Republic provides Napolitano an umbrella against political heat

McCain also the subject of Canadian derision

The daily’s Dennis Wagner has written an odd piece regarding the “political heat” he says former Arizona governor and current Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is taking for her intemperate remarks and public gaffes. In office barely 100 days, Napolitano has embarrassed herself and the Obama administration at a brisk pace. There are numerous calls for her resignation.

Trying desperately to put “lipstick on this pig,” Wagner writes that border security is supposed to be her forte. Further, he calls her a “moderate Democrat.” Surely he remembers her repeated attempts to thwart any actual border enforcement and her historic number of vetoes of bills that the Republican dominated legislature passed. How “moderate” is that?

And to further complicate her record of faux pas, legal eagle Napolitano has even managed to misstate the law governing illegal entry into the United States. When interviewed on CNN’s John King show, discussing illegal border crossers entering the United States at an alarming rate, the former Arizona Attorney General – who should know better – stunned many listeners when actually misstating the law by saying, “…crossing the border is not a crime per se.” The transcript is available here.

Sen. John McCain has peculiarly given her a pass, but Canada hasn’t. The Canadian embassy and press are none too happy with Arizona’s senior senator, either. Both Canadian ambassador Michael Wilson and Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty expressed exasperation at their persistent misstating that 9/11 hijackers entered the U.S. through Canada, despite years of efforts by Canada to inform U.S. lawmakers of the fallacy of the claim. “It is unfortunate that what is a statement that is not true is repeated from time to time. It’s just factually wrong,”says Flaherty.

As to McCain, the Canadian National Post newspaper writes: That a senator who could have been U.S. president still thinks the 9/11 attackers came from Canada startled embassy officials.

Could a visit to the zoo be any more entertaining?

6 Responses to Republic provides Napolitano an umbrella against political heat

  1. RA says:

    Thank you, Seeing Red, for pointing out the “free pass” printing machine that the MSM is operating in Nappy’s defense.
    I got ticked yesterday watching “Horizon” (I know, it’s nuts to expect anything else) when the moderator and panelists equated Janet’s recent PR disasters with “putting a comma in the wrong place.” Come on – this is shoddy commentary even for “Horizon.”
    In less than three weeks Nappy’s misused government authority to squelch political dissent (the DHS report was a real threat to freedoms of speech and association), she’s revealed her ignorance of 9/11 facts, and most recently she’s revealed that she’s not only stone ignorant of immigration law (an area that as head of DHS you’d expect her to know something about), but also is shaky on BASIC LEGAL PRINCIPLES – a crime with civil penalties is not a crime, according to Nappy. Hardly “putting a comma in the wrong place.”
    One of the assembled reporters suggested that one incident created increased media attention that leads to other incidents – but I didn’t hear any apologies for the press “treatment” of Mecham. Hey, at least Ev Mecham knew something about selling cars – whereas Janet is ignorant of basic facts and principles central to her area of supposed expertise.

  2. Calypso says:

    Regardless of what Napolitano does or says, she will be provided cover and excuses. For the newspaper to call her a “moderate” is laughable. Wagner must be worried about holding onto his job.

    McCain? Is there ever any rationale for half of what he does or says? Of course not! But to the liberals he is such a loveable rascal. Such a “Maverick.” That translates of course to being a thorn in the side of grassroots Republicans, which the MSM is keen on.

  3. Rich Jenkins says:

    It’s no wonder McCain is the democrats favorite Republican. You can throw John (I hate Republicans) Shadegg into the mix too–our brand new Mini-McCain.

    So glad to hear Chris Simcox announce his effort to oust McAmnesty!

  4. ron says:

    More embarrassment for Arizona – they must really wonder up there in Canada about us down here – voting these people into office…

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