advocate removing In God We Trust from our currency in favor of supporting sodomy and taking the word God from our Pledge of Allegiance? I think Ill hang onto my Bible and Steve Schmidt can hang onto John McCain. I’ve got the better deal!

  8. Kathy says:

    McCain has been silent on the DHS report – why?? He obviously agrees with his great friend Napolitano. McCain & his ilk still don’t get it. We need to send him packing this upcoming election!

  9. Night Owl says:

    This article, “Homosexuality is Not a Civil Right,” by Mychal Massie is the best I have ever read on the subject – -one Massie should know a thing or two about.

  10. Janelle says:

    When will Herr Schmidt come out of the closet? It must be cramped in there with the rest of the McStain inner circle.

  11. Another LD11 PC says:

    Interestingly this morning on 12 news he said that we should *not* be reaching out to those of “alternative lifestyles”.

    But don’t let this fool you. Like Kyl and Shadegg, when they are *home* they try to sound conservative. As soon as they are out of state, they fund raise from moderates and RINOs and feel more like themselves and more comfortable out of state than in.