Napolitano issues incoherent declaration of national emergency

A number of things going on, and the purpose of today, this briefing is to give you the most current information about what is happening. And as has been mentioned before this is a changing picture and so we intend to conduct these types of briefings daily for awhile so that you know and can help us communicate to the public….so that knowledge people know what kind of issue we’re dealing with.

The first thing I want to announce today is that the department of Health and Human Services will declare today a public health emergency in the United States. That sounds more severe than really it is. This is standard operating procedure. When I say standard operating procedure, that’s exactly what I mean.. We issued similar declarations for the recent floods in Minnesota and North Dakota and for the inauguration.

I want to underscore that you can not the swine flu from eating pork, so that’s very important.

Next in the Department of Homeland of Securities…..Security….

We have implemented passive surveillance protocols to screen individuals who may arrive at our borders. All persons who may enter the United States from a location of human infection of swine flu, will be processed through all appropriate CDC protocols.

We will continue to emphasize universal health measures like hand washing and gloves. And if and when the situation develops, all CDC sites can implement and we can deploy additional personnel to the borders.

To date the State Department has not issued official travel advisories, for particularly Mexico, but again, as I said earlier these situations are very fluid.

State and local governments are now in the loop. As the doctor said, this will be a marathon, and not a sprint.

14 Responses to Napolitano issues incoherent declaration of national emergency

  1. Flying V says:

    Incoherent is right! It’s clear Janet Napolitano is out of her league in this situation. She is incapable of articulating a single cogent thought. I can’t imagine how the Obama administration can continue to keep her in this important job at this time of crisis. Being an early supporter of his campaign should not be enough to imperil Americans with her ineptness and abysmal lack of qualifications.

  2. Maggie says:

    What are you talking about? She’s well qualified, particularly during the swine flu crisis. Being a political swine herself, she can recognize the symptoms.

  3. Doug Johnson says:

    I watched this entire video and came away shaking my head. If this woman is the best we can do, we are in very dark times, indeed. For someone who was touted as a brain trust when she was here in AZ, she is obviously an incompetent. Did you notice how difficult it is for her to say the word, “Mexico?” And why in the hell aren’t there travel restrictions to and from that country, where the disease took hold, is responsible for what is being declared as thousands of deaths and has been the culprit behind the spread to other areas?

    Some of the pupils at the New York prep school where flu symptoms have been diagnosed, traveled to Mexico over spring break. Does political correctness and the federal government’s affection for the third world county to our south, overwhelm their senses? There was an influenza pandemic at the beginning of the last century that killed an estimated half million Americans and millions around the world. Political correctness has no place here. It is long past time to seal our border. And what better reason than this life-threatening contaminate?

  4. Vince says:

    The government now reports that the number of swine flu cases have doubled across the US. And although Napolitano speaks in this video clip about the stockpiles of medication to treat an epidemic, I have long been of the opinion, based on what I have been told by my own physician over the years, that viruses do not respond to antibiotics. What’s the truth?

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Forgive the coarse reference, but it is appropriate and applicable:
    Napolitano is a woman who’s head is up the symbol of her party.

    This is a pathetic visual and a shameful effort to calm the American people. I agree that regardless of her Obama loyalty, her days are numbered.

  6. Dave Miller says:

    Say what? A national public health emergency was declared in the United States for Obama’s presidential inauguration? She sounds like a bona fide idiot.

    I live in Colorado and can’t even imagine what you people in Arizona had to deal with when she was your governor. WOW! I have newfound respect for you all, having to deal with this.

    BTW, I started reading this blog when the Rocky Mountain News linked to it on their site.

    We do miss that wonderful newspaper.

  7. SherriAZ says:

    Time to crank up efforts to get this chick fired- she obviously won’t resign. The border needs to be SHUT DOWN, not “passively” monitored. Obviously she doesn’t want to address all the illegals crossing over without any checks whatsoever. Phoenix and Tucson will have major outbreaks soon based on the proportion of illegals, followed by Mesa. With the TB, worms and other horrible diseases that have come out of the cesspool to the south of us, I am not surprised that we have this situation. The sanitation levels in Mexico and Central America are terrible and the people those standards with them to this country. Hopefully some good will come out of this and Americans will jump on the bandwagon to DEMAND that the border with Mexico be closed.

  8. Mike Nelson says:

    Chick? Sherri, haven’t you head the rumor she shaves every morning? You’re right on with the rest of your comment!

    American lives are at risk while the open borders crowd with the reliable amnesty bent Janet Napolitano in the lead, refuse to close the border. This should have been the first order of business, but “offending” Mexico is obviously not on the table.

  9. Alice says:

    It’s hard to enjoy her being out of AZ under these circumstances. Would that she be truly gone…. isn’t there a European country that could use her socialist skills?

  10. Charlie Conservative says:

    Call BHO at 202-456-1111, tell him she’s an embarrassment to his administration (that will get his attention)and needs to resign! There must be another “tax dodger” out there he can appoint to take her place.

  11. West Washington Watcher says:

    This is tremendously embarrassing. I actually felt sorry for her watching this, and I’m no fan!

  12. Scott says:

    What a disaster this press conference turned out to be. She has to realize it herself. I see a move in Janet’s future. I just hope it’s not back to Arizona.

  13. Midas says:

    Can’t wait to send this link to my old buddy in Chicago, who thinks BO hung the moon and is delighted with Napolitano because she’s from a border state. I told him she was worse than terrible. This video will say more in a few moments than me wasting my time by the hour. Thanks for posting this!!

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